Thursday, 23 August 2012

Karaoke Night

So for any of you that saw Raph's panicked post last night. Yes, Dante found a karaoke machine. Why is there a karaoke machine here? I don't know, guess it's one of the Blind Man's hobbies. But who really cares, it lead to the funnest night we've had here in a while. 

According to Michael, Dante just barged into the training hall and shooed everyone out. The only thing hey said was "Training over. Karaoke time." 

When he finally let anyone back in, he had converted the whole place into a stage. Seats for everyone, and even a curtain. Don't know how he got that... Once he saw everyone was there he immediately kicked into song. Starting with Disco Inferno. Fitting, I guess. 

This caused two main reactions. Cheering, and Raph running away screaming. The previous post is what followed...Once Dante finished it became an open mike night as everyone went up. 

Zeke was first, singing us the classic Elvis song, In the Ghetto. Then three knights went up with the traditional  Bohemian Rhapsody. I even managed to drag Michael up there to duet The MLP opening with me. (Oh come on I had to.) Abel, who has a surprisingly good singing voice, went up with I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Even Gabe went up with a performance of Want you Gone. Yeah that caught everyone by surprise. 

And to top it all off, Dante ended the night with... Sweet Transvestite. No I'm not kidding. We're just lucky he didn't have a costume to go with it. 

It was all in good fun. And that's what we had. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Even Raph, after he downed a few... Oh well, he's paying by hugging the toilet.

I am Literally Terrified Right Now

I have fought and served the most horrifying creatures this world has to offer. But it is not until now that I know true fear.

Everyone brace yourselves.

Dante has found the karaoke machine.


Monday, 13 August 2012

Things Might be Slow For a Bit

A few recent events have left all of us... in pretty rough shape. Sarah and Raph have been very shaken  and need some rest. While Gabe... has locked himself in his room. He's not doing well at all. And me, well, I'm not sure....

I've defiantly been worse, but some  old wounds have been opened and what we all need is a few days of mental rest.

However I do have something to post from before this. A few things have come to light about a friend of ours...


Cinis, Cinerem. Pulverem, Pulveri.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


So today I go down for my nightly training session, only to be greeted by a crowed of Knights flipping out and running around franticly. I was able to calm them down and get one of them to tell me that Zeke had disappeared.  

Michael: So you mean to tell me…
Raph: DUDE. There are whales outside. With shotguns.
Michael: Raph I don’t have time for shenanigans. There is a more pressing matter at hand.
Raph: What is more important than aquatic mammals that have learned to wield fire-arms?
Michael: Zeke and Abel have disappeared.
Raph: Oh… I’m still more concerned about the whales.
Michael: Heh, of course you are. Now anyway, as you were saying Mr…
Thanatos: Thanatos.
Michael: Ah yes. So, what the hell happened?
Thanatos: One minute Zeke’s talking about going to rescue Abel from whales, the next… Poof.
Michael: Poof?
Thanatos: Poof.
Michael: Poof, what is poof?!
Thanatos: You know poof, as in poof! Not there anymore.
Michael: So he just vanished.
Thanatos: Yep.
Thanatos: What? You don’t believe me?
Michael: No, no… I believe you. I just need to learn which of the twenty or so Eldritch beings that want us dead can make people go… poof.

It was at this point that Sarah walked in with the laptop. Looks like a post was made on Shadows See All.

Sarah: Take a look at this.
Michael: Hmmmmmm. I’m sure it would be useful if I could read it! What the hell kind of writing is this?
Sarah: Leet.
Michael: The hell is leet?
Sarah: Some dumb internet language. Anyway what it basically is that Abel and Zeke were taken for “Testing” by a fear.
Michael: And which fear would this be?
Sarah: You’re not going to believe this. It’s called the Archangel.
Michael: The Arch… angel.
Sarah: Yep. Kinda ironic isn’t it?
Michael: Well then! Is there anything we can do?
Sarah: Talk to the Blind Man? He seems to know what’s up.
Michael: Then let’s do that.
Raph: While were there I can ask him about those whales.
Michael: Not the time for it Raph. Not the time for it.

Well, all the Blind Man said we can do is sit and wait. Apparently this “Archangel” or Azrael is not something we can take on. Let alone break into his domain.  So we’re going to sit here and feel useless…. Fun.

Cinis, Cinerem. Pulverem, Pulveri. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Communication in this Place Sucks!

And I'm not talking about fucking cell phones. I mean person to person. Talking to people and telling them what's up!

For god's sake Zeke would it have killed you to take five minuets out of your day to tell Naomi that we're back? Or maybe tell us that she's here? Any one else survive that day that you've forgot to mention? HUH?!

And then, accidental or not you've been dodging me the past two days, so I can't even ask you in person!


It's just... it's just. ARG! I hate to post my ranting and venting here on the blog, but if that;s the only way to get people's attention. Then well, what choice do I have.

And it's not just this. There's a lot of other crap going on here.

Heh... Naomi if you see this, I'm sorry. I wish you didn't have to learn of are return by stumbling upon Raph getting his coffee. After we've been back for a week no less.... 

I'd tell her myself... go to her room and talk to her. But she seemed so scared. Well, how can I blame her. She probably thought she was seeing ghosts... 

I just... can`t see her like that. 

Like I said... Communication here.... really, really sucks.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

In Which I Explain Why this Place Died

Wow, it truly has been a while since Feather Fall as seen a post on it. I can just smell the dust. That or my allergies are acting up.... Anyway, anyway. I just felt it necessary to explain what happened here. It wasn't that we died... well, we did. But that happened later. It was more the fact that maintaining this blog on top of having to deal with increased threats from The Dark Gentleman and his "son" Larvae, became to much... Especially with the last happens that I half-assedly blogged about.

Now if you look back you can see the second last post on this blog certainly wasn't made by any of us. It was made by Sebastian. An ex Knight we thought we lost in Nathan's attack. Turns out he was a plant. A spy on behalf of The Dark Gentleman..... He sneaked into the Manor and ambushed everyone while I was off on a meeting with Nathan and John. He got me when I returned and tied me up in the basement with everyone else. Well, everyone but Alan, Dante and Ernie. They were out at the time and Sebastian had no idea they were with us. 

Ernie managed to free us, while Alan and Dante attacked Sebastian. And... let's just say, I never want to see an angry Dante again. It's quite terrifying to see what he can do to a person with that sword...

Anyway the whole indecent shaked us up pretty badly and with Larvae on the loose I just couldn't handle the blog anymore. It's been a pretty long time since then and a lot of, for lack of a better term, shit has happened. But we're back now. Are operations have moved however. We're working with Alan and his new Knights, and those operations can be found here:

This is still technically are main blog, but most of what we do will probably be there.

That's all for now. Sorry for just dropping everything here so suddenly.

Cinis, Cinerem. Pulverem, Pulveri.