Sunday, 8 January 2012

Heading into Battle Apparently

So yeah, about an hour ago Raph walked into the room with this to say:

Raph: Everyone got there weapons?
Sarah: Whhhhhhhhy?
Raph: Cuss the Executioner's coming here to kill us. So were going to kill him first. Simple as that.
Sarah: Wha--wha-wha-WHAT?!
Gabe: So what time should he be here?
Raph: Don't know. Could be any moment.
Gabe: Perfect.
Sarah: What. Do you two actually want him here?
Raph: Yep.
Sarah: Why?!
Raph & Gabe: Because I want to kill him.
Sarah:.... Well at least you can finally agree on something...

Well it's been an hour now and no sign off him. I guess Slendy can't afford to send him express. Raph and Gabe are patrolling around. There like giddy children. It's almost scary... I wish Michael was here to talk some sense into them....  No time for wishing though. I've got to get Ben somewhere safer. I'll post once everything has died down. 

Till then.

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