Sunday, 29 January 2012

Breaking the Silence... Sort of...

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been plagued by inconveniences lately. Ben severely exhausted himself after teleporting me and has been bed ridden, Alan's still not 100% yet after getting out of his comma, and I've seem to caught myself a cold. Guess that's what I get for conversing outside without a jacket. Plus we've been trying to keep moving in-between all this, we got way to held up at are last location. Are destination for now is Diesis' new manor, Dante is there as well. Took him long enough to tell us were he was.... But anyway, once were safely at the manor (which I'm not reveling the location of for reasons I'll discus later) and we're all not sick or treating the sick we'll get back to regular updates. 

Edit: Erg, add the fact that chrome has decided to crash at every opportunity to are list of issues. 

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Shadow of...

It really has been awhile since I've been here. The fresh air has returned, uncorrupted by the smoke and ash that filled it last time. Even the greenery has started to recover from its viscous burns, already tangling and consuming the once great manor that stood here....

"It's very beautiful, isn't it?" I turn to see Umbra standing there. Maskless, and staring at the manor's ruins.

"Was beautiful."

"Until I came around, right?" He stared at me, not with his usual contempt , but with a longing sorrow.

"No. No this place lost it's beauty long before that..." I divert my gaze to the row of graves at the side of the ruins. So many of them.... So many lost....

"It's not your fault... you know. It's mine. And fate's paying me back... I guess I deserve it." 

"No you don't. No matter how cruel or horrendous a persons actions might have been, they never deserve to lose the one they love. Fate is not that cruel." 

"Why? Why are you being so nice? Why are you even trusting me right now? His stare on me intensifies.

"Because, simply, you are trust worthy. Ever since the new year, no... since your revival. You've been a better person Umbra. You come nowhere close to the horror stories Raph has told me. You've only been defending yourself. Never going out of your way to kill...."

"What about this place... what about Azax... I killed him.

"Hehehehe... you underestimate what I know." Umbra cocks his eyebrow, intrigued by what I said. "It was a week ago. Maby two. When I had a dream. A dream where I saw that night again. This time through different eyes. I saw what happened Umbra. Between you and and him. I heard what was said....You don't have to lie anymore." Once again I find myself staring at the graves, well, more specifically the grave that isn't there.

"Are you going to search?" Umbra was now looking at the graves himself, again wearing a sorrowful expression.

"Are you?" Are eyes lock, and for a minute there is complete silence.

"No. My job was to kill him... and I've done that... "

"Then nor shall I. It's time for the bird to live a free life...."

"Well put, Archangel."

"Michael. My name is Michael Archway. But I guess we've never formal introduced are self's now have we?"

"No, no I guess we haven't. Hehe." Finally, a smile on his face. "Don't think this changes anything though... We're still on opposite sides of this war... There will come a time where I'll try to kill you again."

"Hehe, I wouldn't have it any other way." I extend my hand to him. He grasps it.

"Goodbye, Michael."

"Goodbye... Nathan." And with that he was gone. Slenderwalked away. One last time I look over the ruins. Look over all the memories. And again, all the graves....

"This is what you would have done to... isn't it..."

Cinis, Cinerem. Pulverem, Pulveri.   

Sunday, 22 January 2012

They're Back

So about 20 minutes ago I'm playing some online games when a knock comes from are door. I get up to go answer it, but Gabe's already there.

(Flips out one of his tonfa's)
Sarah: Put that away. It's probably Michael and Ben, they finished early. 
(Gabe rolls his eyes and opens the door.)

Sure enough it's them standing there. Well, Michael standing there with Ben in his arms.

Michael: Hehe, the whole trip with a little much for him.
Sarah: Ahhhh, how cute. I'll go kick Alan out of his bed.
Gabe: I'll take him. You go sit down.
Michael: Thanks.

Then, as I leave the room I hear Gabe yell very loudly


I run back in to see that Michael along with the sleeping Ben, have collapsed on top of Gabe. 

Gabe: Well don't just stand there! Get them off me.
(Now just to clarify, Gabe is British. And he usually keeps himself so low key that his accent is hard to pick up on. Not when he's mad though. He loses all his cool and just starts ranting in the thickest of British accents. Which I think justifies what I do next.)
Sarah: Bwahahahahaha.
Alan: What the hell is going on in here.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Gabe: Ughhhhh WANKERS!
(Raph walks in, sees Gabe pinned,hold's in snicker)
Gabe: Ughhhh.
(Raph picks Ben off Gabe, and Alan puts Michael on the couch)
Gabe: Damn you all.

That was the best laugh I've had in months. To bad it came at the expense of Gabe's dignity. I'm still chuckling. Anyhow, Michael's still passed out so we'll wait till tomorrow to badger him with questions. At least it seems like it went well. What exactly well is though is left to be determined. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I Hope you Like Purple

Because I'm still in-charge for a bit. After talking with Umbra on his blog yesterday Michael and him decided to have a chat with each other. All the way back at the manor's ruins. Michael was going to drive up there, which would have left the rest of us completely stranded, but luckily an alternate method of travel spoke up. Ben. He can do that weird, teleport thing Richard could do. But since he's been so closed off we never asked him to do it. But yesterday he offered to take Michael back up there so he'll be there much earlier then originally planned. I hope it will be safe though. Michael seems to have trust in Umbra... but I just don't know. Raph surprisingly hasn't said anything, I think he may be rethinking his little rant from awhile ago and his feelings on Umbra. But whatever his reason, at least he didn't cause any problems.

