Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A New Goal

Hello readers, Michael here. Sorry for not making this post sooner, things have been rather hectic over here. First...I guess I should say that are attempt to rescue Diesis was a complete success. On the solstice Raph, Gabriel and I went to the Executioners base, and used the fact it was the solstice to slip into his secret torture chamber. It looked like something out of Silent Hill's otherworld. A steel grate walkway along a path of rusty steel walls, dim lighting and unearthly screams echoing everywhere. A truly horrendous place... After about five minutes of walking down the path we came to the torture area, or ate least... Diesis' personal torture room... It was this steel ring surrounded by a hole that looked like it dropped off into the abyss. And right in the middle was Diesis, hanging from the roof by chains... half naked and looking half dead. Only a rickety bridge outlined with a degraded chain link fence connected the ring to the main path. And right in front of that bridge was, of course, the Executioner... I'll be turning this over to Gabriel now as he had a better perspective on what happened next then I did...

Thank you Michael. Yes, once we got close to the Lady's holdings we were blocked by that ruffian, smiling like the idiot he is. Very quickly Raphael shot at his face, it missed but it was enough for Michael to run in behind him and give him a good slash. Which in turn let Raphael run by. He went to strike Michael but I blocked him and motioned Michael to move along. 

Gabriel: I shall be your opponent!
Executioner: Your kidding. Right? What do YOU think you can do against ME.
Gabriel: As a fellow tonfa user once said "I'll bite you to death."
Executioner: Kinky.

He charged at me but I avoided him delivering a blow to his ribs. He recoiled and I used it as an opportunity to give a shot to his face and chest. He staggered a bit but found his balance and went on the offensive once again. He kept swinging his fists left and right but I was able to dodge each blow. I figured he's not used to people with "dodgey" fighting tactics. Finally he attempted to land a huge strike, but I ducked it, and landed a huge strike with both my tonfas to his jaw, putting him flat on his ass.

Gabriel: The battle is over. You lost.
Executioner: ...
Gabriel: If you beg to be forgiven I shall make your death quick.
Executioner: Hehe.. hehe. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Gabriel: Hmmm?
Executioner: Forgiveness? (He grabs my arm and lifts me up into the air.) You expect me to beg something as lowly as you for forgiveness?! Get over yourself!
(He chucks me hard against the steel walkway and looms over me.)
Executioner: That's the problem with you people, you think your so fucking great! But your not. Your just piles of scum on this rotting world...

Oh great, he's giving me a "Why you suck" speech. How... Cliche. But thankfully his ramblings were cut short, by a swift hoof in the family jewels by Lady Diesis. He made a very satisfying sequel before falling over in pain.

Anyway... after Diesis gave him a few more kicks we headed back out. When we arrived we were very surprised to find Blue not only active but looking after a very beat up Ernie, Alan's hell spawn dog. Sarah explained that she found him clawing at the door in far worse shape, but it seems the little thing heals very quickly, because he was yapping away the rest of the night. 

We brought Diesis up on the whole situation... she didn't take it well....

Diesis: So your saying... it's gone. Everything. Even... even him?
Michael: Yes, Mast... Sir Azax... was killed by the Executioner, as were many of the Knights...
Diesis: (She starts sobbing) Once.. once again,... I fail to protect my own son...
Sarah: Son?! Azax... was your son?
Diesis: Yes... and no. It's a complicated mater. Sub-Fears aren't supposed to create further extensions...I didn't even know it was possible. But there he is... was.... (She starts sobbing again and Gabe goes to comfort her)
Diesis: So... so you're all that's left. No other Knight survived? 

Michael: For the most part. The Executioner set off the first explosion in the barracks, so many of them died instantly, along with Noah, Jonah and Adam. Many others were killed by the following explosions, the fire or the Executioner himself. The four of us along with Gideon, David and Samuel were able to make it through the worst of it. Gideon said we need to make sure Blue was alright so he ran off while the rest of us went to find Azax... When we did he was engaged with the Executioner... but he did't last long. David and Samuel charged at him... neither survived. And then... then he just left. Ignored the three of us like we were nothing.

Gabriel: I think we proved him wrong on that today.
Michael: Indeed... Anyway. When we left we found Blue lying on a tree, in the unresponsive state he's been in since Red errr, Richard died. And there was no sign of Gideon anywhere. That's what we saw. Would it be a problem if you told us what happened to you Lady Diesis?
Diesis: There isn't much I remember. I recall the explosions and the ground shaking from them. Then Sebastian, trying to rush me somewhere... then... then I was in that wankers chamber!
Gabriel: My Lady, he's not worth your anger. 
Diesis: Oh I know. Did you see what he tried to pass if as torture? Egh, I never thought I would have to fake torment.... Not to mention his sad attempt at ra-
Gabriel: M--My lady!
Raphael: HAHAHAHA, oh God, that made my day. 

Sarah: Hehe, laughing is good. But we still don't have a plan here. We found Diesis, now what do we do with are selves?
Michael: Isn't it obvious? We kill the Executioner.
Raphael: YES! I knew you'd come to your senses Michael.
Michael: But not now.
Raphael: What?
Michael: We're not prepared enough. We need better training, better weapons and more people. Including the two still trapped in the Torture Chamber. But we have to find more people before we can rescue them and make are final move.
Sarah: But who's there to assist us?
Michael: Gideon, for one. We just need to find him.
Gabriel: And Sir Sebastian. My Lady you never saw him fall correct? In addition we never saw his body. So there's a good chance he's alive.

Michael: So it's settled. We'll start looking for Gideon, Sebastian and any other former Knights once were all rested up.
Raphael: Great, another wild goose chase. Seems like all we do around here...
Ernie: This seems great and all... but where do I fit into this situation? I want a piece of that ass hat as much as you do..
Michael: Yes Ernie, you'll get your chance. But for now I have a job for you. You must be Diesis' guard until we return. 
Diesis: Hmmmm, I'm not coming along?
Michael: No, I'd.. like to request that you stay somewhere safe. I hope I'm right in assuming you have another property somewhere not to far. You must recover, plus.... the truck only sits five....
Diesis: Fufufufu, alright, alright. I'm a stay at home gal anyway. But what do you plan to do about Benjamin?
Michael: Benjamin? Oh... Blue... Of course he's in no condition to ravel with us. He'll be staying-- (I was cut off by Blue grabbing my arm and looking up at me with his big eyes, partially obscured by his mask.)
Blue: I... I want to stay... with... your group....
Michael: Blu... Ben... It's dangerous.
Sarah: I'll keep him safe, like I've been doing. Right Ben?
Michael: Fine. This motel room expires after the holidays, we'll leave then. 

