Thursday, 20 September 2012

Michael's Birthday

Hey everyone as I mentioned in the last post Mike`s birthday was this month, in fact it was yesterday. I decided to throw him a surprise party. (Partly because I knew he would try to stop me if I tried to throw it outright.) I managed to get everything together without him noticing but actually setting it up was a different story. No matter how invested he was in his reading I doubt he wouldn't have noticed me covering the main living area in party decorations. So when a Fear conveniently decided to start wreaking havoc I convinced him to go along on the Contract so I could have time to set up. (He`ll post about it on SSA when he`s being less lazy) (I`m not lazy I`m busy!) (You keep telling yourself that.) Once they arrived back I had everyone hide so the surprise could be sprung. This is what followed.

Everyone: SURPRISE!
Michael: … Oh God no….
Sarah: Wasn't the reaction I was looking for.
Michael: Sarah, you know how I feel about my birthday.
Sarah: I know, but… with how crazy everything was last year we didn't get to celebrate anyone’s birthday. I thought since things are more stable now it wouldn't be a problem…
Zeke: Oh come on Mike, a little party never hurt anyone.
Abel: Except that one party. You know the one with the tequila and the chainsaws.
Zeke: What?
Michael: You two knew about this didn't you? That explains why we took a plane back… I don’t know about this, I never liked…
Gabe: Michael (Gabe walks over and puts his hand on Mike’s shoulder) and this is coming from me, lighten up.
Michael: Ehh… Ugh…
(We all get a good chuckle out of that)
Zeke: Alright it’s settled then.
(Zeke and Abel grab Mike by both arms and pick him up)
Zeke + Abel: It’s party time.
Michael: Uh, hey! I never said… Put me down! I can walk there myself…

We walk into the dining room done up with streamers, balloons and a big cake on the table. (I’m a sucker for classic party stuff.)

Michael: Well you certainly spared no expense. When did you get the time to gather all this?
Sarah: I've been running around all month getting this together.
Michael: How the heck did I never notice?
Raphael: Have you ever seen yourself when you’re reading? All there is is you and the book.
Sarah: Anyway, anyway, this isn't discuss Mike’s book obsession time…
Michael: It isn't an obsession.
Sarah: …It’s time to cut the cake! Have at it birthday boy.
Michael: Ugh, don’t start calling me that…

Dante: This damn good cake!
Michael: Indeed, whoever made it should be proud.
Raphael: Why thank you.
Michael: Raph, you made this cake?
Sarah: It’s true. I watched him do it.
Raphael: Oh come on. Is it really that hard to believe that I know how to bake?
Michael: Well… Uhm… Yes.
Gabriel: When did you have the time to learn? Was part of proxy training baking lessons?
Raphael: Well no. I just, you know have a talent for it. Is that so wrong.
(Raph blushes after that. Yes, we flustered Raph, the gun totting tough guy, enough to make him blush.)

Sarah: Alright I think it’s time for everyone’s favourite part of their birthday, the gifts.
Michael: Oh guys really. You didn't have to waste all this money on me.
Raphael: Shut it and take your gifts.
(Everyone hands Mike their gifts for him. And what do they all turn out to be? Books…)
Michael: Uhm, thank you very much everyone. But you do know I have other hobbies right?
Zeke: I guess we were all on the same page accidently. It’s at least all new stuff for you right?
Michael: Oh yes. A Norse history book from Gabe, a philosophy book from Raph, the newest Mortal Instruments book from Sarah, and this Gun book from you and Abel. Thank you all.
Raphael: Hey wait a minute. Where’s Dante’s gift?
Dante: Huh, what?
Michael: Oh Raph it`s not a big deal, he didn't have to get me anything.
Dante: Oh, no. I got you a gift.
(Dante starts fumbling around under the table.)
Raphael: What in hell could you have gotten that you had to store…
(Dante pulls out a PS3)
Michael: Oh, wow. Thank you Dante.
Raphael: How in hell did you afford that?
Dante: I have a high paying job.
Raphael: Being a Timberwolf is high paying job?
Dante: You’d be surprised.

Zeke: Enough of this back and forth. (Zeke grabs the PS3 box from Mike) Did you get any games for this Dante?
Dante: Yep. Soul Calibur V and Little Big Planet.
Zeke: Then let’s hook this puppy up and let the real party start!
Abel: Woooooooooooooo!
Sarah: Hey, wait up you two!
Raphael: Ready for me to kick your ass in Soul Calibur?
Gabriel: I’d like to see you try.
Dante: Hm? Michael you coming?
Michael: Yes, yes I’ll be right there. Heheheh from fighting Eldritch horrors to playing video games in the span of a few hours. What a life to live.  


  1. I've been kinda gone for a while so I'm sorry I didn't say this earlier, happy belated birthday Michael. Sounds like you had a fun birthday.