Thursday, 20 September 2012

Michael's Birthday

Hey everyone as I mentioned in the last post Mike`s birthday was this month, in fact it was yesterday. I decided to throw him a surprise party. (Partly because I knew he would try to stop me if I tried to throw it outright.) I managed to get everything together without him noticing but actually setting it up was a different story. No matter how invested he was in his reading I doubt he wouldn't have noticed me covering the main living area in party decorations. So when a Fear conveniently decided to start wreaking havoc I convinced him to go along on the Contract so I could have time to set up. (He`ll post about it on SSA when he`s being less lazy) (I`m not lazy I`m busy!) (You keep telling yourself that.) Once they arrived back I had everyone hide so the surprise could be sprung. This is what followed.

Everyone: SURPRISE!
Michael: … Oh God no….
Sarah: Wasn't the reaction I was looking for.
Michael: Sarah, you know how I feel about my birthday.
Sarah: I know, but… with how crazy everything was last year we didn't get to celebrate anyone’s birthday. I thought since things are more stable now it wouldn't be a problem…
Zeke: Oh come on Mike, a little party never hurt anyone.
Abel: Except that one party. You know the one with the tequila and the chainsaws.
Zeke: What?
Michael: You two knew about this didn't you? That explains why we took a plane back… I don’t know about this, I never liked…
Gabe: Michael (Gabe walks over and puts his hand on Mike’s shoulder) and this is coming from me, lighten up.
Michael: Ehh… Ugh…
(We all get a good chuckle out of that)
Zeke: Alright it’s settled then.
(Zeke and Abel grab Mike by both arms and pick him up)
Zeke + Abel: It’s party time.
Michael: Uh, hey! I never said… Put me down! I can walk there myself…

We walk into the dining room done up with streamers, balloons and a big cake on the table. (I’m a sucker for classic party stuff.)

Michael: Well you certainly spared no expense. When did you get the time to gather all this?
Sarah: I've been running around all month getting this together.
Michael: How the heck did I never notice?
Raphael: Have you ever seen yourself when you’re reading? All there is is you and the book.
Sarah: Anyway, anyway, this isn't discuss Mike’s book obsession time…
Michael: It isn't an obsession.
Sarah: …It’s time to cut the cake! Have at it birthday boy.
Michael: Ugh, don’t start calling me that…

Dante: This damn good cake!
Michael: Indeed, whoever made it should be proud.
Raphael: Why thank you.
Michael: Raph, you made this cake?
Sarah: It’s true. I watched him do it.
Raphael: Oh come on. Is it really that hard to believe that I know how to bake?
Michael: Well… Uhm… Yes.
Gabriel: When did you have the time to learn? Was part of proxy training baking lessons?
Raphael: Well no. I just, you know have a talent for it. Is that so wrong.
(Raph blushes after that. Yes, we flustered Raph, the gun totting tough guy, enough to make him blush.)

Sarah: Alright I think it’s time for everyone’s favourite part of their birthday, the gifts.
Michael: Oh guys really. You didn't have to waste all this money on me.
Raphael: Shut it and take your gifts.
(Everyone hands Mike their gifts for him. And what do they all turn out to be? Books…)
Michael: Uhm, thank you very much everyone. But you do know I have other hobbies right?
Zeke: I guess we were all on the same page accidently. It’s at least all new stuff for you right?
Michael: Oh yes. A Norse history book from Gabe, a philosophy book from Raph, the newest Mortal Instruments book from Sarah, and this Gun book from you and Abel. Thank you all.
Raphael: Hey wait a minute. Where’s Dante’s gift?
Dante: Huh, what?
Michael: Oh Raph it`s not a big deal, he didn't have to get me anything.
Dante: Oh, no. I got you a gift.
(Dante starts fumbling around under the table.)
Raphael: What in hell could you have gotten that you had to store…
(Dante pulls out a PS3)
Michael: Oh, wow. Thank you Dante.
Raphael: How in hell did you afford that?
Dante: I have a high paying job.
Raphael: Being a Timberwolf is high paying job?
Dante: You’d be surprised.

Zeke: Enough of this back and forth. (Zeke grabs the PS3 box from Mike) Did you get any games for this Dante?
Dante: Yep. Soul Calibur V and Little Big Planet.
Zeke: Then let’s hook this puppy up and let the real party start!
Abel: Woooooooooooooo!
Sarah: Hey, wait up you two!
Raphael: Ready for me to kick your ass in Soul Calibur?
Gabriel: I’d like to see you try.
Dante: Hm? Michael you coming?
Michael: Yes, yes I’ll be right there. Heheheh from fighting Eldritch horrors to playing video games in the span of a few hours. What a life to live.  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Just Because it's September Doesn't Mean I Need to Quote Green Day

Hey all. Been a bit since are last update so I thought I'd just throw a quick one up here.

I'm sure you've all read the latest contract on Shadows See All, and learned how badly that turned out. Yeah that was a rough one, definitely hasn't made me pumped to go on anymore contracts. Oh well, got to move on. Most of the mental damage done by the Grotesque has healed. (Plus it wasn't as bad as Zeke made it sound.) Dante was a big help in that. If he didn't throw that karaoke party together things would probably still be all mopy around here. Oh and Tori, yes, we are definitely bringing you up here for another karaoke party. Nothing says reunion like singing are favourite songs.

Everything else has been pretty normal around here. (Well, are version of normal.) Gabe's talking and being a bit more social now, which is vast improvement over how he was since we got to the island. Raph's been training a lot, working on his aim with the dart guns. And Mike (because I'm calling you that now.) has had his nose buried in books lately. What else is new.

Oh, speaking of Mike. He has a very special day this month and I've got some prep to do for that.

Until then.