Friday, 2 November 2012

Things are Changing

I'm not supposed to be doing this. I should be just leaving that stock “ENDING COMMUNICATIONS” bullcrap like I did on SSA. Linking to that new blog …. I just can’t though. I can’t just leave everything like that. I have to at least give a little closure for this blog.

Last night Azax came back and just started shouting things about how “He’s the leader now” and how “Zeke and Abel are traitors”. And if I can state my opinion here for a moment, that’s all a crock of shit. But things just happened so fast that nobody could really say anything different. That and he apparently had permission from the Blind Man. Who’s apparently so mad that we can’t go talk to him, there’s even guards at his door for god’s sake…

All this because Diesis is dead…. Yeah that’s right. She’s dead. I almost forgot about that… I need a moment.

Ah, that’s what today was missing. A good cry. Hehehehe… heh.

It’s been a few hours now. Since Zeke and Abel were booted off the island. Things already aren’t the same. I can’t hear Abel laughing as he plays with the whales. I can’t hear Zeke yelling as Raph out does him in target practice… I can’t hear them chuckling to each other at their own jokes… It’s so quite now. Even with all those new “Knights” moving things around and shuffling through the halls… This place has never felt so… empty.

The worst part about this. What can I do? How can I change things? This is just a job to most of the Knights. They’ll just go with however says they’re the boss. Even Michael seems to be with this. After he snapped back yesterday all he’s been doing is working, doing anything Azax tells him to do…  I have no idea what’s up with Gabe. I know he helped out Zeke, but since then he’s been doing exactly what Michael’s been doing… I think there both in a bit of shock. They've been raised by Diesis longer than they were by their actual parents. They've just lost their Mother essentially.

Maybe that’s why I'm not as effected as them. I've only been a Knight for five years. I wasn't as attached to Diesis as they were… It still hurts though. To know she’s gone.

Raph’s not happy either. He’s just a bit more vocal about it. Last I saw he was yelling at Azax about talking to the Blind Man. Azax just shrugged him off and had two “Knights” try to escort Raph away. Raph just threw them off and walked away. Dante’s the same way; in fact he and Raph are finally getting along. Well at least something good has come of this.

Thanatos and Nix seem to agree with us to. They saw Zeke off at least. Doc Oddy doesn’t seem to excited either… So that’s six. Six out of about a hundred think this is all stupid… We won’t be winning any majority vote that’s for sure.

Heh. I should probably shut my mouth now. If Azax is as big a jerk as I think he is, then I wouldn't doubt him putting a watch on people like me. I guess this is goodbye then. Goodbye to this blog and goodbye to how things were.

Everything is changing here, and I don’t know if it’s for the better…

Monday, 29 October 2012

I Don't Know...

Hey everyone. So Raph was going to talk to Michael today, try and get his side of everything and check if he`s ok. He got called away on that mission though. The one involve the hooded freaks. Anyway, since he left I decided to check on Michael in his stead.

When I knocked on his door he didn't respond. I knew he couldn't still be knocked out so I just let myself in.  His room had no lights on, sheets and blankets were covering the floor, and Michael was curled up in the corner of his bed.

Sarah: Hey Mike...
Michael: Go away. I don't want to hear it.
Sarah: I just want to check on you. Why else would I be here?
Michael: To bitch at me and tell me what I did was insane and stupid.
Sarah: Good to see you expect the best out of me.
Michael: Just leave me alone...
Sarah: No. I can be just as stubborn as you. I'm going to sit here and we're going to talk. 
Michael: About what?
Sarah: Well how about why you stabbed Zeke?
Michael: Because I was pissed off at him. Simple as that.
Sarah: And that automatically leads to attempted murder?! I'm sorry but usually there's a few more steps in between.
Michael: See, I was right. You're just here to yell at me.
Sarah: I'm sorry Mike but I think you need a good bitching out. You almost seriously wounded your friend over a very petty reason.
Michael: Petty reason!
(Mike suddenly flared up out off his corner. Made me jump.)
Michael: Did you SEE what he said?! 
Sarah: Well... Uhm... yes I did...
Michael: Then how can you call it petty! How can you not be as enraged as I am Sarah!
Sarah: ...
Michael: He had the nerve to make a mockery of that night. Do you know which night? The night we lost are lives Sarah! The night we dared to fight for what was precious to us. He had the gall to say that I am a failure for dieing. For letting everything fall apart. When he KNOWS that's been tearing away at me, at ALL of us since then. To brag that he has bested Larvae many times since then, ONLY because he has Nathan's mixtures to hide behind. And what's EVEN worse. Even worse, is that he never even fought on that night. He didn't even see what happened. All he had was Nathan's watered down version. He didn't see the Knights die. He didn't see his best friends lying DEAD. He didn't... he didn't....

