Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Butler

Well I know who fucked with the lights yesterday. It was proxies. Under orders from fucking Ella, Nathans old bitch of a girlfriend. Why do I know it was under her orders? Cuss she just left, with her tail between her legs. Let me regard you with a tale of why I love my butler.

The lights are kinda perma screwed right now with out outside help, so Red and a few of the Knights escorted Diesis into town so she can talk to one of her connections who can fix them. The rest of the Knights were either resting in the barracks or training themselves, so the only people in the manor were basically me and Sebastian the head "butler" (no real better word for what he does). I was wandering around as there was nothing to do, and I grew bored of the internet (the only working electrically powered thing). When I heard a knocking sound on the door, which I went to answer absent mindedly and found that the door was already open and no one outside.... So I close it and start walking away until...

Ella: Hello~
Me: Ugghhh fuck. You again?
Ella: Ahhh, you don't like me?
Me: I thought I made that clear when I shot a chainsaw at you.
Ella: Hehehe, well I won't be long. I just wanted to know if my little present went through. And it seems it did.
Me: You fucked up are lights?
Ella: Not me, but one of my proxies.
Me: Sigh, I thought I would have an easier time, with Blue on another continent. But you proxies seem to have some rule where you HAVE to come bug me on a regular basis.
Ella: Hehehe, and this "bugging" will continue. Until I finish what Nathan started.
Me: Listen lady, finishing what a failure started is not something to be proud of.
Ella: SHUT UP!
Me: Oooooooh looks like I hit a sore spot. Now if your going to finish what Nathan started I might as well finish what Alan started. (I reach for my sword, just to realize I left it in my room. Stupid heavy thing.)
Me: Shit.
Ella: Hehehehehe missing something? Maby I should just skip ahead in my plan, and finish it right...

And it was then Ella was cut off by three knives just missing her head and sticking into the wall behind her. It did cut her though.

Sebastian: Sir Azax. Is this woman... bothering you.
(I turn to face Sebastian, giant smile on my face.)
Me: Why yes Sebastian. She is being quite the disruption to the house hold. I would like her to be removed, permanently.
Sebastian: At once Sir. Young Lady you can make this easy if you leave now.
Ella: L-Leave? You---you think you alone can force me to...
(Again she's cut off. This time with a fork to her shoulder.)
Ella: You--you-you..
Sebastian: Yes I. (pulls out more silver ware) I who has been trained to make anything a weapon, and has done so since before you were even old enough to walk. Is asking you to leave. Now.

And so she did. She ran like the bitch she is. And it's official, Sebastian is my new hero. If you can threaten someone seriously with a SPOON, and make them run, you are no hands down, a badass. Ahhh you live up to your name sake Sebastian (or at least whats your name sake for me). Anyway Diesis and Red should be back soon, there going to love this story. Hope it doesn't screw with that plan though...         

UPDATE: Should have wrote this earlier. When I told what happened to Diesis, she was ticked. She didn't like the fact someone found a hole in her tight security. So the amount of Knights on guard duty is doubled until she can find out how the proxies made it to the manor in the first place. Also the lights and everything else is back. 

                                            (Sebastian's name sake in my eyes) 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Damn it's Dark

So I was supposed to post yesterday, you know talk about how I talked to the cops. Why did I talk to the cops? Because I'm an idiot who just but this equation together; Burned house + Dead "Parents" + Me not in town since = I'm probably dead or a suspect. Turns out... I'm neither of that. I never existed apparently There's no record of my "parents" ever having a child. Guess that really proves what Blue said as true. Anyway, onto the reason I didn't post... The manor's power was cut. We don't know how, but Diesis is pissed, and Red's been searching with the knights but haven't found any reason why or someone who may have done it. We've been able to get the internet back, but the lights are still out, and holy crap the manor is fucking dark.

Apparently Red found something... Fuck. Yeah someone broke in and took out the lights, they left a note. Fucking cocky ass proxies. Update later.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blue Truth

I'm back, and ok. I talked with Blue... well more or less listened to the bastard as he talked. I learned a lot of things; about myself, about Red, about Diesis, about everything really. Prepare for a long post.  (also spelling errors as I'm not in the mood to correct them.)

