Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sooooo, Michael Tried to Kill Zeke

Not even joking. He snuck up behind him and STAB! Clean through to the chest from the back. He would have finished the job to, lucky for Zeke that second personality thing kicked in. It kicked Michael back, ripped his sword out and boxed Michael in the head. Dazed him enough for me to hit him with a tanq dart. Had two Knights carry Michael to his room after that while I tended to Zeke.

Raph: … You dun fucked up.
Zeke: Oh real…ugh… nice. I get stabbed, and you say I fucked up…
Raph: I saw what you said to him Zeke. You made the first strike. Michael just decided to make the second one with his sword. 
Zeke: …
Raph: Did you really think saying something like that wouldn't have negative repercussions? Hell, I wanted to give you a nice punch after reading that.
Zeke: I knew there would be repercussions. That’s what I wanted. I was trying to tick him off…
Raph: And look where that’s lead you.
Zeke: Fucking crazy bastard didn't have to stab me! He could have just… just… I DON”T KNOW! I just wanted to piss him off. I didn't think about after that. Egh!
Raph: Hey, hey, stop flailing about. You’re just going to make the wound worse. I should be getting you to the hospital bay right now. Think you can stand?
Zeke: Don’t, ugh, bother. This should heal up soon enough.
Raph: No doubting that. But do you think it can do that before you bleed everywhere? Come on, you’re going to see Oddy. At least to get that bandaged.
Zeke: Fine. Well I guess I can look on the bright side. It’s going to be a lot harder for Michael to kick me off field duty now.
Raph: Yeah, Blindy’s not going to be too happy with him after this. I don’t that helps your verdict though.
Zeke: What? So you’re on his side with this!?
Raph: Hey!  What did I say about flailing? I`m not picking any sides so cool your shit kid.
Zeke: … Sorry.
Raph: I'm just being realistic. You went and got yourself possessed by some Dying thing. Which may be keeping you alive right now, but is pretty much the cause of all this. I don’t see Blindy being too willing to keep you in a leadership position.
Zeke: …
Raph: The same could be said of Michael though. He’s been to emotionally lately, and this proves he’s not to mentally stable right now. Both of you are most likely going to lose your field jobs.
Zeke: What a great day for the Knights huh?
Raph: Hehe, oh yeah just the best. Well here’s the infirmary.  Go get yourself bandaged up; I'm going to go check on Michael.
Zeke: I guess that’s a good idea.
Raph: Just do us all a favor though Zeke and try to avoid Michael for a few days. Then try to talk things over when you’re both calm… and unarmed.
Zeke: Oh, you can bet I’ll be avoiding him. For a lot longer than a few days though.

Heh. You can just tell things are great when I'm the one having to play mediator… Michael’s still out right now. Just waiting by his door for when he wakes up. Hopefully both him and Zeke can stop being retarded for ten seconds and realise they’re friends again so we can have some peace here.  Doubt that’s going to be any time soon, but hey, a man can hope right?


  1. I can try and subdue the other personality if Zeke wishes, but the Blind man may not like me messing about with you lot.... especially not now.

    1. As it has been mentioned earlier, I cannot be removed from Phobos without him being killed in the process. And let's all be honest here, no one wants that.