Michael broke down crying then. I spent the rest of the night trying to comfort him until Raph came back. He was long asleep by then so we just left him to rest... Why has it come to this. Where'd all the good times go? What happened to all the fun we had at Michael's birthday party. That was only a month ago. How have things gotten so bad so quickly?

I just... I just don't know...

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sooooo, Michael Tried to Kill Zeke

Not even joking. He snuck up behind him and STAB! Clean through to the chest from the back. He would have finished the job to, lucky for Zeke that second personality thing kicked in. It kicked Michael back, ripped his sword out and boxed Michael in the head. Dazed him enough for me to hit him with a tanq dart. Had two Knights carry Michael to his room after that while I tended to Zeke.

Raph: … You dun fucked up.
Zeke: Oh real…ugh… nice. I get stabbed, and you say I fucked up…
Raph: I saw what you said to him Zeke. You made the first strike. Michael just decided to make the second one with his sword. 
Zeke: …
Raph: Did you really think saying something like that wouldn't have negative repercussions? Hell, I wanted to give you a nice punch after reading that.
Zeke: I knew there would be repercussions. That’s what I wanted. I was trying to tick him off…
Raph: And look where that’s lead you.
Zeke: Fucking crazy bastard didn't have to stab me! He could have just… just… I DON”T KNOW! I just wanted to piss him off. I didn't think about after that. Egh!
Raph: Hey, hey, stop flailing about. You’re just going to make the wound worse. I should be getting you to the hospital bay right now. Think you can stand?
Zeke: Don’t, ugh, bother. This should heal up soon enough.
Raph: No doubting that. But do you think it can do that before you bleed everywhere? Come on, you’re going to see Oddy. At least to get that bandaged.
Zeke: Fine. Well I guess I can look on the bright side. It’s going to be a lot harder for Michael to kick me off field duty now.
Raph: Yeah, Blindy’s not going to be too happy with him after this. I don’t that helps your verdict though.
Zeke: What? So you’re on his side with this!?
Raph: Hey!  What did I say about flailing? I`m not picking any sides so cool your shit kid.
Zeke: … Sorry.
Raph: I'm just being realistic. You went and got yourself possessed by some Dying thing. Which may be keeping you alive right now, but is pretty much the cause of all this. I don’t see Blindy being too willing to keep you in a leadership position.
Zeke: …
Raph: The same could be said of Michael though. He’s been to emotionally lately, and this proves he’s not to mentally stable right now. Both of you are most likely going to lose your field jobs.
Zeke: What a great day for the Knights huh?
Raph: Hehe, oh yeah just the best. Well here’s the infirmary.  Go get yourself bandaged up; I'm going to go check on Michael.
Zeke: I guess that’s a good idea.
Raph: Just do us all a favor though Zeke and try to avoid Michael for a few days. Then try to talk things over when you’re both calm… and unarmed.
Zeke: Oh, you can bet I’ll be avoiding him. For a lot longer than a few days though.

Heh. You can just tell things are great when I'm the one having to play mediator… Michael’s still out right now. Just waiting by his door for when he wakes up. Hopefully both him and Zeke can stop being retarded for ten seconds and realise they’re friends again so we can have some peace here.  Doubt that’s going to be any time soon, but hey, a man can hope right?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dying Trust

Yesterday Zeke made a post explaining how he is now sharing his body with a fragment of the Dying Man. A fear that has split itself into many pieces that now possess humans.... and blogs now to it seems. 