It started when I was at Alan's, clearing out that hanger he found. When all of a sudden Nathan's girlfriend (which I was under the impression was dead) showed up with an ASS ton of proxies. Needless to say a fight broke out, and good to say the Mortal Sword was definitely a nice upgrade. But it wasn't long into the battle that I started hearing someone call me from the treeline, it was Blue. I stare at him and he just smirks and gives a "over here" gesture, and I follow him. As soon as I passed the trees, he grabbed me and teleported me. (I forgot he could do that to). So yeah I open my eyes to see this giant cave in front of me with Blue walking into it, again I follow. He took a seat on an elevated flat rock and are conversation began...

Me: Alright Blue enough games, why did you take me here?
Blue: Don't you remember? I wanted to talk with you, but on my grounds. And as you can see, we're here.
Me: And where is here exactly?
Blue: Don't worry we're not far at all. Maby a 10 minute hike from the manor.
Me: You've been here all along?!
Blue: You know what they say about your enemies.
Me: I want ONE! ONE good reason why I shouldn't be killing you now.
Blue: Because you want to hear what I have to say.
Me: I want to hear why you killed mt parents!
Blue: Oh my, you thought those people were your parents? My what has my brother been telling you?
Me: Not... not my parents... 
Blue: Wow, it's amazing how much knowledge you don't have. I thought you would have at least learned something form your trip to the homeland.
Me: Homeland.... England's.. not.. where I was born...
Blue: So you've never heard the story?
Me: Story?

Blue: Once upon a time 13 years ago there was a servant of the Slender Man, by the name of Edgar Bridgewright. You see he was quite fascinated Fears and dreamed to experiment with one. And you can imagine his joy when he got his hands on a living, breathing one named Feist. Sure he was just a sub-fear. It wasn't long before he got to work on his next experiment, taking young children, and seeing what the mixing of Fear blood would do to them. So, from Britain's great capital he stole 12 children away to his secret cabin, and began to put them through tortures and tests All in the name of his sick science. Some of the children were lucky and died instantly. Other lived longer only to die suffering. One set of twins was unlucky enough to learn first hand how acidic Fear blood can be. One child was special though, one child stood above the rest. You see, his reaction to the blood was nothing. No reaction at all. No matter how much was given. Edgar was ecstatic. He thought he finally had his perfect test subject.

Blue: But it was all for not, as Feist was able to free himself, and break down the accursed shack. Destroying all the work he held so dear. The only things left were the three remaining children. The special one and the twins. Oh they surely would have died out there in the elements if it weren't for a third party. An old Blind Man. He took the twins in and gave them to his daughter, who raised them like her own. Protecting their damaged faces with masks. As for the special one you might be wondering.... well, he hide him away. Gave him to some random couple thinking he would be safe there. Oh, but you see you can't hide from Him, the Slender Man. He knew of Edgar's experiments and found the boy just as interesting. It was only a matter of time until he found him. So he stalked him, watched him, as he does, trying to learn what was so special about him. After years of nothing he left it to his proxies, seeing if they could provoke him. But even that failed to work. And with no one seeming to realise what a failure this had all been. I took it upon myself to end this experiment. And here we are...

Blue: Oh and don't think think that little Lady got off free. She had feel the pain of one of those children she raised so dearly, leaving her to except His much more comforting embrace...

And with that he teleported again. I was alone in the cave, with a bombshell dropped on me. It's kind of fuzzy on what happened next, but I remember walking into the manor, expecting... I don't know. 

Me: I'm back...
Sebastian: S-sir Azax! Sir Azax you're back! Sir Red, Lady Diesis, he's back!
Red: Azax! Your ok! Where in hell did you go?
Me: I talked.. with your brother... and I learned a few things...
Red: You... you did now...
(Diesis walks in)
Me: Hello Diesis, there's a few things...
Diesis: Where were you?! 
(I'm completely taken back. Diesis never raises here voice)
Me: I--I---I was talking to Blue, a--and...
Diesis: And you didn't bother to tell Red.
Me: We--we were fighting proxies, and I..
Diesis: Didn't wait till the fight was done!? Didn't wait to form a plan, maby finally capture him. Not to mention you just left Alan there, he's worried about you to!
Me: I--I ... Just you...
(I never get to finish that sentence as Diesis suddenly hugged me.)
Me: D---Diesis.
Diesis: ...Will....
Me: Will?
Diesis: W-Will you promise to NEVER go to do something so reckless without alerting Red first...  this is your home, we worry about you here.
Me: Uhmm.. ah... I... yeah. I promise. Sorry to worry you. 

And that was that. I asked about somethings later, and Diesis confirmed it all. The people I thought were my parents, weren't. I'm was part of some freak experiment. SM apparently thinks I'm special. And I'm apparently British.... How fun.  

