Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A New Goal

Hello readers, Michael here. Sorry for not making this post sooner, things have been rather hectic over here. First...I guess I should say that are attempt to rescue Diesis was a complete success. On the solstice Raph, Gabriel and I went to the Executioners base, and used the fact it was the solstice to slip into his secret torture chamber. It looked like something out of Silent Hill's otherworld. A steel grate walkway along a path of rusty steel walls, dim lighting and unearthly screams echoing everywhere. A truly horrendous place... After about five minutes of walking down the path we came to the torture area, or ate least... Diesis' personal torture room... It was this steel ring surrounded by a hole that looked like it dropped off into the abyss. And right in the middle was Diesis, hanging from the roof by chains... half naked and looking half dead. Only a rickety bridge outlined with a degraded chain link fence connected the ring to the main path. And right in front of that bridge was, of course, the Executioner... I'll be turning this over to Gabriel now as he had a better perspective on what happened next then I did...

Thank you Michael. Yes, once we got close to the Lady's holdings we were blocked by that ruffian, smiling like the idiot he is. Very quickly Raphael shot at his face, it missed but it was enough for Michael to run in behind him and give him a good slash. Which in turn let Raphael run by. He went to strike Michael but I blocked him and motioned Michael to move along. 

Gabriel: I shall be your opponent!
Executioner: Your kidding. Right? What do YOU think you can do against ME.
Gabriel: As a fellow tonfa user once said "I'll bite you to death."
Executioner: Kinky.

He charged at me but I avoided him delivering a blow to his ribs. He recoiled and I used it as an opportunity to give a shot to his face and chest. He staggered a bit but found his balance and went on the offensive once again. He kept swinging his fists left and right but I was able to dodge each blow. I figured he's not used to people with "dodgey" fighting tactics. Finally he attempted to land a huge strike, but I ducked it, and landed a huge strike with both my tonfas to his jaw, putting him flat on his ass.

Gabriel: The battle is over. You lost.
Executioner: ...
Gabriel: If you beg to be forgiven I shall make your death quick.
Executioner: Hehe.. hehe. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Gabriel: Hmmm?
Executioner: Forgiveness? (He grabs my arm and lifts me up into the air.) You expect me to beg something as lowly as you for forgiveness?! Get over yourself!
(He chucks me hard against the steel walkway and looms over me.)
Executioner: That's the problem with you people, you think your so fucking great! But your not. Your just piles of scum on this rotting world...

Oh great, he's giving me a "Why you suck" speech. How... Cliche. But thankfully his ramblings were cut short, by a swift hoof in the family jewels by Lady Diesis. He made a very satisfying sequel before falling over in pain.

Anyway... after Diesis gave him a few more kicks we headed back out. When we arrived we were very surprised to find Blue not only active but looking after a very beat up Ernie, Alan's hell spawn dog. Sarah explained that she found him clawing at the door in far worse shape, but it seems the little thing heals very quickly, because he was yapping away the rest of the night. 

We brought Diesis up on the whole situation... she didn't take it well....

Diesis: So your saying... it's gone. Everything. Even... even him?
Michael: Yes, Mast... Sir Azax... was killed by the Executioner, as were many of the Knights...
Diesis: (She starts sobbing) Once.. once again,... I fail to protect my own son...
Sarah: Son?! Azax... was your son?
Diesis: Yes... and no. It's a complicated mater. Sub-Fears aren't supposed to create further extensions...I didn't even know it was possible. But there he is... was.... (She starts sobbing again and Gabe goes to comfort her)
Diesis: So... so you're all that's left. No other Knight survived? 

Michael: For the most part. The Executioner set off the first explosion in the barracks, so many of them died instantly, along with Noah, Jonah and Adam. Many others were killed by the following explosions, the fire or the Executioner himself. The four of us along with Gideon, David and Samuel were able to make it through the worst of it. Gideon said we need to make sure Blue was alright so he ran off while the rest of us went to find Azax... When we did he was engaged with the Executioner... but he did't last long. David and Samuel charged at him... neither survived. And then... then he just left. Ignored the three of us like we were nothing.

Gabriel: I think we proved him wrong on that today.
Michael: Indeed... Anyway. When we left we found Blue lying on a tree, in the unresponsive state he's been in since Red errr, Richard died. And there was no sign of Gideon anywhere. That's what we saw. Would it be a problem if you told us what happened to you Lady Diesis?
Diesis: There isn't much I remember. I recall the explosions and the ground shaking from them. Then Sebastian, trying to rush me somewhere... then... then I was in that wankers chamber!
Gabriel: My Lady, he's not worth your anger. 
Diesis: Oh I know. Did you see what he tried to pass if as torture? Egh, I never thought I would have to fake torment.... Not to mention his sad attempt at ra-
Gabriel: M--My lady!
Raphael: HAHAHAHA, oh God, that made my day. 