And so we did. We left earlier today. Diesis gave us the address of a few of her "connections", so we'll be starting there. Hopefully this won't end up being a wild goose chase like Raph said it was... Updates might be slow for a bit as we'll be busy with travelling, so I'll really only post if something of importance comes up... until then...

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Left to Wait

Hello, Sarah here to bring you your update tonight. Why me and not Michael? Simple. He's not here. Neither is Raph or Gabe. You see, are dear friend the Executioner thought it was a good idea to tell us that he's holding Diesis. And... torturing her. I don't want to go into anymore detail then that. Needless to say that didn't sit well with us. Especially Gabe. I've never seen him so pissed. I almost feel sorry for the Executioner. Almost. Anyway they left about... three, four hours ago. I don't really remember. Hmmm, why didn't I go? That's because... because someone had to look after Blue... Yes as Michael mentioned in are first post, Blue is with us... He's near comatose. He doesn't talk, he doesn't move unless we make him, and he doesn't eat.... The death of Red, his brother... after just being freed from horrible mind control, it was all to much for him. It's so saddening. So I've taken it upon myself to look after him. And it's a damn good thing I'm here as I know Raph would leave him on the side of the road first chance he got... the jack ass... Ehhhh well I guess that's enough of my bitching. I'm just anxious, the guys should have been back by now, well I hoped they would have. 

Hold on, there's a... a clawing at the door. .. Oh Oh GOD! Well, I never expected this.... You won't believe what just crawled it's way to are door step. Say hi to the little hell spawn. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Fools Errand

So far we still fail to prove are selves as Knights. We have arrived to late to save anyone yet again. Yesterday Miss Tori went to challenge the Executioner alone.... she's in ruff shape. Raphael wanted to go join in her errand... but I forbid him. He wasn't to happy about it.... to say the least...  It seems her group has decided to leave there residence, a good idea I say. Naomi and Andrew two of the Knights assigned to them are accompanying them, good to see that the idea of the Knights Isn't dead yet. As for the other four... they stayed and challenged the Executioner... and as Gabriel as told me... they have rejoined the Dark Gentlemen..... God help them. Raphael was not afraid to vocalize his anger about all this, it lead to this exchange:

Raphael: Well I hope you feel damn proud of yourself Michael! I could of helped up there, but noooo. 
Michael: How would you have helped Raph? How?! You would have just ended up or hurt, no, with the way you fight you would be dead, Raph. DEAD! Then how would you help any one?
Raphael: If you opened your eyes and stopped being a coward for five minutes then you could see how I would have helped! The only thing we can do is put that Executioner bitch in the ground. Let him rot!
Michael: And just how the hell would you do that? You've seen what he can do... don't you remember David and Samuel? You saw what he did to them! 
Raphael: How!.... how could I ever forget.
Michael: Now please Raphael. Don't try and disobey orders again. 
Raphael: ORDERS?! Who the hell said you can order me!
Michael: I out rank you.
Raphael: Rank? There is no rank any more Michael. The Knights are finished! We have no more leaders we have no more job!
Sarah: What about Diesis?
Michael and Raphael: Diesis?
Sarah: You know, the Fear that saved all are lives and gave us a place to live?
Michael: Yes I know who Diesis is... but I forgot to account for her. 
Raphael: She just disappeared along with Feist and Deimos. Damn those Fears. Bunch of cowards I say.
Gabriel: Watch your tongue Raphael. Don't forget it was Lady Diesis that saved us all.... you more then us.
(Raph glared at Gabriel, but Sarah interjected before anything could start.)
Sarah: Well we have a lead now. So should we get moving?
Raphael: To do what? Go on a fools errand to try and find some old coot. She's probably back in that hell hole Britain by now.
Michael: Unlikely.
Raphael: Hmmm?
Michael: It's unlikely she's left the country yet. None of them had teleportation powers, plus with the manor up in smoke I doubt she has much money for flight.
Raphael: Alright but how do you suppose we start looking? Wander around the city on foot? Hoping we get lucky? 
Sarah: You know... we have a truck. 
Raphael: We what?
Sarah: Yeah don't you remember. Azax brought it in a while ago. We just never used it since we had... you know... Red....
Michael: Well that works out perfectly. We'll head back up to the manor, well what left of it. Search for anything, and take the truck. 
Gabriel: Sounds like we're Mystery Inc. now.
Michael: Well, in that light... Let's go gang.

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Hello… readers. It’s me Michael… you probably don’t remember me. After how long this blog’s been silent I’d be surprised if you remembered any of us… any one that’s left that is… Things… a lot of things… have happened. Azax, the one who keeps…kept this blog, is dead.  Let me start this from the beginning. To tell you the tale Azax never did....

As was stated a long time ago Azax, Red and Deimos were captured by Edgar, an old servant of the Dark Gentlemen and the one who kidnapped Azax as a child and scared Red and Blue. After a few days of mopping I finally lead the Archangels, the most elite sector of the Knights of the Eternal,  into battle to reclaim them... When we arrived, the battle was already under way. Red had managed to free himself. Causing enough chaos for Azax and Deimos to do the same. This victory was not to last though. Blue, who along with Feist, a Sub-Fear who was being controlled by Edgar, managed to critically wound Red and use him as a hostage.. The swarm of Proxies, not to mention Feist (who is pretty much a Minotaur) quickly over took the three... Until we joined in.

We stormed the place and killed a vast majority of the proxies. Sebastian was even able to subdue Feist. In the swarm of bodies, Edgar tried to run off. But Azax chased after him and killed him... By that time, most of the proxies were either dead or ran away. Even Blue was down. Apparently The Dark Gentlemen cut his connection with him causing him to go comatose.