In other news, Dante's still missing. We had hopped he had just gone to try and find Raph, but that was obviously wrong. I just hope he'll be back soon. Let's see, let's see... Is there anything else.... anything else... Alright alright. Since he's getting so antsy about it, some one would like to say hello

Alan's Awake!

You've already used that joke.

Oh... Well I'm using it again anyway!

Hehe, sure sure. Yep, Alan's rejoined the waking world, fit as fiddle. Guess it's a perk in the whole immortality thing. He'll be making a post here later, about his feelings on the last few weeks and on his plans on what he's gonna be doing. So yeah, until then.    

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dis-function Junction

Well things are just a huge mess down here. Raph's been pissed off ever since his huge cyber rant at Umbra, and after Gabe and Dante were discussing how Umbra's changed (for the better) since his trip to hell he got in a HUGE argument with them that Michael had to break up. Raph proceeded to storm off and hasn't been back since. Gabe just kept on being uncaring Gabe, Michael's stressed the hell out and sleeping A LOT to calm himself... and Dante upped and disappeared on us. Ugh. As for me, I'm just sitting here. Watching over Alan to see if he wakes up. He's been passed out ever since Umbra dropped him off on are door step. We've been trying to move quickly so we can get him to someplace more stable and where there's someone who knows more about how to wake him up then we do. Looks like that plans been flip upside down. It seems the only one at peace here is Ben. He's just sitting in the corner playing games on the Iphone. He's just like a little kid. Hard to believe just a few months ago he was trying to kill us all.... but that was the mind controls fault not his...  


Friday, 13 January 2012

I Don't Even

Dante just ran outside screaming "Ill show him" and started using his sword to dig a hole.... What is going on?

Go read his comment on Umbra's blog.

Seriously... he's digging his own grave....

Maybe if were lucky he'll stay down there.

...I wouldn't hate that.

You two agree over the evilest things.

Ugh.... sometimes I feel like I'm leading a band of children...

I ain't got no leader!

Correction.... I DO lead a band of children....

Monday, 9 January 2012

A Big O'l Storm of Explanation

Hello readers, as I promised yesterday here's a post explaining all that's happened in this last crazy week.

First, why I disappeared: After we found.... what was left... of the first contact, we headed for the second who was located in Minnesota. After grabbing a motel room, nothing to spectacular but it houses all of us, I went out to grab some food. A simple errand... or at least it should have been.... On my way back... I felt a sudden chill, it shot up my back and froze my movements. I've never felt anything like it. It was pure, unbridled terror.... There is one thing... one being I knew could case this.... The Dark Gentlemen.... the Slender Man.... As soon as I saw Him my body unfroze, I dropped what I was caring and started running. (Wait, wait, wait. You mean you just DROPPED $30 worth of food?) (Good to see wear your priorities are Raph -_-;) I ran and I ran until my body finally gave out. I didn't lose him though. He came closer and closer to me and I thought for sure I was dead...Until someone jumped in between me and Him, grabbed my hand and whisked me away. Which brings me to my next point

Who is Dante: Yes, Dante saved me from Slender Man. He dragged my exhausted body far away and up a fire escape to the top of an apartment. It was there he explained who he is. In short he's the second contact. After we told Diesis about what happened to the first, she contacted him and he found us instead. Good timing to. We then laid low for a couple of days as SM still stalk around a bit. He seemed very determined, but he bored after a few days. We started to head back but when I checked on the blog and saw that the Executioner... or, in truth, Umbra, was going to attack, we laid low and waited for the right moment to intervene. As for what Dante's doing now... it seems like he's staying... I'm very grateful to him, and he'll be a valuable addition to are team... but he's a little... eccentric (That's putting it lightly....) (He could be worse Raph.) (The man tries to talk in rhymes Michael. I'm pretty sure he's insane...) (Who needs sanity when you have perfect hair) (That doesn't even make sense!)

Ehm, yes... anyway. On to my next point.

The whole deal with Nathan Umbra: Umbra is an old nemesis of are's. When Azax first started his blog he manipulated his bad memory into thinking he was an old friend, when in fact he was the first and worst proxy to harass him. He manipulated a lot of people actual.... making false fighting movements and "alliances" all in order to kill mass amounts of Runners.... Azax or as he called him "The Child of Ash" was top priority... But he never got the chance. A man by the name of Clark killed him and sealed his soul in hell. He did try to come back before by taking over Mr. Alan, but that was quickly dealt with.... and we thought we saw the last of him then. (Should of figured this would of happened. Hell was to good for him. I knew they'd want him gone.)  Yes, as you can tell Raph has a major... dislike of Umbra. 

