Monday, 14 November 2011

No time for my usual fancy crap

Azax here, and I got to be quick. I'm posting this frorm Deimos' ipod (he kept one with him to check on the blogs when he was gone.) Edgar's one cocky mother fucker and never checked any of are pockets, just assuming we wouldn't dare bring anything I guess. Anyway, just letting you all know me, Red, and Deimos are fine... well not hurt. So stop kicking yourself Michael! As for where we are I don't really know. He walked us way out from London then blindfolded us. I do think it's near are first lead though...

He hasn't done anything to harm us... yet. He did take a sample of my blood though, can only guess what that's for. And then he locked us up in some kind of mock dungeon.

Oh also, turns out Feist is about as smart as a turnip. He`s being tricked into working for Edgar. Also turn's out Blues been under slender-mind screw this whole time. Almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost.

As for


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  1. This is the most reliving and worry thing I have ever read...