After all that we regrouped. Blue and Feist were passed out and Red was slipping into unconscious, but we were all alive. That didn't last long... By the time we were back in the city it was to late. Red was dead.... It was hard on us all. Especially Azax. When we returned to the manor he shut everyone out, and refused to ever look at the blog.... I thought that's how life would go on from then... but he had different ideas. The Executioner...

There was a large explosion, and flames were everywhere.... many of the Knights died in that fire, other fled. But we stayed, the Archangels. We searched the manor looking for the cause, Lady Diesis, and Azax. When we finally found him he was at the heart of the manor, facing off with the Executioner... but I could tell... I could tell Azax wasn't even trying in the fight... He had already given up.... and soon he fell, and the flames consumed him and the Executioner took him .... some of us attacked him he killed them instantly... David... Samuel... you will be missed.... he left us alone... left us alone, frozen in are fear, soon to be melted by the flames around us. When we got out only five of the once great Knights were left. Me, Raphael, Gabriel, Sarah, and Blue.... the rest were either burned, killed by the Executioner or fled....  

Now... now we have no idea what to do. We have no master... no direction in life. But... there's this blog now... I've taken the liberty of renaming it as I will be running it now... 

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Heading Out

All right very important news here. Azax left a post on the blog the other day saying him, Red and Deimos are all right, as well as giving us some information on there whereabouts. They were blindfolded so he didn't see exactly where they were going but he did say it was near are "first lead", which is the shack. Raphael immediately went to go investigate along with David and Gabriel. And they found something... a secret passageway going way underground. They tried to explore it but it just kept going on and on. So they turned around and came back to tell the rest of us what they found. We've been preparing since then, and with the reinforcements having arrived today we're ready to head out. Azax I don't know if you can read this, but hang on! We'll have you out of there right away.... 

Wish us luck.

Monday, 14 November 2011

No time for my usual fancy crap

Azax here, and I got to be quick. I'm posting this frorm Deimos' ipod (he kept one with him to check on the blogs when he was gone.) Edgar's one cocky mother fucker and never checked any of are pockets, just assuming we wouldn't dare bring anything I guess. Anyway, just letting you all know me, Red, and Deimos are fine... well not hurt. So stop kicking yourself Michael! As for where we are I don't really know. He walked us way out from London then blindfolded us. I do think it's near are first lead though...

He hasn't done anything to harm us... yet. He did take a sample of my blood though, can only guess what that's for. And then he locked us up in some kind of mock dungeon.

Oh also, turns out Feist is about as smart as a turnip. He`s being tricked into working for Edgar. Also turn's out Blues been under slender-mind screw this whole time. Almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost.

As for


.... It's late .....

Sorry I haven't posted since what happened. It's just the fact that, well... nothing has happened (that and the fact that Azax's laptop is being problematic). We've all just been sitting on are asses. It's quite infuriating, especially for Raphael. We do have some hope though in the form of a message Azax wrote on the ipod, saying "We Can Contact You". He probably wrote it while Edgar was confronting them. We have no idea how he can contact us.. but it's something.

I also sent word to Lady Diesis... I kind of regret doing that. All it seemed to do was worry her. She even had intent on coming down here herself, but Mr. Sebastian talked her out of it. But apparently she will be sending more of the Knights, Sebastian included. Heh, I can't help but feel we failed... no... that I failed. We're the AAS Red and Azax's personal Knights.... hand picked by Red himself... and I'm their leader... and all I could do was let them get taken....

Some Knight I turned out to be.....

Friday, 11 November 2011

.... Don't Know What to Say....

Uhm, well... hello. My name is Michael, a Knight and head of the AA Sector under Red. And I'm bringing you today's update instead of Sir Azax or Sir Red because... they can't. They were taken, along with Deimos.... Ugh this isn't good.When Deimos came back, he was running, from something. Saying to seal the room.... Oh right. Azax started recording after he said that. I'll transcribe it. It'll be better then me just explaining.

Red: Barricade the room? What's going on Deimos?
Azax: Is something out there? Is it Him!?
Deimos: NO, it's....
(The door is busted down and Deimos scrambles across the room)
Azax: Holy fuck!
Deimos: That's why I said barricade.
(A six-foot creature walks in, Huge arms, giant head with bull horns, glowing red eyes and completely black)
Red: I-it can't be!
Azax: The hell is this thing Red?
Deimos: The Rake`s Sub-Fear. Feist.
Azax: F-Feist!? You mean that Feist?
Red: Yes. 
(Feist proceeds into the room, 10 proxies follow behind him and surround Azax, Red and Deimos.)
Azax: Proxies? Why the hell is a Feist working with Slim and Grim?
Feist: CAPTURE.....CHILD......
Deimos: He`s not that smart...
???: Now, now Feist that'a good for now.
(A man walks in. And older man probably in his late 40's.)
Azax: And you are?
???: Oh my. Don't you recognize me Child of Ash? After all I did for you. Well, why don't you tell him Red...
Red: (Red was breathing heavily) EDGAR!
Azax: N--no.. way... You...BASTARD!
(Azax runs at him but Feist swats him away) 
Edgar: Now, now. No need to lose your temper now. I'm just here to invite you three to my lab. 
Deimos: By invite you mean kidnap, right?
Edgar: No, No. I want you coming of your own wills, now.
Red: And if we refuse?
Edgar: Oh you won't be refusing. You value your brother life after all.
Red: Value... Blue's life. What do you mean by that.
Azax: Are you serious? Your only threat is to kill Blue? Heh, he's a traitor..
Deimos: Azax Don't! That's not what really...
Edgar: HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, yes. Blues a traitor, yes.
Red: What are you implying? Deimos, what does he mean?
Edgar. No, no. He will not spoil my surprises, no. If you want to learn more, come with me.
Deimos: Azax, Red... I hate to say it, but I think it's in are best interest to go with him...
Red: Deimos! You can't be serious...
Azax: We'll go.
Red: A-Azax!
Edgar: Excellent, excellent. Let us get going.
(Raphael, one of my fellow Knights stands up) 
Raphael: I've heard enough! We're coming to. We can't just let you take are bosses.
Edgar: NO NO NO! Normals like you are of no use to me!
Raphael: No use? (he pulls out his revolver) What use is there in letting you even take them?
Michael: Raphael! Stop this! It--It's Sir Azax's desire to go with him. We--we have no right, to stop him....
Raphael: Michael...
Azax: Thank you Michael. Here, take this.
(He throws me his Ipod.)
Azax: The password to my laptop is on there, as well as this recorded conversation. Your in-charge of the blog...  until we get back.