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Azax is Missing

Red here, no time to be formal. Azax is missing. He disappeared after the battle at Alan's. I... I had the knights searched the premise I don't know how many times... but he wasn't there. The Mut  Ernie said he saw Blue... lead him away... LEAD him away not take... Damn it, I've failed as his protector yet again... My Lady, she's so worried, I've failed her to... No I must find him. Blue, if you read this I swear, if any harm comes to Azax, I'll kill you, brother or not...  

Monday, 24 October 2011

Run Ragged

Hey, it's been a bit since I actually posted in the blog, and that's because unless it's to help a friend or check out his new hellspawn pet, Red hasn't let up on training me and the Knights... me especially though. Oh well guess I need it, I don't have a lot of combat experience plus I have to get used to the new sword, which I have dubbed the Mortal Sword. Anyway when I'm not training I've been deafening myself with this beautiful piece of music at the top. Damn, is it bad that my hatred for Blue has gone up since I realized my 3DS and 360 also went up in flames along with my house and now I can't play generations? Yeah, that's horrible...

Ah well on to more pressing matters. I would just like to let you know Alan that it was a damn good thing you came over when you did. Diesis mentioned after you left that if you had left it for 1 maby 2 more dreams, well... let's just say you wouldn't be Alan any more. Also I've read whats happening with Tori and I'm worried. I hope Alan, Vic and Sky can help her through her problems. I would just... hold on. God Dammit Sebastian, No I don't want tea. Ehhh I never thought having a butler around could be annoying. Anyway.... GOD FUCKING DAMMIT why does everyone want my attention in this house. Well hell that was Red, guess it's back to training for me....  

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Written Truth. Spoken Lies.

Heh... shit just can't stay the same around here. There's always some kind of "Plot Twist" going on. Why am I saying all this, cuss Phobos was over earlier, with some news about Nathan, or should I say some TRUTHS about Nathan. I recorded the conversation, it says all that really needs to be said. So I'll transcribe it, then go think for a while...

Me: Ok the ipod's recording. So what brings you here today?
Phobos: You got my message last night right? About how I destroyed his tomb.
Me: Yes, I also saw your comment on the (Knocking at door) Come in!
Sebastian: I've brought tea, for you and your guest.
Me: Thank you Sebastian.
(Phobos does about 3 double takes)
Phobos: Was, was that one of the proxies?
Me: Knight. That's what Diesis calls them. Knights of the Eternal, or something... And no that one wasn't a proxy. She already had plenty of them. Just wanted to expand a little with the proxies I guess.
Phobos: Hehehe, yeah. Of course. Anyway, fter you left yesterday I started looking around the house, and I came across Nathan's journal... his secret journal. He must have forgot to put it away on that day.... I started reading it, out of curiosity and, and ARGH THAT BASTARD! He had us all tricked.
Me: Calm down Phobos, calm down. What exactly did it say in the journal?
Phobos: He never really stopped being a proxy, he lied about being free from Slender Man's control. Everything, everything he said, all lies. Lies to trap runners.
Me: ....
Phobos: But to tell you that is not the reason I came here. It was to tell you... to tell you about what was written in there, about you.
Me: Me? What the hell did he have to say about me that was so important?
Phobos: A lot actually. You see, Nathan was the first...
Me: The first what?
Phobos: The first proxy you ever meet. The one that gave you the name Child of Ash.
BAAM! (I slam my hands hard on the table)
Me: That bastard... THAT BASTARD! RED!
(Red comes into the room)
Red: You yelled?
Me: You knew about this didn't you?! That's why you always hated Nathan. WHY! Why the hell didn't you tell me.
Red: I... I was under orders not to.
Me: Orders? Who gave a stupid order like that?!
Diesis: I did.
(God damn that woman walk silently)
Me: Diesis... why?
Diesis: Because I was afraid you would react like this. Now if you would calm down I believe Mr. Spencer. here was still talking. Please go on.
Phobos: Uh-um thank you Miss.
Me: Sigh (I sit back down) sorry about that Phobos.
Phobos: It's alright. Like I was saying Nathan also wrote things like that he knew what you really were, what you could do. How to us you...
Me: What I really am? Use me?! The hell that's supposed to mean?
Phobos: I don't know. He was never specific. You're welcome to read through it if you want.
Me: No, I feel sick just looking at it, I can't imagine reading it.
Phobos: Well I can. In fact I've probably read that thing more then any other book in my life. Just to verify it was real, or I wasn't misreading it.
Me: Sigh, well this has been one hell of a bombshell. (I look at Diesis) Still happy with not telling me this?
Diesis: We never could have thought Mr. Umbra could have turned out to be so dangerous. We only knew of his past with you. I honestly thought he was reformed. 
Red: Maybe it's true what they say. You can never really come back once He has you.
Me: Not exactly good to say when are house is filled with proxies.
Diesis: Not proxies, Knights.
Phobos: Speaking of them I have one final question.
Me: Shot.
Phobos: Since you've got your own little army, what are your plans. You know, for dealing with Slender Man.
Me: Absolutely nothing. At the moment.
Phobos: Nothing?!
Me: At the moment! I've got personal stuff to do before I worry about old Slim and Grim.
Phobos: Like?
Me: Killing Blue, that takes priority for me.
Phobos: I see...
Me: I WILL focus on SM after that though.  
Phobos: Sounds good I guess. Well that's all I needed to say anyway so I'll take my leave.
Me: Alrighty. Red could you lead him back please.
Diesis: That won't be necessary. Thomas can take him.
Me: Thomas?
Diesis: The door man.
Me: Your using them for door men now!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What to do now?

