Sunday, 22 January 2012

They're Back

So about 20 minutes ago I'm playing some online games when a knock comes from are door. I get up to go answer it, but Gabe's already there.

(Flips out one of his tonfa's)
Sarah: Put that away. It's probably Michael and Ben, they finished early. 
(Gabe rolls his eyes and opens the door.)

Sure enough it's them standing there. Well, Michael standing there with Ben in his arms.

Michael: Hehe, the whole trip with a little much for him.
Sarah: Ahhhh, how cute. I'll go kick Alan out of his bed.
Gabe: I'll take him. You go sit down.
Michael: Thanks.

Then, as I leave the room I hear Gabe yell very loudly


I run back in to see that Michael along with the sleeping Ben, have collapsed on top of Gabe. 

Gabe: Well don't just stand there! Get them off me.
(Now just to clarify, Gabe is British. And he usually keeps himself so low key that his accent is hard to pick up on. Not when he's mad though. He loses all his cool and just starts ranting in the thickest of British accents. Which I think justifies what I do next.)
Sarah: Bwahahahahaha.
Alan: What the hell is going on in here.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Gabe: Ughhhhh WANKERS!
(Raph walks in, sees Gabe pinned,hold's in snicker)
Gabe: Ughhhh.
(Raph picks Ben off Gabe, and Alan puts Michael on the couch)
Gabe: Damn you all.

That was the best laugh I've had in months. To bad it came at the expense of Gabe's dignity. I'm still chuckling. Anyhow, Michael's still passed out so we'll wait till tomorrow to badger him with questions. At least it seems like it went well. What exactly well is though is left to be determined. 

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  1. I think you'll find the information I gave him... Interesting.