Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Fools Errand

So far we still fail to prove are selves as Knights. We have arrived to late to save anyone yet again. Yesterday Miss Tori went to challenge the Executioner alone.... she's in ruff shape. Raphael wanted to go join in her errand... but I forbid him. He wasn't to happy about it.... to say the least...  It seems her group has decided to leave there residence, a good idea I say. Naomi and Andrew two of the Knights assigned to them are accompanying them, good to see that the idea of the Knights Isn't dead yet. As for the other four... they stayed and challenged the Executioner... and as Gabriel as told me... they have rejoined the Dark Gentlemen..... God help them. Raphael was not afraid to vocalize his anger about all this, it lead to this exchange:

Raphael: Well I hope you feel damn proud of yourself Michael! I could of helped up there, but noooo. 
Michael: How would you have helped Raph? How?! You would have just ended up or hurt, no, with the way you fight you would be dead, Raph. DEAD! Then how would you help any one?
Raphael: If you opened your eyes and stopped being a coward for five minutes then you could see how I would have helped! The only thing we can do is put that Executioner bitch in the ground. Let him rot!
Michael: And just how the hell would you do that? You've seen what he can do... don't you remember David and Samuel? You saw what he did to them! 
Raphael: How!.... how could I ever forget.
Michael: Now please Raphael. Don't try and disobey orders again. 
Raphael: ORDERS?! Who the hell said you can order me!
Michael: I out rank you.
Raphael: Rank? There is no rank any more Michael. The Knights are finished! We have no more leaders we have no more job!
Sarah: What about Diesis?
Michael and Raphael: Diesis?
Sarah: You know, the Fear that saved all are lives and gave us a place to live?
Michael: Yes I know who Diesis is... but I forgot to account for her. 
Raphael: She just disappeared along with Feist and Deimos. Damn those Fears. Bunch of cowards I say.
Gabriel: Watch your tongue Raphael. Don't forget it was Lady Diesis that saved us all.... you more then us.
(Raph glared at Gabriel, but Sarah interjected before anything could start.)
Sarah: Well we have a lead now. So should we get moving?
Raphael: To do what? Go on a fools errand to try and find some old coot. She's probably back in that hell hole Britain by now.
Michael: Unlikely.
Raphael: Hmmm?
Michael: It's unlikely she's left the country yet. None of them had teleportation powers, plus with the manor up in smoke I doubt she has much money for flight.
Raphael: Alright but how do you suppose we start looking? Wander around the city on foot? Hoping we get lucky? 
Sarah: You know... we have a truck. 
Raphael: We what?
Sarah: Yeah don't you remember. Azax brought it in a while ago. We just never used it since we had... you know... Red....
Michael: Well that works out perfectly. We'll head back up to the manor, well what left of it. Search for anything, and take the truck. 
Gabriel: Sounds like we're Mystery Inc. now.
Michael: Well, in that light... Let's go gang.

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.


  1. Oh, you wonder where your Fair Lady is? I know where. Will I tell you? Try and get the information out of me if you can.

  2. Gabriel here: You do not dare to bring any harm to Lady Diesis! Or I shall show you the angry of a true warrior.

  3. She had beautiful eyes. More beautiful yet was watching her wade through sulfuric acid to retrieve them.

  4. Sarah here: Go die in hole somewhere asshole! I've never scene Gabe so PISSED. It took both Raph and Michael holding him back to keep him from smashing the Iphone. I can't wait for the day where he can apply that rage to your face.

  5. I've taken a note from good old Vlad Tepes, and impaled her through her mouth, and out her... You get the picture. When I'm done with the little whore, she'll be enjoying it.