So I'm back from Nathan's funeral, me and Red spent the night over there. It was a pretty big funeral, since about 100 of Nathan's once great proxy army (well what he THOUGHT was a proxy army) was there. The rest was me, Red, Phobos, Tori's group, and those Praetorians. Went by quick, 45 minutes is a fast for a funeral... I think. Most of us said are good byes and a few nice words... cept for Red, mainly because I wouldn't let him (I doubt he would have had any nice things to say anyway). After everything was done I sat down with Phobos and we had that talk I wanted.

Phobos: So, here we are. What exactly do you want to know?
Me: Everything that happened leading up to Nathan's death would be a start... I wasn't able to keep up on it.
Phobos: Nathan got.. taken over... by something. It happened to Prophet to. But, but it was worse for him. He was fine and then out of the blue he was, he was... killing them. His own family. And then as quickly as it started... he was dead. Clark killed him... sort of.
Me: Sort of?
Phobos: He's still around, just not visible, or tangible.
Me: So a ghost?
Phobos: For lack of a better word, yes.
Me: Lovely. So what do you plan to do now? Pick up where Nathan left off? Or are you going to lie low?  
Phobos: Lie low. I'm not a leader like Nathan was.
Me: That's why you disbanded the army?
Phobos: Yes.
Me: So the army's free to do whatever now?
Phobos: Yes... why?
Red: Because we want it.
Phobos: What?
Me: Red! You can be more subtle.
Red: But it's why we came here.
Me: No it's why YOU came here. So is it alright if Red takes the army?
Phobos: There in charge  of themselves now, so it's up to them.
Me: Alright. Red, go tell them they 
Red: At once.
Phobos: ... You're different
Me: How can I be different? You've never meet me till now.
Phobos: You're different from the descriptions Nathan gave of you. He said you were fragile, and not a good leader. You seem quite strong to me.
Me: Let's just say I had an awakening. Anyway back to business. Do you happen to know where Prophet is?
Phobos: Prophet?! That coward! I have no clue where he is...  Why?
Me: He may be a coward but he knows a lot about fears, a topic I don't know a lot about. In-fact I've got quite a list of people I want to talk to.
Phobos: Hmmmm I guess...

Before Phobos could finish that sentence, a loud yell came from the front yard. One of the proxies, followed by some cursing from Red. Me and Phobos looked at each, gave a little nod, and ran out. When we got out to the yard the proxies were in a big circle, with a few of them rushing in.... and then being flung out. They quickly cleared a path once they saw us, and it was reveled what they were looking at. Red and Blue at each others throats, and it was quite obvious Red was losing. I rushed in and took a swipe at Blue with my sword, it missed, but at least he got off Red.

Blue: Oh, hi Child of Ash. Been awhile.
Me: You son of a bitch, I'm in NO mood!
Blue: Temper, temper now. I'm only here to play.
Me: Oh I'll show you playing.

I rushed at him again with my sword again, aiming to gut his throat, but he was to fast and swatted me away... but I made for a nice distraction. Phobos was on him in seconds and delivered a nice shot to his jaw, which sent him for enough of a loop for Red to grab him. 