Michael: So, let me get this straight. You went to a blog that you KNEW had been taken over by a fear, and now you're infected with a Dying Man fragment.
Zeke: That's the basics of it.
Michael: While I'm sure I'm not the first to say it, but you're an idiot.
Zeke: Cut me some slack! How the hell was I supposed to know it could infect webpages?
Michael: That's not what matters Zeke.
Zeke: Then what does?
Michael: Do you know how big of a security breach this is?! You're essentially a spy for a fear now.
Zeke: Oh and like I'm the first. If I recall Dante was reporting all are actions to Azrael.
Michael: Yes and last time I checked we were on at least neutral terms with Azrael. We know nothing about this Dying Man.
GoF: I have taken a name for myself you know.
Michael: Oh, there you are. I was wondering when you would speak up. Yes, God of Fear is what you called yourself correct? Excuse me if I'm not so eager to call you a god.
GoF: Hehe fair enough. 
Michael: So while I have you here now, mind explaining what your goals are taking over my colleague?
GoF: Don't worry I'm only in here for convenience. I have no plans on screwing with your organization.
Michael: Good to hear.
GoF: I just want to regain my full power.
Michael: Not so good to hear. Zeke, you mind taking yourself back now?
Zeke: With pleasure. Ugh, that is not fun.
Michael: I can't imagine it being. Well we definitely have to do something about this.
Zeke: Like what? You read what Odysseus said. Nothing short of setting me on fire is going to get rid of him.
Michael: I wasn't talking about getting rid of him. Just simply keeping him out of trouble.
Zeke: By doing what?
Michael: Keeping YOU out of trouble. Starting with your removal from field duty.
Zeke: What?!
Michael: It's the only way to make sure you avoid contact with other fragments.
Zeke: You, by no means, have the authority to do this.
Michael: Which is why I'll be taking this up with the Blind Man. I'm sure he'll see it my way once I explain it all to him. I'll also see about putting a watch on you. To make sure the fragment doesn't try to take you over and escape.
Zeke: This is bullshit Michael! You're acting like you don't trust me.
Michael: Well then, now you know how I feel.

Cinis Cinerem. Pulverem Pulveri.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Any One Else Tired of Looking at Red Text?

I sure am. So here's a quick little update to push that post down and out of my mind.

First off, some of you may have noticed the other day that Shadows See All was down and appeared to be deleted. Well that's because some pranksters thought it would be funny to hack Zeke's account. This caused Zeke to panic for about an hour thinking the Fears were and I quote "tired of his shit". But it turns out it was just some unauthorized access that caused blogger to hide the blog.  

Speaking of Zeke he still hasn't told us what this choice Larvae is going to be forcing him to make is going to be. It's really quite frustrating. Especial since it obvious it involves Diesis... Heh. It's all just tiring really. At least the phones been quiet, no new contracts have come in.

Oh and not to mention Ben has gone missing it seems. We haven't heard from him in a while plus no one has seen him on the island. Sarah's more worried then the rest of us though. Ben's like a brother to her. I think he's alright though. He just wants some time to himself most likely.

Well that's really it. It's been quite calm here for the most part, and I hope it stays that way.

Cinis, Cinerem. Pulverem, Pulveri.

Monday, 1 October 2012

It sure has been a long time now hasn't it? At least 10 months since I last typed anything into blogger, since I even thought about this blog really. But considering it's the one year anniversary I figured I should make a post. Ah only one year ago all of this started. It`s really amazing how so much can happen in such a short amount of time. I went from living a normal life to where I am now, my perspective on reality has changed greatly. I've learned a lot about myself and this world. More so than you can imagine.

Oh but I'm just rambling now. I'm really just here to say hello and to announce my soon return. I'm sure you're ecstatic "Archangels". Hehehe, quite the pompous name you guys took there eh? I digress though. Happy anniversary A Life Born of Ash, whoops. I mean, Feather Fall.

P.S.  You guys really should have changed the password by now. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Michael's Birthday

Hey everyone as I mentioned in the last post Mike`s birthday was this month, in fact it was yesterday. I decided to throw him a surprise party. (Partly because I knew he would try to stop me if I tried to throw it outright.) I managed to get everything together without him noticing but actually setting it up was a different story. No matter how invested he was in his reading I doubt he wouldn't have noticed me covering the main living area in party decorations. So when a Fear conveniently decided to start wreaking havoc I convinced him to go along on the Contract so I could have time to set up. (He`ll post about it on SSA when he`s being less lazy) (I`m not lazy I`m busy!) (You keep telling yourself that.) Once they arrived back I had everyone hide so the surprise could be sprung. This is what followed.

