Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Just Because it's September Doesn't Mean I Need to Quote Green Day

Hey all. Been a bit since are last update so I thought I'd just throw a quick one up here.

I'm sure you've all read the latest contract on Shadows See All, and learned how badly that turned out. Yeah that was a rough one, definitely hasn't made me pumped to go on anymore contracts. Oh well, got to move on. Most of the mental damage done by the Grotesque has healed. (Plus it wasn't as bad as Zeke made it sound.) Dante was a big help in that. If he didn't throw that karaoke party together things would probably still be all mopy around here. Oh and Tori, yes, we are definitely bringing you up here for another karaoke party. Nothing says reunion like singing are favourite songs.

Everything else has been pretty normal around here. (Well, are version of normal.) Gabe's talking and being a bit more social now, which is vast improvement over how he was since we got to the island. Raph's been training a lot, working on his aim with the dart guns. And Mike (because I'm calling you that now.) has had his nose buried in books lately. What else is new.

Oh, speaking of Mike. He has a very special day this month and I've got some prep to do for that.

Until then.


  1. Special day? And it's good to hear that everyone is doing better.

    1. Sarah here: Michael's birthday is this month. I was trying to be discrete I guess, but he's got himself so buried in books he'll never look at the blog before we can surprise him.

    2. I thought as much, hope everything goes well with that. And it's good to hear you're ok, these days it seems like someone is always in trouble (or at least more trouble than normal). Wish him a happy birthday for me ok?