Monday, 16 January 2012

Dis-function Junction

Well things are just a huge mess down here. Raph's been pissed off ever since his huge cyber rant at Umbra, and after Gabe and Dante were discussing how Umbra's changed (for the better) since his trip to hell he got in a HUGE argument with them that Michael had to break up. Raph proceeded to storm off and hasn't been back since. Gabe just kept on being uncaring Gabe, Michael's stressed the hell out and sleeping A LOT to calm himself... and Dante upped and disappeared on us. Ugh. As for me, I'm just sitting here. Watching over Alan to see if he wakes up. He's been passed out ever since Umbra dropped him off on are door step. We've been trying to move quickly so we can get him to someplace more stable and where there's someone who knows more about how to wake him up then we do. Looks like that plans been flip upside down. It seems the only one at peace here is Ben. He's just sitting in the corner playing games on the Iphone. He's just like a little kid. Hard to believe just a few months ago he was trying to kill us all.... but that was the mind controls fault not his...  


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  1. Great. Two of my greatest enemies are angry and nowhere to be found. I'll drop off the corpses if they come here.