Everyone: SURPRISE!
Michael: … Oh God no….
Sarah: Wasn't the reaction I was looking for.
Michael: Sarah, you know how I feel about my birthday.
Sarah: I know, but… with how crazy everything was last year we didn't get to celebrate anyone’s birthday. I thought since things are more stable now it wouldn't be a problem…
Zeke: Oh come on Mike, a little party never hurt anyone.
Abel: Except that one party. You know the one with the tequila and the chainsaws.
Zeke: What?
Michael: You two knew about this didn't you? That explains why we took a plane back… I don’t know about this, I never liked…
Gabe: Michael (Gabe walks over and puts his hand on Mike’s shoulder) and this is coming from me, lighten up.
Michael: Ehh… Ugh…
(We all get a good chuckle out of that)
Zeke: Alright it’s settled then.
(Zeke and Abel grab Mike by both arms and pick him up)
Zeke + Abel: It’s party time.
Michael: Uh, hey! I never said… Put me down! I can walk there myself…

We walk into the dining room done up with streamers, balloons and a big cake on the table. (I’m a sucker for classic party stuff.)

Michael: Well you certainly spared no expense. When did you get the time to gather all this?
Sarah: I've been running around all month getting this together.
Michael: How the heck did I never notice?
Raphael: Have you ever seen yourself when you’re reading? All there is is you and the book.
Sarah: Anyway, anyway, this isn't discuss Mike’s book obsession time…
Michael: It isn't an obsession.
Sarah: …It’s time to cut the cake! Have at it birthday boy.
Michael: Ugh, don’t start calling me that…

Dante: This damn good cake!
Michael: Indeed, whoever made it should be proud.
Raphael: Why thank you.
Michael: Raph, you made this cake?
Sarah: It’s true. I watched him do it.
Raphael: Oh come on. Is it really that hard to believe that I know how to bake?
Michael: Well… Uhm… Yes.
Gabriel: When did you have the time to learn? Was part of proxy training baking lessons?
Raphael: Well no. I just, you know have a talent for it. Is that so wrong.
(Raph blushes after that. Yes, we flustered Raph, the gun totting tough guy, enough to make him blush.)

Sarah: Alright I think it’s time for everyone’s favourite part of their birthday, the gifts.
Michael: Oh guys really. You didn't have to waste all this money on me.
Raphael: Shut it and take your gifts.
(Everyone hands Mike their gifts for him. And what do they all turn out to be? Books…)
Michael: Uhm, thank you very much everyone. But you do know I have other hobbies right?
Zeke: I guess we were all on the same page accidently. It’s at least all new stuff for you right?
Michael: Oh yes. A Norse history book from Gabe, a philosophy book from Raph, the newest Mortal Instruments book from Sarah, and this Gun book from you and Abel. Thank you all.
Raphael: Hey wait a minute. Where’s Dante’s gift?
Dante: Huh, what?
Michael: Oh Raph it`s not a big deal, he didn't have to get me anything.
Dante: Oh, no. I got you a gift.
(Dante starts fumbling around under the table.)
Raphael: What in hell could you have gotten that you had to store…
(Dante pulls out a PS3)
Michael: Oh, wow. Thank you Dante.
Raphael: How in hell did you afford that?
Dante: I have a high paying job.
Raphael: Being a Timberwolf is high paying job?
Dante: You’d be surprised.

Zeke: Enough of this back and forth. (Zeke grabs the PS3 box from Mike) Did you get any games for this Dante?
Dante: Yep. Soul Calibur V and Little Big Planet.
Zeke: Then let’s hook this puppy up and let the real party start!
Abel: Woooooooooooooo!
Sarah: Hey, wait up you two!
Raphael: Ready for me to kick your ass in Soul Calibur?
Gabriel: I’d like to see you try.
Dante: Hm? Michael you coming?
Michael: Yes, yes I’ll be right there. Heheheh from fighting Eldritch horrors to playing video games in the span of a few hours. What a life to live.