Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Heading Out

All right very important news here. Azax left a post on the blog the other day saying him, Red and Deimos are all right, as well as giving us some information on there whereabouts. They were blindfolded so he didn't see exactly where they were going but he did say it was near are "first lead", which is the shack. Raphael immediately went to go investigate along with David and Gabriel. And they found something... a secret passageway going way underground. They tried to explore it but it just kept going on and on. So they turned around and came back to tell the rest of us what they found. We've been preparing since then, and with the reinforcements having arrived today we're ready to head out. Azax I don't know if you can read this, but hang on! We'll have you out of there right away.... 

Wish us luck.

Monday, 14 November 2011

No time for my usual fancy crap

Azax here, and I got to be quick. I'm posting this frorm Deimos' ipod (he kept one with him to check on the blogs when he was gone.) Edgar's one cocky mother fucker and never checked any of are pockets, just assuming we wouldn't dare bring anything I guess. Anyway, just letting you all know me, Red, and Deimos are fine... well not hurt. So stop kicking yourself Michael! As for where we are I don't really know. He walked us way out from London then blindfolded us. I do think it's near are first lead though...

He hasn't done anything to harm us... yet. He did take a sample of my blood though, can only guess what that's for. And then he locked us up in some kind of mock dungeon.

Oh also, turns out Feist is about as smart as a turnip. He`s being tricked into working for Edgar. Also turn's out Blues been under slender-mind screw this whole time. Almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost.

As for


.... It's late .....

Sorry I haven't posted since what happened. It's just the fact that, well... nothing has happened (that and the fact that Azax's laptop is being problematic). We've all just been sitting on are asses. It's quite infuriating, especially for Raphael. We do have some hope though in the form of a message Azax wrote on the ipod, saying "We Can Contact You". He probably wrote it while Edgar was confronting them. We have no idea how he can contact us.. but it's something.

I also sent word to Lady Diesis... I kind of regret doing that. All it seemed to do was worry her. She even had intent on coming down here herself, but Mr. Sebastian talked her out of it. But apparently she will be sending more of the Knights, Sebastian included. Heh, I can't help but feel we failed... no... that I failed. We're the AAS Red and Azax's personal Knights.... hand picked by Red himself... and I'm their leader... and all I could do was let them get taken....

Some Knight I turned out to be.....

Friday, 11 November 2011

.... Don't Know What to Say....

Uhm, well... hello. My name is Michael, a Knight and head of the AA Sector under Red. And I'm bringing you today's update instead of Sir Azax or Sir Red because... they can't. They were taken, along with Deimos.... Ugh this isn't good.When Deimos came back, he was running, from something. Saying to seal the room.... Oh right. Azax started recording after he said that. I'll transcribe it. It'll be better then me just explaining.

Red: Barricade the room? What's going on Deimos?
Azax: Is something out there? Is it Him!?
Deimos: NO, it's....
(The door is busted down and Deimos scrambles across the room)
Azax: Holy fuck!
Deimos: That's why I said barricade.
(A six-foot creature walks in, Huge arms, giant head with bull horns, glowing red eyes and completely black)
Red: I-it can't be!
Azax: The hell is this thing Red?
Deimos: The Rake`s Sub-Fear. Feist.
Azax: F-Feist!? You mean that Feist?
Red: Yes. 
(Feist proceeds into the room, 10 proxies follow behind him and surround Azax, Red and Deimos.)
Azax: Proxies? Why the hell is a Feist working with Slim and Grim?
Feist: CAPTURE.....CHILD......
Deimos: He`s not that smart...
???: Now, now Feist that'a good for now.
(A man walks in. And older man probably in his late 40's.)
Azax: And you are?
???: Oh my. Don't you recognize me Child of Ash? After all I did for you. Well, why don't you tell him Red...
Red: (Red was breathing heavily) EDGAR!
Azax: N--no.. way... You...BASTARD!
(Azax runs at him but Feist swats him away) 
Edgar: Now, now. No need to lose your temper now. I'm just here to invite you three to my lab. 
Deimos: By invite you mean kidnap, right?
Edgar: No, No. I want you coming of your own wills, now.
Red: And if we refuse?
Edgar: Oh you won't be refusing. You value your brother life after all.
Red: Value... Blue's life. What do you mean by that.
Azax: Are you serious? Your only threat is to kill Blue? Heh, he's a traitor..
Deimos: Azax Don't! That's not what really...
Edgar: HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, yes. Blues a traitor, yes.
Red: What are you implying? Deimos, what does he mean?
Edgar. No, no. He will not spoil my surprises, no. If you want to learn more, come with me.
Deimos: Azax, Red... I hate to say it, but I think it's in are best interest to go with him...
Red: Deimos! You can't be serious...
Azax: We'll go.
Red: A-Azax!
Edgar: Excellent, excellent. Let us get going.
(Raphael, one of my fellow Knights stands up) 
Raphael: I've heard enough! We're coming to. We can't just let you take are bosses.
Edgar: NO NO NO! Normals like you are of no use to me!
Raphael: No use? (he pulls out his revolver) What use is there in letting you even take them?
Michael: Raphael! Stop this! It--It's Sir Azax's desire to go with him. We--we have no right, to stop him....
Raphael: Michael...
Azax: Thank you Michael. Here, take this.
(He throws me his Ipod.)
Azax: The password to my laptop is on there, as well as this recorded conversation. Your in-charge of the blog...  until we get back.