Sarah: Hehe, laughing is good. But we still don't have a plan here. We found Diesis, now what do we do with are selves?
Michael: Isn't it obvious? We kill the Executioner.
Raphael: YES! I knew you'd come to your senses Michael.
Michael: But not now.
Raphael: What?
Michael: We're not prepared enough. We need better training, better weapons and more people. Including the two still trapped in the Torture Chamber. But we have to find more people before we can rescue them and make are final move.
Sarah: But who's there to assist us?
Michael: Gideon, for one. We just need to find him.
Gabriel: And Sir Sebastian. My Lady you never saw him fall correct? In addition we never saw his body. So there's a good chance he's alive.

Michael: So it's settled. We'll start looking for Gideon, Sebastian and any other former Knights once were all rested up.
Raphael: Great, another wild goose chase. Seems like all we do around here...
Ernie: This seems great and all... but where do I fit into this situation? I want a piece of that ass hat as much as you do..
Michael: Yes Ernie, you'll get your chance. But for now I have a job for you. You must be Diesis' guard until we return. 
Diesis: Hmmmm, I'm not coming along?
Michael: No, I'd.. like to request that you stay somewhere safe. I hope I'm right in assuming you have another property somewhere not to far. You must recover, plus.... the truck only sits five....
Diesis: Fufufufu, alright, alright. I'm a stay at home gal anyway. But what do you plan to do about Benjamin?
Michael: Benjamin? Oh... Blue... Of course he's in no condition to ravel with us. He'll be staying-- (I was cut off by Blue grabbing my arm and looking up at me with his big eyes, partially obscured by his mask.)
Blue: I... I want to stay... with... your group....
Michael: Blu... Ben... It's dangerous.
Sarah: I'll keep him safe, like I've been doing. Right Ben?
Michael: Fine. This motel room expires after the holidays, we'll leave then. 

And so we did. We left earlier today. Diesis gave us the address of a few of her "connections", so we'll be starting there. Hopefully this won't end up being a wild goose chase like Raph said it was... Updates might be slow for a bit as we'll be busy with travelling, so I'll really only post if something of importance comes up... until then...

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Left to Wait

Hello, Sarah here to bring you your update tonight. Why me and not Michael? Simple. He's not here. Neither is Raph or Gabe. You see, are dear friend the Executioner thought it was a good idea to tell us that he's holding Diesis. And... torturing her. I don't want to go into anymore detail then that. Needless to say that didn't sit well with us. Especially Gabe. I've never seen him so pissed. I almost feel sorry for the Executioner. Almost. Anyway they left about... three, four hours ago. I don't really remember. Hmmm, why didn't I go? That's because... because someone had to look after Blue... Yes as Michael mentioned in are first post, Blue is with us... He's near comatose. He doesn't talk, he doesn't move unless we make him, and he doesn't eat.... The death of Red, his brother... after just being freed from horrible mind control, it was all to much for him. It's so saddening. So I've taken it upon myself to look after him. And it's a damn good thing I'm here as I know Raph would leave him on the side of the road first chance he got... the jack ass... Ehhhh well I guess that's enough of my bitching. I'm just anxious, the guys should have been back by now, well I hoped they would have. 

Hold on, there's a... a clawing at the door. .. Oh Oh GOD! Well, I never expected this.... You won't believe what just crawled it's way to are door step. Say hi to the little hell spawn. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Fools Errand

So far we still fail to prove are selves as Knights. We have arrived to late to save anyone yet again. Yesterday Miss Tori went to challenge the Executioner alone.... she's in ruff shape. Raphael wanted to go join in her errand... but I forbid him. He wasn't to happy about it.... to say the least...  It seems her group has decided to leave there residence, a good idea I say. Naomi and Andrew two of the Knights assigned to them are accompanying them, good to see that the idea of the Knights Isn't dead yet. As for the other four... they stayed and challenged the Executioner... and as Gabriel as told me... they have rejoined the Dark Gentlemen..... God help them. Raphael was not afraid to vocalize his anger about all this, it lead to this exchange:

