Sunday, 29 January 2012

Breaking the Silence... Sort of...

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been plagued by inconveniences lately. Ben severely exhausted himself after teleporting me and has been bed ridden, Alan's still not 100% yet after getting out of his comma, and I've seem to caught myself a cold. Guess that's what I get for conversing outside without a jacket. Plus we've been trying to keep moving in-between all this, we got way to held up at are last location. Are destination for now is Diesis' new manor, Dante is there as well. Took him long enough to tell us were he was.... But anyway, once were safely at the manor (which I'm not reveling the location of for reasons I'll discus later) and we're all not sick or treating the sick we'll get back to regular updates. 

Edit: Erg, add the fact that chrome has decided to crash at every opportunity to are list of issues. 

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.


  1. Would you be kind enough to change your font, love? It's rather hard to read.

  2. Michael here: There we are. That should hopefully be easier on the eyes. It seems I have bad luck in picking font.

  3. Much better, dear. Thank you so much.

  4. well at least you're all breathing it's better than all of you not.

  5. Dia - It's no problem. Anything that can make this blog better is appreciated.

    Manic - Yes, yes it is.