And then they left. A few proxies blocked the door so we couldn't give chase....Listening to this, I wonder if I made the right decision . Raphael sure doesn't think so.... I don't know about the others....This isn't good, this isn't good at all...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Shit Going Down on the Home-front

Well at least that's how it seems. Alan's been plagued by SM trolling his internet and is speeding up his little pet project. And Tori's going through a rough time, wish I could be there for you. But I'm here. In London. BORED OUT OF MY SKULL. I've been around the city like 5 times, and watched everything interesting on youtube for the day.... on that note please enjoy the following videos:

 Well that's enough video spam. There's really nothing going on here. Everything's on Deimos' plan right now. Heh.... I'll update if anything interesting happens.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

By Thy Face of Terror

Ok, I think I'm awake enough to write this thing now. Soooo, the meeting. With the mystery email sender. At the abandoned church. Transcribing, now.

Right at five I arrive at the front steps of this old decrepit church. It's huge door looming over me. "There's no way this thing is going to open" I think to myself. So what do I do? I put my hands on the door and uttered, "... Fuck! Of all the times for me to forget that line from city of bones." And then I shoved the door open. Not as awesome as I was hoping to be. Anyway, I looked around, the place is empty except for a few pews and a big cross at the front. Oh and it's damn near pitch black. No, not foreboding at all. I take a seat and start to wait. And wait. And wait. A half hour went by and I was almost falling asleep. So I got up and went to go look at the cross. It was a big  fat thing made of stone, just sitting there at the front.

???: Praying?
A voice from behind me, I don't bother turning before I give my answer.
Me: Atheists don't pray.
???: An atheist? Then why are you in a church?
Me: Hehe, well. Could it be because you wanted me here.
(I turn to see a hooded figure behind me.)
Me: Deimos.
Deimos: Ahhh you figured me out. When did you realize it was me?
Me: Just now. 
Deimos: Oh. Well I guess your not the world's greatest detective after all...
(I draw my sword and point it at his throat)
Me: Don't play games.
Deimos: Heh, I thought I said to come unarmed?
Me: You said come alone.
Deimos: Oh I did didn't I? Well no matter. I'm not here to harm you anyway I just want to talk. Trust me.
Me: Trust you? You're one of Nathan's old goons.
Deimos: HEY! (he grabs my blade and points it down) I was just as surprised about Nathan's true nature as everyone else was. Now put this thing away and let's talk rationality. Ok?
Me: (I sheath my sword) Sorry. Not used to talks where I don't have to be ready to gut the one I'm talking to. are you alive? Alan said Nathan killed you.
Deimos: Of course he didn't kill me. I'm a Fear. All he could do is seal me. And I broke out of that. 
Me: Yeah, you see I still know very little about Fears bull crap.
Deimos: Which is the reason I called you here today. It's very bad when a Fear knows nothing about his brethren.
Me: I am not a Fear!
Deimos: Well not a full one. Just a Sub. In-fact, not even that. You're more like a Sub-Sub-Fear. A degenerate.
Me: Ok that just flew WAY over my head. But I'm pretty sure it was insulting! Before you start to claim I'm not human, mind explain what exactly a Sub-Fear is?
Deimos: A Sub-Fear is a being created as an extension of one of the original Fears. They share smiler powers to there "parent" but it's much weaker. I should know, I'm one to.
Me: Alright then. So, what is Diesis and extension of then... 
Deimos: The Blind Man. Probably the kindest of the Fears. He was willing to give his "daughter" all she needed for her little exploits. Even lending use of his domain for quick travel.
Me: Domain?
Deimos: It's a Fear's home. A world they control. Most of them use it for travel. Like Slender Man's Path.
Me: So that explains Red's teleporting...
Deimos: That's just the tip of the ice-berg though. Sit, there is much more.

