Sunday, 6 November 2011

By Thy Face of Terror

Ok, I think I'm awake enough to write this thing now. Soooo, the meeting. With the mystery email sender. At the abandoned church. Transcribing, now.

Right at five I arrive at the front steps of this old decrepit church. It's huge door looming over me. "There's no way this thing is going to open" I think to myself. So what do I do? I put my hands on the door and uttered, "... Fuck! Of all the times for me to forget that line from city of bones." And then I shoved the door open. Not as awesome as I was hoping to be. Anyway, I looked around, the place is empty except for a few pews and a big cross at the front. Oh and it's damn near pitch black. No, not foreboding at all. I take a seat and start to wait. And wait. And wait. A half hour went by and I was almost falling asleep. So I got up and went to go look at the cross. It was a big  fat thing made of stone, just sitting there at the front.

???: Praying?
A voice from behind me, I don't bother turning before I give my answer.
Me: Atheists don't pray.
???: An atheist? Then why are you in a church?
Me: Hehe, well. Could it be because you wanted me here.
(I turn to see a hooded figure behind me.)
Me: Deimos.
Deimos: Ahhh you figured me out. When did you realize it was me?
Me: Just now. 
Deimos: Oh. Well I guess your not the world's greatest detective after all...
(I draw my sword and point it at his throat)
Me: Don't play games.
Deimos: Heh, I thought I said to come unarmed?
Me: You said come alone.
Deimos: Oh I did didn't I? Well no matter. I'm not here to harm you anyway I just want to talk. Trust me.
Me: Trust you? You're one of Nathan's old goons.
Deimos: HEY! (he grabs my blade and points it down) I was just as surprised about Nathan's true nature as everyone else was. Now put this thing away and let's talk rationality. Ok?
Me: (I sheath my sword) Sorry. Not used to talks where I don't have to be ready to gut the one I'm talking to. are you alive? Alan said Nathan killed you.
Deimos: Of course he didn't kill me. I'm a Fear. All he could do is seal me. And I broke out of that. 
Me: Yeah, you see I still know very little about Fears bull crap.
Deimos: Which is the reason I called you here today. It's very bad when a Fear knows nothing about his brethren.
Me: I am not a Fear!
Deimos: Well not a full one. Just a Sub. In-fact, not even that. You're more like a Sub-Sub-Fear. A degenerate.
Me: Ok that just flew WAY over my head. But I'm pretty sure it was insulting! Before you start to claim I'm not human, mind explain what exactly a Sub-Fear is?
Deimos: A Sub-Fear is a being created as an extension of one of the original Fears. They share smiler powers to there "parent" but it's much weaker. I should know, I'm one to.
Me: Alright then. So, what is Diesis and extension of then... 
Deimos: The Blind Man. Probably the kindest of the Fears. He was willing to give his "daughter" all she needed for her little exploits. Even lending use of his domain for quick travel.
Me: Domain?
Deimos: It's a Fear's home. A world they control. Most of them use it for travel. Like Slender Man's Path.
Me: So that explains Red's teleporting...
Deimos: That's just the tip of the ice-berg though. Sit, there is much more.

For the next hour Deimos told me all about Fears... 

Deimos: That's about it for the basics. We'll have to wait to see what exactly will happen to you to go into more detail.
Deimos: You ok?
Me: You never answered something.
Deimos: What?
Me: You said I was a Sub-Sub Fear. That implies my true "Parent" is a Sub-Fear.
Deimos: Correct.
Me: Well who the hell is it?!
Deimos: Do I REALLY have to spell it out for you?
Me: Uh...ohhhhh. No. No you don't... 

And so we left the dusty old church and went back to the hotel. Red was... surprised to say the least. But he welcomed Deimos. And they started to talk strategy, but I heard none of it as I crashed as soon as I got back and I just woke up and hour ago. They did tell what the game plan for now is... but I'm not going to say. Why? Because I know Blue reads my blog and I don't want to spoil his surprise to much. 

So, until next time....


  1. Wait, he's alive? I'll be waiting at the mansion when you get back, he has some explaining to do.

  2. Don't start your waiting yet, I'll be here for awhile.

  3. "Do the wonders never cease?"

    Suddenly, Fluttershy starts singing "So many wonders"