Phobos: So what are you going to do with him.
Me: Don't know. Maby torture till he talks.
Blue: That won't be necessary. I'm more then willing to discuss with you.
Red: So your awake huh?
Me: Hold him tight Red. If your willing to talk then do it.
Blue: Hehe, not here. I'd much rather it be on my own grounds. Away from the ears of others.
Phobos: Well I do't think you're going to get that.
Blue: Oh arn't I?

And before we could react Blue vanished. The bastard can Slender Walk! Red started yelling that he couldn't have gone far and to start looking. I said it was pointless at the moment, and that we'll get him another day.

Phobos: I'm sorry. We let him get away...
Me: Don't be. I know how powerful he is now, so at least I have something.   
Phobos: I guess.
Me: There is one thing you can do though. Take this. (I hold my sword out)
Phobos: You're sword? Why?
Me: I need something bigger.

So Phobos lead me to the garage were there was a wall filled with weapons. "Nathan was a collector" he said. So I put my short sword back, and took this nice big ass broadsword. A lot harder to use then my short sword, but it will pack more punch, which when thinking of Blue, will be very nice. 

Anyway, me and Red are back now, along with 100 proxies that were very willing to help out Diesis in whatever the hell it is she plans to do with them. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I Take One Fucking Nap

And everything goes to hell. Hello people, been a while. So can you imagine the shock I had when I woke today in a bed that's not mine, in a house I've never seen, realizing I've been asleep for 4 days, and let's not touch the dead parents thing.... So when I wake up, Red's at my bedside, starts flipping and hugging me screaming "He's a wake! He's a wake!" Crap man I didn't think he cared that much, it's nice though.  I start asking the usual "Where am I?", and "What happened?" like anyone would. To my surprise it wasn't Red who answered, but a woman. I never saw her come in but she was there, and wow... if you look up the word pretty in the dictionary you'd see her face. Red addressed her as "My Lady", to which I responded with a just as formal "Waaahh?"

Diesis: Now, now Red. Your confusing the poor boy. I'm Diesis and this is my manor. Red is also my servant, in case you  were wondering.
Me: Oooooooook. I guess that explains one thing. Now how about the other thousand?
Diesis: Yes, I figured you would have many questions. Where would you like to start?
Me: How about with my parents?
Diesis: There dead.
Red: AZAX! Watch your tone. 
Diesis: It's alright Red, sit. I'm sorry that was quite blunt.
Me: ....
Diesis: I guess it would be best to tell this from the beginning. You see, we've taken quite and interest in you "Child of Ash" or rather an interest in the interest the Dark Gentlemen shows you.
Me: You mean Slender Man?
Diesis: Yes, yes. That's what this generation calls him now.
Me: This generation?
Diesis: Hmmm? Did you think this is the only time in history he has appeared before? I'm afraid you arn't that special.
Me: How do you know all this exactly?
Diesis: Knowledge is easy to get when you're ageless.
Me: Ageless? That means...
Diesis: If your thinking I'm a Fear then you are partial correct. I am a sub-Fear.
Me: "Sub" Fear?
Diesis: Don't concern yourself with it to much
Me: I won't...

Alright to summarize here, Diesis has been investigating SM for many, many, many years and it seems Red AND Blue were her top men. But while Red remained faithful Blue was turned to His side. And since I seemed to become a topic of interest for Diesis Blue decided to get rid of me, unlucky for him SM seemed to decide that he was still amused by me and saved my life, and then Diesis sent Red to guard me... yeah. So after I apparently broke down and went almost comatose after finding my house burned, Red took me here (reluctantly for some reason) and Diesis patched me up. I woke up around 12:00 or so and have been trying to catch up on whats been happening....

I know about Nathan. He apparently got taken over or some crap, went evil, killed his family, then got himself killed by that Clark guy and is now either in hell or a ghost.... sigh, why are things never simple. Anyway I'm going to his funeral (I'm running late actually. Thank God for Red's teleporting).I'm going to talk to Phobos, who seems to be in charge over there now and see if I can get a few things straight. I'll update tomorrow with any new info I have. 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Blue Oni and My Lady

Hello everyone. I am the Red Oni. I'm afraid I'll have to be your host for awhile. Azax is not well. Seeing the destruction of his home was to much. He was passed out when I found him and has been so since. He's breathing but shallowly. I'm very worried. While his body may recover, the mental damage may be irreversible. 

All this because of my damned brother who calls himself Blue Oni. He betrayed us to Him and now is working to harm this child. I won`t stand for it. You may have struck while I was away, but that will never happen again.