For the next hour Deimos told me all about Fears... 

Deimos: That's about it for the basics. We'll have to wait to see what exactly will happen to you to go into more detail.
Deimos: You ok?
Me: You never answered something.
Deimos: What?
Me: You said I was a Sub-Sub Fear. That implies my true "Parent" is a Sub-Fear.
Deimos: Correct.
Me: Well who the hell is it?!
Deimos: Do I REALLY have to spell it out for you?
Me: Uh...ohhhhh. No. No you don't... 

And so we left the dusty old church and went back to the hotel. Red was... surprised to say the least. But he welcomed Deimos. And they started to talk strategy, but I heard none of it as I crashed as soon as I got back and I just woke up and hour ago. They did tell what the game plan for now is... but I'm not going to say. Why? Because I know Blue reads my blog and I don't want to spoil his surprise to much. 

So, until next time....

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Remember, Remember, I hate that Movie

Well, I'm fucking exhausted. No sleep last night. Not nightmares surprisingly. Just to anxious. Today's the day the email stated. At 5 I have to go to some run down old church here in London (we spent all of yesterday looking for it, part of the reason I'm so tired). Oh and I have to go alone. Yeah, not suspicious at all. But it's are only lead right now. The shack has turned up nothing. Except a laptop with an internet stick in it. Guess that's where the signal came from when I was there. Oh and the laptop was blank, no data at all. 

Ehhhhh, I should really get some sleep before the meeting. Ah screw it there's only on hour left. Well guess I should go get ready for it. I'll post once I'm back.... or tomorrow, if I'm still really, really tired.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

London Calling

Hello everyone, Red here. Azax seems to have decided that sight seeing is more important then updating, so I'll do it in his stead. 

We arrived in London at midnight after a long, seven hour flight. Ugh. I hate planes. We checked into the hotel we booked, (the desk clerk gave us nasty looks. Must have been my mask) and enjoyed a well deserved sleep. (damn those planes seats, they are uncomfortable) When we woke up,  I had the Knights get right to work. I sent two of them down to the old shack me and Azax were in the last time we were here. Seems like the best place to look as it's the closest thing we have to a lead. But they sadly reported that nothing was there. Oh well, I'm keeping them stationed  there just in case. 

After that Azax and I decided to look around town, where he got excited over EVERYTHING. Seriously. He started jumping in glee when we went for lunch and the clerk asked  for pounds. Honestly I don't see whats so exciting. But I digress. After about 2 hours of wondering around it was painfully apparent that we have no leads on Blues whereabouts. The only things we have are the shack and the email Azax revived before the trip. It says he has to go to some church here in  London at 5:00 on Saturday. I'm skeptical about it, but he insist on going, and it's are best bet right now. So we'll be waiting on that. 

But that's enough rambling for now. Maby Azax will make his own update later... if he ever manages to pull himself away from the window.. oh now he turned on the tv. God if he finds a channel with Dr. Who on, I'll never get him away from it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Off to England

So we've arrived at the airport, about an hour before take off. Two main things I want to cover here. First, my "package" for Alan and Tori. Knights. Yep last night I sent ten knights to each of there homes. Why? Because of that stupid dream. I figured in case something does happen, it wouldn't hurt to have some extra help around. I'm not saying they'll be able to keep you 100% safe or that something is going to happen. But I'm a fucking worry wort, and this makes me feel better.

