Saturday, 21 January 2012

I Hope you Like Purple

Because I'm still in-charge for a bit. After talking with Umbra on his blog yesterday Michael and him decided to have a chat with each other. All the way back at the manor's ruins. Michael was going to drive up there, which would have left the rest of us completely stranded, but luckily an alternate method of travel spoke up. Ben. He can do that weird, teleport thing Richard could do. But since he's been so closed off we never asked him to do it. But yesterday he offered to take Michael back up there so he'll be there much earlier then originally planned. I hope it will be safe though. Michael seems to have trust in Umbra... but I just don't know. Raph surprisingly hasn't said anything, I think he may be rethinking his little rant from awhile ago and his feelings on Umbra. But whatever his reason, at least he didn't cause any problems.

In other news, Dante's still missing. We had hopped he had just gone to try and find Raph, but that was obviously wrong. I just hope he'll be back soon. Let's see, let's see... Is there anything else.... anything else... Alright alright. Since he's getting so antsy about it, some one would like to say hello

Alan's Awake!

You've already used that joke.

Oh... Well I'm using it again anyway!

Hehe, sure sure. Yep, Alan's rejoined the waking world, fit as fiddle. Guess it's a perk in the whole immortality thing. He'll be making a post here later, about his feelings on the last few weeks and on his plans on what he's gonna be doing. So yeah, until then.    

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