I`m moving Azax to a safe place. The Manor of my Lady Diesis. The one who assigned me to protect him. She`ll help him. I know she will.... 


Holy crap, when Nathan gets drunk he wants to STAY drunk. It was pretty hard to convince him to sober up long enough to slenderwalk me back to at least this continent, while he was talking of adventure and exploring pyramids. Guess I shouldn't complain though, he went out of his way to do this for me and I'm grateful.  Red isn't though, and I still haven't seen him. At least he did leave me some contact in the form of a letter I found today in the hotel. It reads; "Azax, you have gone against my wishes and relied on the Prodigal liar once again. But you seem to keep faith in him, so I will withhold my disapprovement, but I will not accompany you along with him. I have my own means of returning do not worry about that. I will contact you once you are soundly home. Sincerely The Red Oni." . Red... I'll never understand your dislike of Nathan. It looks like Nathan's ready to go, I'll add to this once I get the chance.  

Ok Nathan says he's got some other things to take care of so he just took me to his own house (the one just outside of my town) gave me some truck keys and said he'd see me later. Well then, lets hope driving a truck isn't difficult. 

Alright I'm back in town. Should be coming up on my house soon. God I can't wait to see my house and parents again. Not looking forward to explaining why I've been gone, though. Nathan did say he had one of his men check up and explain to my parents. Exactly what he explained and how much of it was true is unknown to me. Maybe I should tell them the truth finally... Hmmmm that's weird, usually you can see my house from here. Weird, maybe I'm just used to going up a different street.

EDIT:   Where.... where is it? Where is my house, my parents.... Where is it all.  Why.... why is there ash everywhere..... why does it smell like fire.... and why does no one but me seem to see it.... why...why...why....why do I see my mother lying in the wreckage.... why is she not breathing...........


Friday, 14 October 2011

Beer Makes for Smarts

So like Red said he came to pick me up quickly... by slenderwalking. (would have been nice to know that earlier Red!) And he brought me to the outskirt of the city and my first reaction was... WHY THE HELL CAN I SEE BIG BEN!! So yeah turns out that cabin was just outside London. Is it ironic that I always wanted to visit England? So anyway, after worrying that I'd have to spend the night on a park bench Nathan came to my rescue and whisked me away to Egypt. Where we proceed to drink are asses off. Well he did, I got pretty buzzed, which isn't saying much as I'm a light weight. The original plan was to take me home straight away but missing for a few days + alcohol on my breath = bad way to say hi to my parents. So we grabbed a hotel room and passed out. And that's where we are now. Nathans been past out since we got here, mumbling random things every once in a while. Once he gets up I'll be heading home, finally. My parents are probably worried sick. And Red if you see this WHERE ARE YOU? He disappeared after Nathan showed up. Ehhh. Anyway I'll update once I'm home, until then , relaxing~ 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Cabin in Nowhere

Now that things have calmed down on my end, I figured I should post something. After my last comment yesterday, I past right out and didn't wake up till around 3:00. Red was in a more talkative mood from last night. He said he found something but wanted to wait till I woke up to check it out. So I got up and he told me he explored the rest of this place. Turns out we were in a cellar of a two floor, shack, I guess would be the best word to put it. There wasn't much on the main floor, except for a table with nothing important on in, except for ALL MY STUFF. My laptop (which I'm using right now), my favourite cloths, my necklace, and even my short sword. That wasn't the creepiest part. When I booted up my laptop it opened to a word document which had "THESTARTWHEREALLANSWERSLIE" wrote just like that. So yeah, no doubt that SM was responsible for sending me out here into this cabin, which I may add is in the middle of the woods. And giving me all my valuables for reasons that probably only make sense to Him. Also still no idea where the wireless signal is coming from, there`s no modem or anything like it that I can see (not that I've searched to hard). 

