Sunday, 8 January 2012

Into the Inferno

Well I am the worst jinx ever. Like the worst. As soon as I finished that last post. Not even five minutes later. Guess who came bursting into are motel room. Yep, the Executioner. Scared the living shit out of me. 

Raph and Gabe were right on him. No exchange of words just the sound of Raph firing and the Executioner laughing as he just took the bullets and slammed Raph against the wall. Gabe kicked him in the stomach causing him to drop Raph, and nailed him in the face with a tonfa. He backed of a bit but quickly changed his mind and rushed both of them. Raph fired a quick shot which hit him right in the head. How it didn't kill him I'll never know. But he was still standing, dazed, but standing. Raph took this opportunity and tackled the Executioner to the ground, pointing his gun to his forehead. 

Raph: Ain't so tough now are you? Not so strong with out your little master now huh?! HUH!?
Executioner: ...
Raph: Huh? A chip in your head? Ohhhhh your wearing a mask. I guess I've been so caught up in killing you that I never noticed.
Executioner: ...
Raph: Weeellll let's just see what your ugly little face actual looks like!

Raph: What the... fuck.
(Raph jumps of the Executioner and backs up)
Raph: What the actual fuck...
Sarah: Raph... what's wrong. 
Raph: No. No. You're dead. We all saw you die. You're rotting in hell!
(The Executioner get's up. With out his mask he's got brown hair and a goatee.)
Executioner: I take it you didn't miss me?
Sarah: Raph.. who... is he? Why are you so upset?
Raph: It's the Prodigal Liar. Nathan Umbra.
Gabe: Umbra? But... how?
Nathan: Now now, isn't a man entitle to his secrets?

Nathan then pulled out a combat knife and rushed at us with blinding speed. A loud CLANG rang out as his knife meet another blade held by non other then Michael! 

Michael: Dante, now!

Suddenly someone else jumped into the room, caring a giant fucking sword. He swung it at Nathan, pinning him by this weird crevice the blade had at the tip.

Nathan: Who the hell are you?!
Dante: Come now man are you deaf? You heard Michael call me out. I'm the man of the inferno, Dante. Don't go forgetting it now. It's rude to forget the name of your killer.
Nathan: Cute, you think you can actually kill me~
Dante: Considering I've got my sword around your neck, I'm pretty confident.
Nathan: Hehehehehe, well Archangels it seems I have to prolong are battles even further. It bothersome I know. But I promise I will end this all next time. Hehehehe. Mwahahahahaha!

And poof. He was gone. Slender Walked away. Fucking coward. Well anyway, I'm going to turn it over to Michael so he can finish this up.

Yes, sorry for my absence readers. There were much complications, but I'll write about that and how I meet Dante later. I'm very exhausted right now as I'm sure the other are to. Plus with the Executioners identity now known... there is much to discuses. I'll be sure to message Diesis about this. Hopeful she can explain how Umbra came back from the dead....

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.


  1. Shit. Shit fuck tits. This makes everything... That damn dream I'm typing up... so much damn clearer....


  2. PS: I've been meaning to say this for a while but this font really does a number on my eyes. -___-

  3. Michael here: Hmmmm a possibly precognitive dream. Hopeful that can answer some questions.

    Also yes, I thought the text would look nice but on long post like this it is quite stressful on the eyes. I really should change it.

  4. I guess... Or maybe It was my subconscious slightly knowing this, but my blind rage didn't allow me to watch and listen and pay attention to details like i generally do. I'm still typing this out... Lucia's gonna come back to a total shitstorm isnt she? -sigh-

    And It's pretty, but not good for here. You could use it for headers or something :3

  5. I've missed you all so dearly. It's been HELL without you.