Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dying Trust

Yesterday Zeke made a post explaining how he is now sharing his body with a fragment of the Dying Man. A fear that has split itself into many pieces that now possess humans.... and blogs now to it seems. 

Michael: So, let me get this straight. You went to a blog that you KNEW had been taken over by a fear, and now you're infected with a Dying Man fragment.
Zeke: That's the basics of it.
Michael: While I'm sure I'm not the first to say it, but you're an idiot.
Zeke: Cut me some slack! How the hell was I supposed to know it could infect webpages?
Michael: That's not what matters Zeke.
Zeke: Then what does?
Michael: Do you know how big of a security breach this is?! You're essentially a spy for a fear now.
Zeke: Oh and like I'm the first. If I recall Dante was reporting all are actions to Azrael.
Michael: Yes and last time I checked we were on at least neutral terms with Azrael. We know nothing about this Dying Man.
GoF: I have taken a name for myself you know.
Michael: Oh, there you are. I was wondering when you would speak up. Yes, God of Fear is what you called yourself correct? Excuse me if I'm not so eager to call you a god.
GoF: Hehe fair enough. 
Michael: So while I have you here now, mind explaining what your goals are taking over my colleague?
GoF: Don't worry I'm only in here for convenience. I have no plans on screwing with your organization.
Michael: Good to hear.
GoF: I just want to regain my full power.
Michael: Not so good to hear. Zeke, you mind taking yourself back now?
Zeke: With pleasure. Ugh, that is not fun.
Michael: I can't imagine it being. Well we definitely have to do something about this.
Zeke: Like what? You read what Odysseus said. Nothing short of setting me on fire is going to get rid of him.
Michael: I wasn't talking about getting rid of him. Just simply keeping him out of trouble.
Zeke: By doing what?
Michael: Keeping YOU out of trouble. Starting with your removal from field duty.
Zeke: What?!
Michael: It's the only way to make sure you avoid contact with other fragments.
Zeke: You, by no means, have the authority to do this.
Michael: Which is why I'll be taking this up with the Blind Man. I'm sure he'll see it my way once I explain it all to him. I'll also see about putting a watch on you. To make sure the fragment doesn't try to take you over and escape.
Zeke: This is bullshit Michael! You're acting like you don't trust me.
Michael: Well then, now you know how I feel.

Cinis Cinerem. Pulverem Pulveri.


  1. To be completely honest, it was Diesis' decision to put me in charge, and if you had any respect for her, you would realize that you hold no authority over myself or Abel.

    If you have a problem with that, we can settle this like the original Knights would.

    1. Michael here: Now why would Diesis put you in charge when I've been a Knight for six years longer then you? Oh yeah, because I was dead at the time.

    2. So you think that you can just take over and disobey her orders because you have seniority?

      Not only that, but where I have managed to fend Larvae off in every single encounter I've had with it, you died within seconds and failed to protect what remained of Diesis' Knights because you decided to go Rambo instead of using a strategy.

      You know what that makes you? A failure, and an insult in general to what we once stood for.

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