You see, Raph along with a few other Knights, were recruited from Nathan's old "army". We took them in after his death. (The bastard had us all fooled. I thought I was finally free from the Skinny bastard... but to learn all we did... was just to make it easier for that bastard to do his job... all those horrible things... FUCK!) 

It's a stressful time. And I'm sure it will be worse for people that knew Umbra better... Ehe. I think were going to move along to a safer, less known location and rest a little. So sorry if updates might come slower... but, until then.

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.      

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Into the Inferno

Well I am the worst jinx ever. Like the worst. As soon as I finished that last post. Not even five minutes later. Guess who came bursting into are motel room. Yep, the Executioner. Scared the living shit out of me. 

Raph and Gabe were right on him. No exchange of words just the sound of Raph firing and the Executioner laughing as he just took the bullets and slammed Raph against the wall. Gabe kicked him in the stomach causing him to drop Raph, and nailed him in the face with a tonfa. He backed of a bit but quickly changed his mind and rushed both of them. Raph fired a quick shot which hit him right in the head. How it didn't kill him I'll never know. But he was still standing, dazed, but standing. Raph took this opportunity and tackled the Executioner to the ground, pointing his gun to his forehead. 

Raph: Ain't so tough now are you? Not so strong with out your little master now huh?! HUH!?
Executioner: ...
Raph: Huh? A chip in your head? Ohhhhh your wearing a mask. I guess I've been so caught up in killing you that I never noticed.
Executioner: ...
Raph: Weeellll let's just see what your ugly little face actual looks like!

Raph: What the... fuck.
(Raph jumps of the Executioner and backs up)
Raph: What the actual fuck...
Sarah: Raph... what's wrong. 
Raph: No. No. You're dead. We all saw you die. You're rotting in hell!
(The Executioner get's up. With out his mask he's got brown hair and a goatee.)
Executioner: I take it you didn't miss me?
Sarah: Raph.. who... is he? Why are you so upset?
Raph: It's the Prodigal Liar. Nathan Umbra.
Gabe: Umbra? But... how?
Nathan: Now now, isn't a man entitle to his secrets?

Nathan then pulled out a combat knife and rushed at us with blinding speed. A loud CLANG rang out as his knife meet another blade held by non other then Michael! 

Michael: Dante, now!

Suddenly someone else jumped into the room, caring a giant fucking sword. He swung it at Nathan, pinning him by this weird crevice the blade had at the tip.

Nathan: Who the hell are you?!
Dante: Come now man are you deaf? You heard Michael call me out. I'm the man of the inferno, Dante. Don't go forgetting it now. It's rude to forget the name of your killer.
Nathan: Cute, you think you can actually kill me~
Dante: Considering I've got my sword around your neck, I'm pretty confident.
Nathan: Hehehehehe, well Archangels it seems I have to prolong are battles even further. It bothersome I know. But I promise I will end this all next time. Hehehehe. Mwahahahahaha!

And poof. He was gone. Slender Walked away. Fucking coward. Well anyway, I'm going to turn it over to Michael so he can finish this up.

Yes, sorry for my absence readers. There were much complications, but I'll write about that and how I meet Dante later. I'm very exhausted right now as I'm sure the other are to. Plus with the Executioners identity now known... there is much to discuses. I'll be sure to message Diesis about this. Hopeful she can explain how Umbra came back from the dead....

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.

Heading into Battle Apparently

So yeah, about an hour ago Raph walked into the room with this to say:

Raph: Everyone got there weapons?
Sarah: Whhhhhhhhy?
Raph: Cuss the Executioner's coming here to kill us. So were going to kill him first. Simple as that.
Sarah: Wha--wha-wha-WHAT?!
Gabe: So what time should he be here?
Raph: Don't know. Could be any moment.
Gabe: Perfect.
Sarah: What. Do you two actually want him here?
Raph: Yep.
Sarah: Why?!
Raph & Gabe: Because I want to kill him.
Sarah:.... Well at least you can finally agree on something...

Well it's been an hour now and no sign off him. I guess Slendy can't afford to send him express. Raph and Gabe are patrolling around. There like giddy children. It's almost scary... I wish Michael was here to talk some sense into them....  No time for wishing though. I've got to get Ben somewhere safer. I'll post once everything has died down. 

Till then.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Well Fuck

I hope all are wonderful readers out there have had a good holiday season, because we sure as hell haven't! Hey everyone this is Raph, why not Michael? Cuss he's FUCKING missing. Yep, yep. Barely a month into this little journey and things have already gone to shit. You see, three days ago after we got are selves into the US looking for the next connection after we found the first one mutilated and strung up from his ceiling fan, Michael left to go get some food... and never came back. Did we worry? Yep. Did we look? Yep. Did we find anything? I think that's obvious. Needless to say I'm pissed and the others are worried. Especially with the death of that connection resembling the old signature of a certain Elderitch Abomination....  fuck. Well I guess that's it, not really much else to say. I highly doubt any one reading this could be of any help. Or that one in a million chance that you can see this Michael.... heh. Updates will be made when we have them.