Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nightmare's Moon

Well that was.. fun. As fun as a nightmare can be. Now I can't sleep. Thought I'd be used to that one after having it every night for the last 3 nights. Oh wait, I never blogged about that. Guess I didn't find it important... I might as well say what it was, a dream sent by Slendy. Been a while since I got these. He's really making use of the protection hole... I'm rambling. I should just say what the dream was.

I'm there again, the nothingness. The nothingness I was in when He sent me to England, that horrible blank world. I'm not alone. Alan is there, Tori is there, Red is there, Diesis is there. Everyone's there. Everyone I know. Everyone I used to know... People I don't know. There all there. Burning. And He's there. Burning them. No remorse. No pleasure. Just blankness. He's mocking me to. I can't hear the words, but He's saying them. "It's all your fault. You caused it. You can end it..." And then I wake up.  Every time. Before He says how to end it. I can only guess though.....

Wondering the halls now. I've lived here for a month now, but I've never really explored the manor. I know where everything is, but I've never really looked at it. Explored every detail. 

Oh look, it's Red's room. He left his door unlocked. I've never really been in here. It's so boring. And there he is, sleeping away. Still wearing that mask.... guess he has no option really. It's sad when you think about it. Should leave. Exploring his room at night is kinda creepy.

What was that? A noise?  Who's up at this hour... besides me. 

Oh it was just Sebastian. Forgot about the buffed up security, night watch now.Ugh Sebastian! Don't call me Young Master, I'm to tired to be fan over you. 

Back to bed now, big day coming up. Lot's of prep. Post   about      Tomorrow.  


  1. Hm... burning.. that sounds like oodles of fun...
    Yes I'm serious. I've always wondered what it was like to burn like a candle....
    My mind is a scary place.

  2. I actually posted this? Crap I was tired last night. And Tori even if it is fun, I'd rather not see you or anyone in that dream burst into flames.

  3. >Nightmre's moon
    >Nightmare moon
    >Brony fangasm.

  4. Ugh I love MLP:FiM but I can't believe I used that pun... no more half asleep posting.

  5. Oh god.... Phobos I love you XD I'm dyinggggggg. XDDDD

    And sorry, I'm a bit of a pyro.... I like fire what can I say?

  6. Fire is good, fire is great. When it's not on you.