Raphael: Well I hope you feel damn proud of yourself Michael! I could of helped up there, but noooo. 
Michael: How would you have helped Raph? How?! You would have just ended up or hurt, no, with the way you fight you would be dead, Raph. DEAD! Then how would you help any one?
Raphael: If you opened your eyes and stopped being a coward for five minutes then you could see how I would have helped! The only thing we can do is put that Executioner bitch in the ground. Let him rot!
Michael: And just how the hell would you do that? You've seen what he can do... don't you remember David and Samuel? You saw what he did to them! 
Raphael: How!.... how could I ever forget.
Michael: Now please Raphael. Don't try and disobey orders again. 
Raphael: ORDERS?! Who the hell said you can order me!
Michael: I out rank you.
Raphael: Rank? There is no rank any more Michael. The Knights are finished! We have no more leaders we have no more job!
Sarah: What about Diesis?
Michael and Raphael: Diesis?
Sarah: You know, the Fear that saved all are lives and gave us a place to live?
Michael: Yes I know who Diesis is... but I forgot to account for her. 
Raphael: She just disappeared along with Feist and Deimos. Damn those Fears. Bunch of cowards I say.
Gabriel: Watch your tongue Raphael. Don't forget it was Lady Diesis that saved us all.... you more then us.
(Raph glared at Gabriel, but Sarah interjected before anything could start.)
Sarah: Well we have a lead now. So should we get moving?
Raphael: To do what? Go on a fools errand to try and find some old coot. She's probably back in that hell hole Britain by now.
Michael: Unlikely.
Raphael: Hmmm?
Michael: It's unlikely she's left the country yet. None of them had teleportation powers, plus with the manor up in smoke I doubt she has much money for flight.
Raphael: Alright but how do you suppose we start looking? Wander around the city on foot? Hoping we get lucky? 
Sarah: You know... we have a truck. 
Raphael: We what?
Sarah: Yeah don't you remember. Azax brought it in a while ago. We just never used it since we had... you know... Red....
Michael: Well that works out perfectly. We'll head back up to the manor, well what left of it. Search for anything, and take the truck. 
Gabriel: Sounds like we're Mystery Inc. now.
Michael: Well, in that light... Let's go gang.

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Hello… readers. It’s me Michael… you probably don’t remember me. After how long this blog’s been silent I’d be surprised if you remembered any of us… any one that’s left that is… Things… a lot of things… have happened. Azax, the one who keeps…kept this blog, is dead.  Let me start this from the beginning. To tell you the tale Azax never did....

As was stated a long time ago Azax, Red and Deimos were captured by Edgar, an old servant of the Dark Gentlemen and the one who kidnapped Azax as a child and scared Red and Blue. After a few days of mopping I finally lead the Archangels, the most elite sector of the Knights of the Eternal,  into battle to reclaim them... When we arrived, the battle was already under way. Red had managed to free himself. Causing enough chaos for Azax and Deimos to do the same. This victory was not to last though. Blue, who along with Feist, a Sub-Fear who was being controlled by Edgar, managed to critically wound Red and use him as a hostage.. The swarm of Proxies, not to mention Feist (who is pretty much a Minotaur) quickly over took the three... Until we joined in.

We stormed the place and killed a vast majority of the proxies. Sebastian was even able to subdue Feist. In the swarm of bodies, Edgar tried to run off. But Azax chased after him and killed him... By that time, most of the proxies were either dead or ran away. Even Blue was down. Apparently The Dark Gentlemen cut his connection with him causing him to go comatose.

After all that we regrouped. Blue and Feist were passed out and Red was slipping into unconscious, but we were all alive. That didn't last long... By the time we were back in the city it was to late. Red was dead.... It was hard on us all. Especially Azax. When we returned to the manor he shut everyone out, and refused to ever look at the blog.... I thought that's how life would go on from then... but he had different ideas. The Executioner...

There was a large explosion, and flames were everywhere.... many of the Knights died in that fire, other fled. But we stayed, the Archangels. We searched the manor looking for the cause, Lady Diesis, and Azax. When we finally found him he was at the heart of the manor, facing off with the Executioner... but I could tell... I could tell Azax wasn't even trying in the fight... He had already given up.... and soon he fell, and the flames consumed him and the Executioner took him .... some of us attacked him he killed them instantly... David... Samuel... you will be missed.... he left us alone... left us alone, frozen in are fear, soon to be melted by the flames around us. When we got out only five of the once great Knights were left. Me, Raphael, Gabriel, Sarah, and Blue.... the rest were either burned, killed by the Executioner or fled....  

Now... now we have no idea what to do. We have no master... no direction in life. But... there's this blog now... I've taken the liberty of renaming it as I will be running it now... 

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri