Sunday, 18 December 2011


Hello… readers. It’s me Michael… you probably don’t remember me. After how long this blog’s been silent I’d be surprised if you remembered any of us… any one that’s left that is… Things… a lot of things… have happened. Azax, the one who keeps…kept this blog, is dead.  Let me start this from the beginning. To tell you the tale Azax never did....

As was stated a long time ago Azax, Red and Deimos were captured by Edgar, an old servant of the Dark Gentlemen and the one who kidnapped Azax as a child and scared Red and Blue. After a few days of mopping I finally lead the Archangels, the most elite sector of the Knights of the Eternal,  into battle to reclaim them... When we arrived, the battle was already under way. Red had managed to free himself. Causing enough chaos for Azax and Deimos to do the same. This victory was not to last though. Blue, who along with Feist, a Sub-Fear who was being controlled by Edgar, managed to critically wound Red and use him as a hostage.. The swarm of Proxies, not to mention Feist (who is pretty much a Minotaur) quickly over took the three... Until we joined in.

We stormed the place and killed a vast majority of the proxies. Sebastian was even able to subdue Feist. In the swarm of bodies, Edgar tried to run off. But Azax chased after him and killed him... By that time, most of the proxies were either dead or ran away. Even Blue was down. Apparently The Dark Gentlemen cut his connection with him causing him to go comatose.

After all that we regrouped. Blue and Feist were passed out and Red was slipping into unconscious, but we were all alive. That didn't last long... By the time we were back in the city it was to late. Red was dead.... It was hard on us all. Especially Azax. When we returned to the manor he shut everyone out, and refused to ever look at the blog.... I thought that's how life would go on from then... but he had different ideas. The Executioner...

There was a large explosion, and flames were everywhere.... many of the Knights died in that fire, other fled. But we stayed, the Archangels. We searched the manor looking for the cause, Lady Diesis, and Azax. When we finally found him he was at the heart of the manor, facing off with the Executioner... but I could tell... I could tell Azax wasn't even trying in the fight... He had already given up.... and soon he fell, and the flames consumed him and the Executioner took him .... some of us attacked him he killed them instantly... David... Samuel... you will be missed.... he left us alone... left us alone, frozen in are fear, soon to be melted by the flames around us. When we got out only five of the once great Knights were left. Me, Raphael, Gabriel, Sarah, and Blue.... the rest were either burned, killed by the Executioner or fled....  

Now... now we have no idea what to do. We have no master... no direction in life. But... there's this blog now... I've taken the liberty of renaming it as I will be running it now... 

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri


  1. He was only the beginning. I'll kill every last one of you.

  2. Raphael here: Bring it bitch. I got six bullets just aching to meet your heart.

  3. Your master died like the dog he was. My master can't die. You fight a one sided war. Even if you did somehow manage to kill me, three more would take my place.

  4. Azax was no dog! He was a bird, a bird with wings clipped by recent tragedies. Had you meet him in his prime, there's no way you would have survived.