And then they left. A few proxies blocked the door so we couldn't give chase....Listening to this, I wonder if I made the right decision . Raphael sure doesn't think so.... I don't know about the others....This isn't good, this isn't good at all...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Shit Going Down on the Home-front

Well at least that's how it seems. Alan's been plagued by SM trolling his internet and is speeding up his little pet project. And Tori's going through a rough time, wish I could be there for you. But I'm here. In London. BORED OUT OF MY SKULL. I've been around the city like 5 times, and watched everything interesting on youtube for the day.... on that note please enjoy the following videos:

 Well that's enough video spam. There's really nothing going on here. Everything's on Deimos' plan right now. Heh.... I'll update if anything interesting happens.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

By Thy Face of Terror

Ok, I think I'm awake enough to write this thing now. Soooo, the meeting. With the mystery email sender. At the abandoned church. Transcribing, now.

Right at five I arrive at the front steps of this old decrepit church. It's huge door looming over me. "There's no way this thing is going to open" I think to myself. So what do I do? I put my hands on the door and uttered, "... Fuck! Of all the times for me to forget that line from city of bones." And then I shoved the door open. Not as awesome as I was hoping to be. Anyway, I looked around, the place is empty except for a few pews and a big cross at the front. Oh and it's damn near pitch black. No, not foreboding at all. I take a seat and start to wait. And wait. And wait. A half hour went by and I was almost falling asleep. So I got up and went to go look at the cross. It was a big  fat thing made of stone, just sitting there at the front.

???: Praying?
A voice from behind me, I don't bother turning before I give my answer.
Me: Atheists don't pray.
???: An atheist? Then why are you in a church?
Me: Hehe, well. Could it be because you wanted me here.
(I turn to see a hooded figure behind me.)
Me: Deimos.
Deimos: Ahhh you figured me out. When did you realize it was me?
Me: Just now. 
Deimos: Oh. Well I guess your not the world's greatest detective after all...
(I draw my sword and point it at his throat)
Me: Don't play games.
Deimos: Heh, I thought I said to come unarmed?
Me: You said come alone.
Deimos: Oh I did didn't I? Well no matter. I'm not here to harm you anyway I just want to talk. Trust me.
Me: Trust you? You're one of Nathan's old goons.
Deimos: HEY! (he grabs my blade and points it down) I was just as surprised about Nathan's true nature as everyone else was. Now put this thing away and let's talk rationality. Ok?
Me: (I sheath my sword) Sorry. Not used to talks where I don't have to be ready to gut the one I'm talking to. So....how are you alive? Alan said Nathan killed you.
Deimos: Of course he didn't kill me. I'm a Fear. All he could do is seal me. And I broke out of that. 
Me: Yeah, you see I still know very little about Fears bull crap.
Deimos: Which is the reason I called you here today. It's very bad when a Fear knows nothing about his brethren.
Me: I am not a Fear!
Deimos: Well not a full one. Just a Sub. In-fact, not even that. You're more like a Sub-Sub-Fear. A degenerate.
Me: Ok that just flew WAY over my head. But I'm pretty sure it was insulting! Before you start to claim I'm not human, mind explain what exactly a Sub-Fear is?
Deimos: A Sub-Fear is a being created as an extension of one of the original Fears. They share smiler powers to there "parent" but it's much weaker. I should know, I'm one to.
Me: Alright then. So, what is Diesis and extension of then... 
Deimos: The Blind Man. Probably the kindest of the Fears. He was willing to give his "daughter" all she needed for her little exploits. Even lending use of his domain for quick travel.
Me: Domain?
Deimos: It's a Fear's home. A world they control. Most of them use it for travel. Like Slender Man's Path.
Me: So that explains Red's teleporting...
Deimos: That's just the tip of the ice-berg though. Sit, there is much more.

For the next hour Deimos told me all about Fears... 

Deimos: That's about it for the basics. We'll have to wait to see what exactly will happen to you to go into more detail.
Deimos: You ok?
Me: You never answered something.
Deimos: What?
Me: You said I was a Sub-Sub Fear. That implies my true "Parent" is a Sub-Fear.
Deimos: Correct.
Me: Well who the hell is it?!
Deimos: Do I REALLY have to spell it out for you?
Me: Uh...ohhhhh. No. No you don't... 

And so we left the dusty old church and went back to the hotel. Red was... surprised to say the least. But he welcomed Deimos. And they started to talk strategy, but I heard none of it as I crashed as soon as I got back and I just woke up and hour ago. They did tell what the game plan for now is... but I'm not going to say. Why? Because I know Blue reads my blog and I don't want to spoil his surprise to much. 

So, until next time....

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Remember, Remember, I hate that Movie

Well, I'm fucking exhausted. No sleep last night. Not nightmares surprisingly. Just to anxious. Today's the day the email stated. At 5 I have to go to some run down old church here in London (we spent all of yesterday looking for it, part of the reason I'm so tired). Oh and I have to go alone. Yeah, not suspicious at all. But it's are only lead right now. The shack has turned up nothing. Except a laptop with an internet stick in it. Guess that's where the signal came from when I was there. Oh and the laptop was blank, no data at all. 

Ehhhhh, I should really get some sleep before the meeting. Ah screw it there's only on hour left. Well guess I should go get ready for it. I'll post once I'm back.... or tomorrow, if I'm still really, really tired.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

London Calling

Hello everyone, Red here. Azax seems to have decided that sight seeing is more important then updating, so I'll do it in his stead. 

