Thursday, 3 November 2011

London Calling

Hello everyone, Red here. Azax seems to have decided that sight seeing is more important then updating, so I'll do it in his stead. 

We arrived in London at midnight after a long, seven hour flight. Ugh. I hate planes. We checked into the hotel we booked, (the desk clerk gave us nasty looks. Must have been my mask) and enjoyed a well deserved sleep. (damn those planes seats, they are uncomfortable) When we woke up,  I had the Knights get right to work. I sent two of them down to the old shack me and Azax were in the last time we were here. Seems like the best place to look as it's the closest thing we have to a lead. But they sadly reported that nothing was there. Oh well, I'm keeping them stationed  there just in case. 

After that Azax and I decided to look around town, where he got excited over EVERYTHING. Seriously. He started jumping in glee when we went for lunch and the clerk asked  for pounds. Honestly I don't see whats so exciting. But I digress. After about 2 hours of wondering around it was painfully apparent that we have no leads on Blues whereabouts. The only things we have are the shack and the email Azax revived before the trip. It says he has to go to some church here in  London at 5:00 on Saturday. I'm skeptical about it, but he insist on going, and it's are best bet right now. So we'll be waiting on that. 

But that's enough rambling for now. Maby Azax will make his own update later... if he ever manages to pull himself away from the window.. oh now he turned on the tv. God if he finds a channel with Dr. Who on, I'll never get him away from it.


  1. In my defense this is my first time being outside Canada... of my own volition. Not to mention I'm not going to be able to anything "fun" after tomorrow, if this meeting proves to be informative.

  2. A meeting? Do you want me there for backup in case it goes awry?

  3. No, the email specifically said for me to go alone. Not even Red is going.