Second, which just makes me MORE anxious, I had an encounter today. About half an hour before we left I was walking around the manor listening to my Ipod. I was trying to take in my home one last time before I left, since I have to idea how long I'll be gone. Anyway, I was about to head in when I saw Him in the treeline. Slender Man. I darted after Him yanking out one of my ear phones. He stopped and turned to me once I got to the trees. And there I am, about to confront the Dark Gentlemen for the first time since He sent me to England, and my Ipod decides to troll.

   This starts to play VERY LOUDLY in the one ear phone I still have in. I already know this is going to be fun...

Me: So... you finally decide to rear your ugly mug in front of me again huh?
SM: ....
Me: What the hell are you planning this time? The proxies the dreams, what's the deal? Gonna try and keep me here so I don't find out more truths. Yeah I know a lot more now since the last time we meet. All about your sick little doctor's experiments. 
Me: Maby you want to try and traumatize me again, or have me and Blue kill each other, Huh, HUH?! WHAT IS IT?!

He just started to walk away then. I run at Him, but He vanishes before I can catch Him. He never answered me, never fucking said a word to me. He never talks to me. But He did leave me a message. Scratched into dirt was "The Time of Rebirth is Nigh". Cryptic bastard.

Heh, let's just hope everything will be fine, and that I can enjoy England. You know when I'm not hunting down my arch nemesis. Well looks like were boarding sooner then expected, I'll post once were safely in England. I'll miss everyone, don't do anything stupid till I get back.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Alright as I mentioned in my half asleep ramblings of last night there is something I've been preparing for. And that is a trip. A trip back to England. It's time I finally start tracking down Blue, and put an end to him. Also it seems there's someone else in England that wants to talk to me. No clue who. I just got an anonymous email telling me to see him in England. So with that there was no way Diesis and Red could say no. I'm not going alone though. Red and his 10 personal Knights (Used to be 15 put he dropped 5. Didn't live up to his expectations I guess.) So yeah, we'll be catching a plane tomorrow. It'll be my first time on a plane. Also my first time leaving town under normal means. I don't know how long I'll be gone. Hopefully I'll be back before the holiday season. I am a little bit worried though. Because of that stupid nightmare. Well considering what happened last time He gave me a dream.... Also with how active the proxies have been lately. Can't shake the feeling that something is going to happen.... Anyway on a bit of a lighter note Alan, Tori before I leave tomorrow I'll be sending each of your households a "package". Be ready for that. Well that's it for now, I'll probably post before I get on the plane. So until then...

Nightmare's Moon

Well that was.. fun. As fun as a nightmare can be. Now I can't sleep. Thought I'd be used to that one after having it every night for the last 3 nights. Oh wait, I never blogged about that. Guess I didn't find it important... I might as well say what it was, a dream sent by Slendy. Been a while since I got these. He's really making use of the protection hole... I'm rambling. I should just say what the dream was.

I'm there again, the nothingness. The nothingness I was in when He sent me to England, that horrible blank world. I'm not alone. Alan is there, Tori is there, Red is there, Diesis is there. Everyone's there. Everyone I know. Everyone I used to know... People I don't know. There all there. Burning. And He's there. Burning them. No remorse. No pleasure. Just blankness. He's mocking me to. I can't hear the words, but He's saying them. "It's all your fault. You caused it. You can end it..." And then I wake up.  Every time. Before He says how to end it. I can only guess though.....

Wondering the halls now. I've lived here for a month now, but I've never really explored the manor. I know where everything is, but I've never really looked at it. Explored every detail. 

Oh look, it's Red's room. He left his door unlocked. I've never really been in here. It's so boring. And there he is, sleeping away. Still wearing that mask.... guess he has no option really. It's sad when you think about it. Should leave. Exploring his room at night is kinda creepy.

What was that? A noise?  Who's up at this hour... besides me. 

Oh it was just Sebastian. Forgot about the buffed up security, night watch now.Ugh Sebastian! Don't call me Young Master, I'm to tired to be fan over you. 

Back to bed now, big day coming up. Lot's of prep. Post   about      Tomorrow.