We arrived in London at midnight after a long, seven hour flight. Ugh. I hate planes. We checked into the hotel we booked, (the desk clerk gave us nasty looks. Must have been my mask) and enjoyed a well deserved sleep. (damn those planes seats, they are uncomfortable) When we woke up,  I had the Knights get right to work. I sent two of them down to the old shack me and Azax were in the last time we were here. Seems like the best place to look as it's the closest thing we have to a lead. But they sadly reported that nothing was there. Oh well, I'm keeping them stationed  there just in case. 

After that Azax and I decided to look around town, where he got excited over EVERYTHING. Seriously. He started jumping in glee when we went for lunch and the clerk asked  for pounds. Honestly I don't see whats so exciting. But I digress. After about 2 hours of wondering around it was painfully apparent that we have no leads on Blues whereabouts. The only things we have are the shack and the email Azax revived before the trip. It says he has to go to some church here in  London at 5:00 on Saturday. I'm skeptical about it, but he insist on going, and it's are best bet right now. So we'll be waiting on that. 

But that's enough rambling for now. Maby Azax will make his own update later... if he ever manages to pull himself away from the window.. oh now he turned on the tv. God if he finds a channel with Dr. Who on, I'll never get him away from it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Off to England

So we've arrived at the airport, about an hour before take off. Two main things I want to cover here. First, my "package" for Alan and Tori. Knights. Yep last night I sent ten knights to each of there homes. Why? Because of that stupid dream. I figured in case something does happen, it wouldn't hurt to have some extra help around. I'm not saying they'll be able to keep you 100% safe or that something is going to happen. But I'm a fucking worry wort, and this makes me feel better.

Second, which just makes me MORE anxious, I had an encounter today. About half an hour before we left I was walking around the manor listening to my Ipod. I was trying to take in my home one last time before I left, since I have to idea how long I'll be gone. Anyway, I was about to head in when I saw Him in the treeline. Slender Man. I darted after Him yanking out one of my ear phones. He stopped and turned to me once I got to the trees. And there I am, about to confront the Dark Gentlemen for the first time since He sent me to England, and my Ipod decides to troll.

   This starts to play VERY LOUDLY in the one ear phone I still have in. I already know this is going to be fun...

Me: So... you finally decide to rear your ugly mug in front of me again huh?
SM: ....
Me: What the hell are you planning this time? The proxies the dreams, what's the deal? Gonna try and keep me here so I don't find out more truths. Yeah I know a lot more now since the last time we meet. All about your sick little doctor's experiments. 
Me: Maby you want to try and traumatize me again, or have me and Blue kill each other, Huh, HUH?! WHAT IS IT?!

He just started to walk away then. I run at Him, but He vanishes before I can catch Him. He never answered me, never fucking said a word to me. He never talks to me. But He did leave me a message. Scratched into dirt was "The Time of Rebirth is Nigh". Cryptic bastard.

Heh, let's just hope everything will be fine, and that I can enjoy England. You know when I'm not hunting down my arch nemesis. Well looks like were boarding sooner then expected, I'll post once were safely in England. I'll miss everyone, don't do anything stupid till I get back.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Alright as I mentioned in my half asleep ramblings of last night there is something I've been preparing for. And that is a trip. A trip back to England. It's time I finally start tracking down Blue, and put an end to him. Also it seems there's someone else in England that wants to talk to me. No clue who. I just got an anonymous email telling me to see him in England. So with that there was no way Diesis and Red could say no. I'm not going alone though. Red and his 10 personal Knights (Used to be 15 put he dropped 5. Didn't live up to his expectations I guess.) So yeah, we'll be catching a plane tomorrow. It'll be my first time on a plane. Also my first time leaving town under normal means. I don't know how long I'll be gone. Hopefully I'll be back before the holiday season. I am a little bit worried though. Because of that stupid nightmare. Well considering what happened last time He gave me a dream.... Also with how active the proxies have been lately. Can't shake the feeling that something is going to happen.... Anyway on a bit of a lighter note Alan, Tori before I leave tomorrow I'll be sending each of your households a "package". Be ready for that. Well that's it for now, I'll probably post before I get on the plane. So until then...

Nightmare's Moon

Well that was.. fun. As fun as a nightmare can be. Now I can't sleep. Thought I'd be used to that one after having it every night for the last 3 nights. Oh wait, I never blogged about that. Guess I didn't find it important... I might as well say what it was, a dream sent by Slendy. Been a while since I got these. He's really making use of the protection hole... I'm rambling. I should just say what the dream was.

I'm there again, the nothingness. The nothingness I was in when He sent me to England, that horrible blank world. I'm not alone. Alan is there, Tori is there, Red is there, Diesis is there. Everyone's there. Everyone I know. Everyone I used to know... People I don't know. There all there. Burning. And He's there. Burning them. No remorse. No pleasure. Just blankness. He's mocking me to. I can't hear the words, but He's saying them. "It's all your fault. You caused it. You can end it..." And then I wake up.  Every time. Before He says how to end it. I can only guess though.....

Wondering the halls now. I've lived here for a month now, but I've never really explored the manor. I know where everything is, but I've never really looked at it. Explored every detail. 

Oh look, it's Red's room. He left his door unlocked. I've never really been in here. It's so boring. And there he is, sleeping away. Still wearing that mask.... guess he has no option really. It's sad when you think about it. Should leave. Exploring his room at night is kinda creepy.

What was that? A noise?  Who's up at this hour... besides me. 

Oh it was just Sebastian. Forgot about the buffed up security, night watch now.Ugh Sebastian! Don't call me Young Master, I'm to tired to be fan over you. 

Back to bed now, big day coming up. Lot's of prep. Post   about      Tomorrow.  

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Butler

Well I know who fucked with the lights yesterday. It was proxies. Under orders from fucking Ella, Nathans old bitch of a girlfriend. Why do I know it was under her orders? Cuss she just left, with her tail between her legs. Let me regard you with a tale of why I love my butler.

