Monday, 9 January 2012

A Big O'l Storm of Explanation

Hello readers, as I promised yesterday here's a post explaining all that's happened in this last crazy week.

First, why I disappeared: After we found.... what was left... of the first contact, we headed for the second who was located in Minnesota. After grabbing a motel room, nothing to spectacular but it houses all of us, I went out to grab some food. A simple errand... or at least it should have been.... On my way back... I felt a sudden chill, it shot up my back and froze my movements. I've never felt anything like it. It was pure, unbridled terror.... There is one thing... one being I knew could case this.... The Dark Gentlemen.... the Slender Man.... As soon as I saw Him my body unfroze, I dropped what I was caring and started running. (Wait, wait, wait. You mean you just DROPPED $30 worth of food?) (Good to see wear your priorities are Raph -_-;) I ran and I ran until my body finally gave out. I didn't lose him though. He came closer and closer to me and I thought for sure I was dead...Until someone jumped in between me and Him, grabbed my hand and whisked me away. Which brings me to my next point

Who is Dante: Yes, Dante saved me from Slender Man. He dragged my exhausted body far away and up a fire escape to the top of an apartment. It was there he explained who he is. In short he's the second contact. After we told Diesis about what happened to the first, she contacted him and he found us instead. Good timing to. We then laid low for a couple of days as SM still stalk around a bit. He seemed very determined, but he bored after a few days. We started to head back but when I checked on the blog and saw that the Executioner... or, in truth, Umbra, was going to attack, we laid low and waited for the right moment to intervene. As for what Dante's doing now... it seems like he's staying... I'm very grateful to him, and he'll be a valuable addition to are team... but he's a little... eccentric (That's putting it lightly....) (He could be worse Raph.) (The man tries to talk in rhymes Michael. I'm pretty sure he's insane...) (Who needs sanity when you have perfect hair) (That doesn't even make sense!)

Ehm, yes... anyway. On to my next point.

The whole deal with Nathan Umbra: Umbra is an old nemesis of are's. When Azax first started his blog he manipulated his bad memory into thinking he was an old friend, when in fact he was the first and worst proxy to harass him. He manipulated a lot of people actual.... making false fighting movements and "alliances" all in order to kill mass amounts of Runners.... Azax or as he called him "The Child of Ash" was top priority... But he never got the chance. A man by the name of Clark killed him and sealed his soul in hell. He did try to come back before by taking over Mr. Alan, but that was quickly dealt with.... and we thought we saw the last of him then. (Should of figured this would of happened. Hell was to good for him. I knew they'd want him gone.)  Yes, as you can tell Raph has a major... dislike of Umbra. 

You see, Raph along with a few other Knights, were recruited from Nathan's old "army". We took them in after his death. (The bastard had us all fooled. I thought I was finally free from the Skinny bastard... but to learn all we did... was just to make it easier for that bastard to do his job... all those horrible things... FUCK!) 

It's a stressful time. And I'm sure it will be worse for people that knew Umbra better... Ehe. I think were going to move along to a safer, less known location and rest a little. So sorry if updates might come slower... but, until then.

Cinis Cinerem, Pulverem Pulveri.      


  1. I think I've taken a liking to you Dante. XD I have a love of eccentric people. (a few sasons of drama club will do that to a person. Lol)

    If you guys wanna swing by I can have Nae send you an email of our location. I might even make snikerdoodles. I make damn good snikerdoodles.

  2. Michael here: That sounds like any excellent idea. There's no better way to relax then to spend time with friends.