Anyway after a bit of a panic attack of realizing I have no clue where I am, SM obviously  was in my house and took my stuff (don't care that it was to give it back to me), and trying figure out what the HELL that message means,  Red was able to calm me down and told me he was going to look around to try and find civilization. That was about an hour and half ago. I gave him my Iphone so he can message me on the blog if he found a town and some wifi. So yeah I've just been sitting here on the cabin deck waiting for a message or sign of him. It's damn nerve racking, but I'm trying to focus all my energy on hoping I'm not to far from home. I'll post more info once I have it. Until then, wish me luck.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Questions Answered by Questions

I'm sorry everyone but I needed answers. I need them... and there was nobody to answer them... except for Him. The only thing I can count on... His appearance every night. So yesterday I waited. In the bushes outside, I waited for Him to be there. To appear out of nothing, like always. And He did. Looking up into my room to see me. But I wasn't in my room. I was their on the street. He didn't seem surprised, but it's hard to judge the faceless. I started asking Him questions. Begging Him, telling Him, DEMANDING Him to answer. Before I knew it I was right up to Him. His big empty face staring down at me. And then He... placed His hand down on my head, the way a father might do for his child. I looked up, up into the nothingness of His face and that nothingness took over everything....

And I dreamed. Dreamed of dancing blue flames and dancing red flames. Swirling and shifting, like they were fighting each other. The blue flame always trying to get to me, but being blocked by the red one. It was beautiful, and terrifying.

A woke up an hour ago in a place that is surely not my house. It's cold and dark... possible a cellar. And... I'm not alone. He called himself the Red Oni. I'll just call him Red for short. He said hew was there to protect me. That He won't get me again. I don't fully understand, but at least I'm not alone.... Seems Red wants to write something.

Hello all, I am the Red Oni. This child has been under threat from the Slender Man for far to long. It has been placed upon me to protect him until he is safely were he belongs. No other's help will be needed. Especial from you Umbra. It will be best if you stay away.

Red... you are very kind. Maybe a bit to forward though... Oh well... I don't understand your hatred for Nathan though... He's been nothing but kind to me....

I'm running low on strength. I need to sleep. I'll post tomorrow... Once I learn... where I am. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

What is Going on...

What... what is happening? It all started normally today. I decided to go on a walk by the river, you know work of some of my thanksgiving pigout. But then... then in the tree line I saw some movement, and not subtle like a bird flying off, it was big and human shaped. A proxy. Usually in these situations I just turn around and hope they'll leave me alone, but today... today I felt bold for whatever reason (probably the short sword strapped to my leg)  and went in. I saw him crouching a few feet ahead, probably waiting for me to walk that way on the sidewalk. A snuck closer to him and then cracked a branch to get his attention (why did I do that...). I startled him and he jumped up, but he quickly regained his composer once he saw it was me. I final saw his mask, a stupid childish monkey mask that I recognized instantly, he was the one from last month. Very rare to get a repeat proxy. General they only want to ruff me up once then move on.... Anyway once he saw it was me he began the usual proxy taunting.  

Monkey Face: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Child of Ash. Miss me so much  you couldn't wait for me to greet  you?
Me: Actual Mister Monkey Ass, I have been wanting to thank you. (this took him a back a bit, the "Child of Ash" is not one for talking back). It's because of you that I got to meet some new friends.
Monkey Face: Is.. is that so?
Me: Yes, and one of them you should know, considering your groups in a truce with his. Meaning you should be leaving people like me alone.
Monkey Face: Truce?! Truce, truce, truce... OH! You mean thaaaaat. Heh, did you really think that would  last?
Me: Wh-what?
Monkey Face: Hehe, besides even if there was a truce it's way to fun messing with you. Especially since I  know the perfect place to hit~
(I clench my left arm)
Monkey Face: Hehehehe, lets see what happens when that arm of your's get shattered a  second time!

He charged me. And I guess my draws quicker then I thought, as he, nor me, saw my blade until it was lodged hilt deep in his throat. He ran right into it. And before he could react, I jerk my arm to the right and the blade ripped through his neck, almost severing his head. He collapsed instantly, silently, motionlessly. I fell soon after horrified by the sight of some much blood pouring from his neck (did I mention I'm squeamish). The fact I haven't barfed is a miracle. Panic set in soon to, what the hell I'm I supposed to do with a dead body, I thought. And, was he telling the truth when he said the truce was over? I needed answers. And the only one with them was Nathan. I called the number he gave me... but he never... he never answered. I let it ring for what felt like ever, but no answer came. And that's when He arrived. Standing where there nothing was a second earlier. I was to panicked to even say anything, I just stared. He looked at me and then to the body, and placed his hand on it. And then he looked back at me, and I swear to GOD that if he had a mouth he would have been smiling at me. Not a cocky one, but one that would have said that everything is fine and to relax. He then disappeared along with the body, and I was left alone, sitting against this tree that I have been for the past half hour, until I finally got the strength to write this blog (thank god for unpassworded wireless networks). 