The lights are kinda perma screwed right now with out outside help, so Red and a few of the Knights escorted Diesis into town so she can talk to one of her connections who can fix them. The rest of the Knights were either resting in the barracks or training themselves, so the only people in the manor were basically me and Sebastian the head "butler" (no real better word for what he does). I was wandering around as there was nothing to do, and I grew bored of the internet (the only working electrically powered thing). When I heard a knocking sound on the door, which I went to answer absent mindedly and found that the door was already open and no one outside.... So I close it and start walking away until...

Ella: Hello~
Me: Ugghhh fuck. You again?
Ella: Ahhh, you don't like me?
Me: I thought I made that clear when I shot a chainsaw at you.
Ella: Hehehe, well I won't be long. I just wanted to know if my little present went through. And it seems it did.
Me: You fucked up are lights?
Ella: Not me, but one of my proxies.
Me: Sigh, I thought I would have an easier time, with Blue on another continent. But you proxies seem to have some rule where you HAVE to come bug me on a regular basis.
Ella: Hehehe, and this "bugging" will continue. Until I finish what Nathan started.
Me: Listen lady, finishing what a failure started is not something to be proud of.
Ella: SHUT UP!
Me: Oooooooh looks like I hit a sore spot. Now if your going to finish what Nathan started I might as well finish what Alan started. (I reach for my sword, just to realize I left it in my room. Stupid heavy thing.)
Me: Shit.
Ella: Hehehehehe missing something? Maby I should just skip ahead in my plan, and finish it right...

And it was then Ella was cut off by three knives just missing her head and sticking into the wall behind her. It did cut her though.

Sebastian: Sir Azax. Is this woman... bothering you.
(I turn to face Sebastian, giant smile on my face.)
Me: Why yes Sebastian. She is being quite the disruption to the house hold. I would like her to be removed, permanently.
Sebastian: At once Sir. Young Lady you can make this easy if you leave now.
Ella: L-Leave? You---you think you alone can force me to...
(Again she's cut off. This time with a fork to her shoulder.)
Ella: You--you-you..
Sebastian: Yes I. (pulls out more silver ware) I who has been trained to make anything a weapon, and has done so since before you were even old enough to walk. Is asking you to leave. Now.

And so she did. She ran like the bitch she is. And it's official, Sebastian is my new hero. If you can threaten someone seriously with a SPOON, and make them run, you are no hands down, a badass. Ahhh you live up to your name sake Sebastian (or at least whats your name sake for me). Anyway Diesis and Red should be back soon, there going to love this story. Hope it doesn't screw with that plan though...         

UPDATE: Should have wrote this earlier. When I told what happened to Diesis, she was ticked. She didn't like the fact someone found a hole in her tight security. So the amount of Knights on guard duty is doubled until she can find out how the proxies made it to the manor in the first place. Also the lights and everything else is back. 

                                            (Sebastian's name sake in my eyes) 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Damn it's Dark

So I was supposed to post yesterday, you know talk about how I talked to the cops. Why did I talk to the cops? Because I'm an idiot who just but this equation together; Burned house + Dead "Parents" + Me not in town since = I'm probably dead or a suspect. Turns out... I'm neither of that. I never existed apparently There's no record of my "parents" ever having a child. Guess that really proves what Blue said as true. Anyway, onto the reason I didn't post... The manor's power was cut. We don't know how, but Diesis is pissed, and Red's been searching with the knights but haven't found any reason why or someone who may have done it. We've been able to get the internet back, but the lights are still out, and holy crap the manor is fucking dark.

Apparently Red found something... Fuck. Yeah someone broke in and took out the lights, they left a note. Fucking cocky ass proxies. Update later.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blue Truth

I'm back, and ok. I talked with Blue... well more or less listened to the bastard as he talked. I learned a lot of things; about myself, about Red, about Diesis, about everything really. Prepare for a long post.  (also spelling errors as I'm not in the mood to correct them.)

It started when I was at Alan's, clearing out that hanger he found. When all of a sudden Nathan's girlfriend (which I was under the impression was dead) showed up with an ASS ton of proxies. Needless to say a fight broke out, and good to say the Mortal Sword was definitely a nice upgrade. But it wasn't long into the battle that I started hearing someone call me from the treeline, it was Blue. I stare at him and he just smirks and gives a "over here" gesture, and I follow him. As soon as I passed the trees, he grabbed me and teleported me. (I forgot he could do that to). So yeah I open my eyes to see this giant cave in front of me with Blue walking into it, again I follow. He took a seat on an elevated flat rock and are conversation began...

Me: Alright Blue enough games, why did you take me here?
Blue: Don't you remember? I wanted to talk with you, but on my grounds. And as you can see, we're here.
Me: And where is here exactly?
Blue: Don't worry we're not far at all. Maby a 10 minute hike from the manor.
Me: You've been here all along?!
Blue: You know what they say about your enemies.
Me: I want ONE! ONE good reason why I shouldn't be killing you now.
Blue: Because you want to hear what I have to say.
Me: I want to hear why you killed mt parents!
Blue: Oh my, you thought those people were your parents? My what has my brother been telling you?
Me: Not... not my parents... 
Blue: Wow, it's amazing how much knowledge you don't have. I thought you would have at least learned something form your trip to the homeland.
Me: Homeland.... England's.. not.. where I was born...
Blue: So you've never heard the story?
Me: Story?

Blue: Once upon a time 13 years ago there was a servant of the Slender Man, by the name of Edgar Bridgewright. You see he was quite fascinated Fears and dreamed to experiment with one. And you can imagine his joy when he got his hands on a living, breathing one named Feist. Sure he was just a sub-fear. It wasn't long before he got to work on his next experiment, taking young children, and seeing what the mixing of Fear blood would do to them. So, from Britain's great capital he stole 12 children away to his secret cabin, and began to put them through tortures and tests All in the name of his sick science. Some of the children were lucky and died instantly. Other lived longer only to die suffering. One set of twins was unlucky enough to learn first hand how acidic Fear blood can be. One child was special though, one child stood above the rest. You see, his reaction to the blood was nothing. No reaction at all. No matter how much was given. Edgar was ecstatic. He thought he finally had his perfect test subject.

