Thursday, 9 August 2012


So today I go down for my nightly training session, only to be greeted by a crowed of Knights flipping out and running around franticly. I was able to calm them down and get one of them to tell me that Zeke had disappeared.  

Michael: So you mean to tell me…
Raph: DUDE. There are whales outside. With shotguns.
Michael: Raph I don’t have time for shenanigans. There is a more pressing matter at hand.
Raph: What is more important than aquatic mammals that have learned to wield fire-arms?
Michael: Zeke and Abel have disappeared.
Raph: Oh… I’m still more concerned about the whales.
Michael: Heh, of course you are. Now anyway, as you were saying Mr…
Thanatos: Thanatos.
Michael: Ah yes. So, what the hell happened?
Thanatos: One minute Zeke’s talking about going to rescue Abel from whales, the next… Poof.
Michael: Poof?
Thanatos: Poof.
Michael: Poof, what is poof?!
Thanatos: You know poof, as in poof! Not there anymore.
Michael: So he just vanished.
Thanatos: Yep.
Thanatos: What? You don’t believe me?
Michael: No, no… I believe you. I just need to learn which of the twenty or so Eldritch beings that want us dead can make people go… poof.

It was at this point that Sarah walked in with the laptop. Looks like a post was made on Shadows See All.

Sarah: Take a look at this.
Michael: Hmmmmmm. I’m sure it would be useful if I could read it! What the hell kind of writing is this?
Sarah: Leet.
Michael: The hell is leet?
Sarah: Some dumb internet language. Anyway what it basically is that Abel and Zeke were taken for “Testing” by a fear.
Michael: And which fear would this be?
Sarah: You’re not going to believe this. It’s called the Archangel.
Michael: The Arch… angel.
Sarah: Yep. Kinda ironic isn’t it?
Michael: Well then! Is there anything we can do?
Sarah: Talk to the Blind Man? He seems to know what’s up.
Michael: Then let’s do that.
Raph: While were there I can ask him about those whales.
Michael: Not the time for it Raph. Not the time for it.

Well, all the Blind Man said we can do is sit and wait. Apparently this “Archangel” or Azrael is not something we can take on. Let alone break into his domain.  So we’re going to sit here and feel useless…. Fun.

Cinis, Cinerem. Pulverem, Pulveri. 


  1. The Archangel? I swear he doesn't usually interact with humans, much rather likes to mess about with 'the game'. I'm surprised he used Azreal, it isn't one of the normal names for him I swear, angel of death and judgement, sometimes depicted to live in the third heaven, or paradise, like the garden of Eden. In some religions, believed to be the last one to die.

  2. ..... I'm adding this and the gun-wielding whales to the "Reasons I'm going to set off on my own" list.
    This shit is just too weird, even for me.

    1. Sarah here: You know at this point, I really can't blame you for wanting to bail.

    2. I'm not leaving right away (I need to make sure I have enough money and boring, mundane things like that) but you better believe I'm not going to help you guys fight whales with guns. No fucking way.

      If you ever need a hacker though, I'm pretty sure I can work my (non-existent) schedule around you.

    3. Sarah here: Sounds fair. Just let us know when you are ready to leave so we can throw you a proper fair-well.