There's so much going through my head right now. I don't think I'll find them lying against this tree though....

Friday, 7 October 2011

Still Here

Hey, just thought I should write a blog saying I'm feeling better, and you know, not dead. The stomach crippling pain I felt earlier this week has subsided for the most part which is good since thanksgiving is this weekend and I plan to chow down. You can always tell it's a holiday at my house when my mom is on the phone for hours trying to organize things with my aunt, which is never easy, but always a bit comical. Slendy seems unaffected by holiday hi-jinks though.  I don't know if I've mention this before but the only time I really ever see SM is just before I hit the hay at 11:30. Every night He's out there, staring into my window, almost like He's saying good night to me. Some may find this creepy, but He's been doing it since He started following me so I'm used to it. Heck it's almost relaxing in a horrifying way. Just the fact it's a constant in my life, something I can count on. Anyway off my sleeping habits, I think I'm done writing here for today. Bye and have yourself an enjoyable Thanksgiving... unless you live in the U.S. In that case just have a nice weekend.  

Monday, 3 October 2011

Every Day Life

So after the exciting weekend of bed pans and swords, I've returned to "normal" life. Which means I was in school today, sigh. It's hard to enjoy school when at any moment you could be attacked by masked people that for no reason what-so-ever hate your guts. That and the not knowing anyone. It also doesn't help that the second I walked in there I felt like I was going to puke and I have continued to since. I'm just hoping it's a one day thing, I can't afford to miss much school I've already been held back once. But I shouldn't be boring people with my normal day (well, normal until I'm wished a good night by the eldritch abomination outside my window). I just want to say I'll probably be quiet for a while unless something of note happens, which with my luck will probably be a proxy attack. But I've got my new short sword strapped to my leg so I guess I'm prepared for anything (still hoping I won't have to use it). Bye, I guess (I am not good at ending these things...)

Sunday, 2 October 2011


So Nathan was just over. And good thing my parents were at work since he dropped of his promised package, a short sword. Hilt to blade it's just longer then the length of my shoulder to my elbow. A beautiful dull yellow hilt, and upturned guard. But all this isn't what makes it beautiful, oh no. It's the draw, or at least the sound it makes. You see it has this clip on the top of the sheath that holds the guard, and when the blade hits it on the draw it makes the most satisfying "Shing" sound. I've always loved swords, and to hear that sound outside the movies is SO satisfying. It feels good to finally have some protection, even if it is a little over the top and I'll probably cut myself on accident before I cut any proxies.

Oh well. I have sword and it makes me happy.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

An Less Rushed Introduction

So, Ummm, hi. I'm Azax... or at least that's what I'm calling myself. I'm finally writing in this blog, after making it like a month ago. I meet someone in the hospital yesterday, before I was discharged. His Name was Nathan. Apparently he knew me before or something. Either way, after I helped him out with a little problem. He convinced me to start posting here. Says it helps. 

So where do I start? Well I guess the beginning would be good. It all started five years ago, when I was thirteen. That's when I first saw him. The Slender Man. To tell the truth, it wasn't really that bad. All he did was stare at me. No taking me in my sleep, no killing my friends, no anything really. Until the dream that is.... 

I still remember it vividly. I was in a large field surrounded by trees and covered in flowers... Kinda cheesy now that I think about it. It was beautiful none the less. Until everything just, kinda stopped. The wind stopped, the leaves stopped swaying, it became dead silent. And then He showed up. Walking towards me, everything deteriorating as he walked. Everything turning to ash (see where I got the blog title now). I tried to run, tried to get away, but in true Slendy fashion, there was no running. He grabbed my left arm and picked me up, staring me dead in the eyes with his cold blank face. Eventually my arm started to turn to ash as well. I'm sure the rest of me would have if I didn't wake up at that point.

That's when things changed. I must of done SOMETHING to piss Him off because He started sending proxies. Well, one to start. And he was the worst. He wore one of those stupid Guy Fawkes masks (how original...) and he made my life a living hell for two years. To make matters worse, that dream did something to my left arm. And it's been very easy to hurt and/or break ever since. 

Anyway, so the Guy Fawkes jerk disappeared one day. Never showed up to bother me again. Sadly I can't say the same for the rest of the proxys. I swear every month I have to deal was some new ass-hat in a mask trying to give me hell.  This has landed me in the hospital more times than I can come up with excuses for. The worst part about it though. Is that they always call me the same name. The same damn name that first proxy gave me. 

Child of Ash.