Blue: But it was all for not, as Feist was able to free himself, and break down the accursed shack. Destroying all the work he held so dear. The only things left were the three remaining children. The special one and the twins. Oh they surely would have died out there in the elements if it weren't for a third party. An old Blind Man. He took the twins in and gave them to his daughter, who raised them like her own. Protecting their damaged faces with masks. As for the special one you might be wondering.... well, he hide him away. Gave him to some random couple thinking he would be safe there. Oh, but you see you can't hide from Him, the Slender Man. He knew of Edgar's experiments and found the boy just as interesting. It was only a matter of time until he found him. So he stalked him, watched him, as he does, trying to learn what was so special about him. After years of nothing he left it to his proxies, seeing if they could provoke him. But even that failed to work. And with no one seeming to realise what a failure this had all been. I took it upon myself to end this experiment. And here we are...

Blue: Oh and don't think think that little Lady got off free. She had feel the pain of one of those children she raised so dearly, leaving her to except His much more comforting embrace...

And with that he teleported again. I was alone in the cave, with a bombshell dropped on me. It's kind of fuzzy on what happened next, but I remember walking into the manor, expecting... I don't know. 

Me: I'm back...
Sebastian: S-sir Azax! Sir Azax you're back! Sir Red, Lady Diesis, he's back!
Red: Azax! Your ok! Where in hell did you go?
Me: I talked.. with your brother... and I learned a few things...
Red: You... you did now...
(Diesis walks in)
Me: Hello Diesis, there's a few things...
Diesis: Where were you?! 
(I'm completely taken back. Diesis never raises here voice)
Me: I--I---I was talking to Blue, a--and...
Diesis: And you didn't bother to tell Red.
Me: We--we were fighting proxies, and I..
Diesis: Didn't wait till the fight was done!? Didn't wait to form a plan, maby finally capture him. Not to mention you just left Alan there, he's worried about you to!
Me: I--I ... Just you...
(I never get to finish that sentence as Diesis suddenly hugged me.)
Me: D---Diesis.
Diesis: ...Will....
Me: Will?
Diesis: W-Will you promise to NEVER go to do something so reckless without alerting Red first...  this is your home, we worry about you here.
Me: Uhmm.. ah... I... yeah. I promise. Sorry to worry you. 

And that was that. I asked about somethings later, and Diesis confirmed it all. The people I thought were my parents, weren't. I'm was part of some freak experiment. SM apparently thinks I'm special. And I'm apparently British.... How fun.  

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Azax is Missing

Red here, no time to be formal. Azax is missing. He disappeared after the battle at Alan's. I... I had the knights searched the premise I don't know how many times... but he wasn't there. The Mut  Ernie said he saw Blue... lead him away... LEAD him away not take... Damn it, I've failed as his protector yet again... My Lady, she's so worried, I've failed her to... No I must find him. Blue, if you read this I swear, if any harm comes to Azax, I'll kill you, brother or not...  

Monday, 24 October 2011

Run Ragged

Hey, it's been a bit since I actually posted in the blog, and that's because unless it's to help a friend or check out his new hellspawn pet, Red hasn't let up on training me and the Knights... me especially though. Oh well guess I need it, I don't have a lot of combat experience plus I have to get used to the new sword, which I have dubbed the Mortal Sword. Anyway when I'm not training I've been deafening myself with this beautiful piece of music at the top. Damn, is it bad that my hatred for Blue has gone up since I realized my 3DS and 360 also went up in flames along with my house and now I can't play generations? Yeah, that's horrible...

Ah well on to more pressing matters. I would just like to let you know Alan that it was a damn good thing you came over when you did. Diesis mentioned after you left that if you had left it for 1 maby 2 more dreams, well... let's just say you wouldn't be Alan any more. Also I've read whats happening with Tori and I'm worried. I hope Alan, Vic and Sky can help her through her problems. I would just... hold on. God Dammit Sebastian, No I don't want tea. Ehhh I never thought having a butler around could be annoying. Anyway.... GOD FUCKING DAMMIT why does everyone want my attention in this house. Well hell that was Red, guess it's back to training for me....  

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Written Truth. Spoken Lies.

Heh... shit just can't stay the same around here. There's always some kind of "Plot Twist" going on. Why am I saying all this, cuss Phobos was over earlier, with some news about Nathan, or should I say some TRUTHS about Nathan. I recorded the conversation, it says all that really needs to be said. So I'll transcribe it, then go think for a while...

Me: Ok the ipod's recording. So what brings you here today?
Phobos: You got my message last night right? About how I destroyed his tomb.
Me: Yes, I also saw your comment on the (Knocking at door) Come in!
Sebastian: I've brought tea, for you and your guest.
Me: Thank you Sebastian.
(Phobos does about 3 double takes)
Phobos: Was, was that one of the proxies?
Me: Knight. That's what Diesis calls them. Knights of the Eternal, or something... And no that one wasn't a proxy. She already had plenty of them. Just wanted to expand a little with the proxies I guess.
Phobos: Hehehe, yeah. Of course. Anyway, fter you left yesterday I started looking around the house, and I came across Nathan's journal... his secret journal. He must have forgot to put it away on that day.... I started reading it, out of curiosity and, and ARGH THAT BASTARD! He had us all tricked.
Me: Calm down Phobos, calm down. What exactly did it say in the journal?
Phobos: He never really stopped being a proxy, he lied about being free from Slender Man's control. Everything, everything he said, all lies. Lies to trap runners.
Me: ....
Phobos: But to tell you that is not the reason I came here. It was to tell you... to tell you about what was written in there, about you.
Me: Me? What the hell did he have to say about me that was so important?
Phobos: A lot actually. You see, Nathan was the first...
Me: The first what?
Phobos: The first proxy you ever meet. The one that gave you the name Child of Ash.
BAAM! (I slam my hands hard on the table)
Me: That bastard... THAT BASTARD! RED!
(Red comes into the room)
Red: You yelled?
Me: You knew about this didn't you?! That's why you always hated Nathan. WHY! Why the hell didn't you tell me.
Red: I... I was under orders not to.
Me: Orders? Who gave a stupid order like that?!
Diesis: I did.
(God damn that woman walk silently)
Me: Diesis... why?
Diesis: Because I was afraid you would react like this. Now if you would calm down I believe Mr. Spencer. here was still talking. Please go on.
Phobos: Uh-um thank you Miss.
Me: Sigh (I sit back down) sorry about that Phobos.
Phobos: It's alright. Like I was saying Nathan also wrote things like that he knew what you really were, what you could do. How to us you...
Me: What I really am? Use me?! The hell that's supposed to mean?
Phobos: I don't know. He was never specific. You're welcome to read through it if you want.
Me: No, I feel sick just looking at it, I can't imagine reading it.
Phobos: Well I can. In fact I've probably read that thing more then any other book in my life. Just to verify it was real, or I wasn't misreading it.
Me: Sigh, well this has been one hell of a bombshell. (I look at Diesis) Still happy with not telling me this?
Diesis: We never could have thought Mr. Umbra could have turned out to be so dangerous. We only knew of his past with you. I honestly thought he was reformed. 
Red: Maybe it's true what they say. You can never really come back once He has you.
Me: Not exactly good to say when are house is filled with proxies.
Diesis: Not proxies, Knights.
Phobos: Speaking of them I have one final question.
Me: Shot.
Phobos: Since you've got your own little army, what are your plans. You know, for dealing with Slender Man.
Me: Absolutely nothing. At the moment.
Phobos: Nothing?!
Me: At the moment! I've got personal stuff to do before I worry about old Slim and Grim.
Phobos: Like?
Me: Killing Blue, that takes priority for me.
Phobos: I see...
Me: I WILL focus on SM after that though.  
Phobos: Sounds good I guess. Well that's all I needed to say anyway so I'll take my leave.
Me: Alrighty. Red could you lead him back please.
Diesis: That won't be necessary. Thomas can take him.
Me: Thomas?
Diesis: The door man.
Me: Your using them for door men now!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What to do now?

