Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Small Apology Nathan

For I've taken a small bite out of your prey. Let me elaborate....

Around eleven o'clock today I was woken up by a loud banging on my bedroom door. I open it up to have Raph hold my rapier up to my face.

Michael: Well that's one way to say good morning.
Raphael: Get dressed, and come down stares.
Michael: Are we going to war or something?
Raphael: Quite possibly. There's an intruder on the premise. It should be here in about 5 minutes. We're all prepped just in case.
Michael: Alright, alright. Just let me wake myself up.

I get myself dressed and head down to the living room. Diesis is sitting in her chair looking like she's waiting for a show. Raph's sitting next to the door with a big grin on his face. Gabriel's flipping his tonfa around (I an only guess he was trying to find the best striking end.) And the rest.... they were playing games on the wii....

Michael: Well, arn't we ready for battle...
Diesis: Battle? I doubt you'll see much of it today.
Raphael: I might have over hyped the situation just a tad.
Michael: Ugh, well at least it's not to serious then. Who's the intruder?
Diesis: No clue. The watch men just sent up a report that someone found there way onto the premise.
Michael: Maybe we'll strike lucky and it'll just be a lost girl scout trying to sell cookies.
Alan: Cookies? 
(The mention of cookies seemed to rouse the attention of the little game corner as I had four pair of eyes staring at me)
Michael: No no never mind.
Raphael: Sush! I hear foot steps. He's here.

We all waited in a dead silence as the foot steps got louder and the door creaked open. 

Deimos: Hello hello hello.
Michael: Deimos?! What in hell are you doing here?
Deimos: Aww, is that anyway to welcome someone back? I thought you'd be happy with all of done for you.
Michael: You've done nothing for us. 
Raphael: Yeah! All you've ever accomplished is running away and leading us into shitty situations. The whole Edgar event probably wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you!
Deimos: Well what can I say? Edgar offered more money.
Michael: W.. WHAT! You mean you purposely lead Azax into a trap? Why I... I!
Diesis: Why are you here Deimos? You've never been one to come by just to torment people. 
Deimos: Why, my money of course.
Diesis: Money? Money for what?
Deimos: A job well done of course. I got revenge for your son, and I've still got more up my sleeve for Nathan. That's my own fun though.
Diesis: Your JOB Deimos, was to protect my son. And when it came down to it you sold him out and ran away. If that's a well done job then I'd hate to see a butchered one.
Deimos: Technicalities. None the less my job is done and I need my promised pay. Unless you wish for there to be "problems" dear Diesis.
Michael: Don't you try anything Deimos.
Deimos: Or what? What in hell can you do--

He did realise until he saw it on the ground that I had severed his hand.

Michael: That.
Deimos: You little bitch!

Before Deimos could even make a step, he was surrounded. Dante, Raph, Sarah and Gabriel all had there weapons pointed to or around Deimos'  head. If he had made any movement he would have been mauled.

Diesis: I think it's time you left Deimos. And it would be best if you never came back.
Deimos: You... you have no idea what your getting yourself into Diesis. You'll regret this.
Diesis: Get the hell off my property.

And with that Raph and Dante tossed Deimos out the door and he scampered off, holding his wrist where his hand used to be. I hope he got the message.

Cinis, Cinerem. Pulverem, Pulveri.


  1. He'll grow it back.

    Thank you, though.


  2. Michael: ... I'm happy for you. But confused. How did I save Ella?

  3. Your feathers are beautiful, love.

    And if the message didn't go through, then maybe you should chop off another limb or two. Go Sin City on their ass.