Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Communication in this Place Sucks!

And I'm not talking about fucking cell phones. I mean person to person. Talking to people and telling them what's up!

For god's sake Zeke would it have killed you to take five minuets out of your day to tell Naomi that we're back? Or maybe tell us that she's here? Any one else survive that day that you've forgot to mention? HUH?!

And then, accidental or not you've been dodging me the past two days, so I can't even ask you in person!


It's just... it's just. ARG! I hate to post my ranting and venting here on the blog, but if that;s the only way to get people's attention. Then well, what choice do I have.

And it's not just this. There's a lot of other crap going on here.

Heh... Naomi if you see this, I'm sorry. I wish you didn't have to learn of are return by stumbling upon Raph getting his coffee. After we've been back for a week no less.... 

I'd tell her myself... go to her room and talk to her. But she seemed so scared. Well, how can I blame her. She probably thought she was seeing ghosts... 

I just... can`t see her like that. 

Like I said... Communication here.... really, really sucks.


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    1. Talk to me in fucking person Michael.

  2. Eh... Don't worry about it I guess. That wasn't actually the first time I questioned my own sanity....
    It's just, i had literally JUST come to terms with all of you being gone and then BAM you're all just... THERE.
    I don't mean to sound rude but I honestly think I would've been better off If you guys had just... stayed in the ground.
    Guess it's my turn to do some thinking here... although I won't take a month to do it.

    And to answer your question: Drew and Sky stayed in the ground. They've honestly had enough of this life, they're resting now.

    Also: Could you guys turn the fucking captachas or however the hell you spell it off? It annoys me to no end...

    1. It's a relief to see that you saw this, and that we didn't freak you out as badly as I thought. Almost makes me feel bad for yelling at Michael...

      And yeah... maybe we should have stayed dead. Would have been easier. But since when is anything easy in this world?

      P.S. No idea you could turn those captachas things off. Glad to be rid of them.