So I'm back from Nathan's funeral, me and Red spent the night over there. It was a pretty big funeral, since about 100 of Nathan's once great proxy army (well what he THOUGHT was a proxy army) was there. The rest was me, Red, Phobos, Tori's group, and those Praetorians. Went by quick, 45 minutes is a fast for a funeral... I think. Most of us said are good byes and a few nice words... cept for Red, mainly because I wouldn't let him (I doubt he would have had any nice things to say anyway). After everything was done I sat down with Phobos and we had that talk I wanted.

Phobos: So, here we are. What exactly do you want to know?
Me: Everything that happened leading up to Nathan's death would be a start... I wasn't able to keep up on it.
Phobos: Nathan got.. taken over... by something. It happened to Prophet to. But, but it was worse for him. He was fine and then out of the blue he was, he was... killing them. His own family. And then as quickly as it started... he was dead. Clark killed him... sort of.
Me: Sort of?
Phobos: He's still around, just not visible, or tangible.
Me: So a ghost?
Phobos: For lack of a better word, yes.
Me: Lovely. So what do you plan to do now? Pick up where Nathan left off? Or are you going to lie low?  
Phobos: Lie low. I'm not a leader like Nathan was.
Me: That's why you disbanded the army?
Phobos: Yes.
Me: So the army's free to do whatever now?
Phobos: Yes... why?
Red: Because we want it.
Phobos: What?
Me: Red! You can be more subtle.
Red: But it's why we came here.
Me: No it's why YOU came here. So is it alright if Red takes the army?
Phobos: There in charge  of themselves now, so it's up to them.
Me: Alright. Red, go tell them they 
Red: At once.
Phobos: ... You're different
Me: How can I be different? You've never meet me till now.
Phobos: You're different from the descriptions Nathan gave of you. He said you were fragile, and not a good leader. You seem quite strong to me.
Me: Let's just say I had an awakening. Anyway back to business. Do you happen to know where Prophet is?
Phobos: Prophet?! That coward! I have no clue where he is...  Why?
Me: He may be a coward but he knows a lot about fears, a topic I don't know a lot about. In-fact I've got quite a list of people I want to talk to.
Phobos: Hmmmm I guess...

Before Phobos could finish that sentence, a loud yell came from the front yard. One of the proxies, followed by some cursing from Red. Me and Phobos looked at each, gave a little nod, and ran out. When we got out to the yard the proxies were in a big circle, with a few of them rushing in.... and then being flung out. They quickly cleared a path once they saw us, and it was reveled what they were looking at. Red and Blue at each others throats, and it was quite obvious Red was losing. I rushed in and took a swipe at Blue with my sword, it missed, but at least he got off Red.

Blue: Oh, hi Child of Ash. Been awhile.
Me: You son of a bitch, I'm in NO mood!
Blue: Temper, temper now. I'm only here to play.
Me: Oh I'll show you playing.

I rushed at him again with my sword again, aiming to gut his throat, but he was to fast and swatted me away... but I made for a nice distraction. Phobos was on him in seconds and delivered a nice shot to his jaw, which sent him for enough of a loop for Red to grab him. 

Phobos: So what are you going to do with him.
Me: Don't know. Maby torture till he talks.
Blue: That won't be necessary. I'm more then willing to discuss with you.
Red: So your awake huh?
Me: Hold him tight Red. If your willing to talk then do it.
Blue: Hehe, not here. I'd much rather it be on my own grounds. Away from the ears of others.
Phobos: Well I do't think you're going to get that.
Blue: Oh arn't I?

And before we could react Blue vanished. The bastard can Slender Walk! Red started yelling that he couldn't have gone far and to start looking. I said it was pointless at the moment, and that we'll get him another day.

Phobos: I'm sorry. We let him get away...
Me: Don't be. I know how powerful he is now, so at least I have something.   
Phobos: I guess.
Me: There is one thing you can do though. Take this. (I hold my sword out)
Phobos: You're sword? Why?
Me: I need something bigger.

So Phobos lead me to the garage were there was a wall filled with weapons. "Nathan was a collector" he said. So I put my short sword back, and took this nice big ass broadsword. A lot harder to use then my short sword, but it will pack more punch, which when thinking of Blue, will be very nice. 

Anyway, me and Red are back now, along with 100 proxies that were very willing to help out Diesis in whatever the hell it is she plans to do with them.