Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Off to England

So we've arrived at the airport, about an hour before take off. Two main things I want to cover here. First, my "package" for Alan and Tori. Knights. Yep last night I sent ten knights to each of there homes. Why? Because of that stupid dream. I figured in case something does happen, it wouldn't hurt to have some extra help around. I'm not saying they'll be able to keep you 100% safe or that something is going to happen. But I'm a fucking worry wort, and this makes me feel better.

Second, which just makes me MORE anxious, I had an encounter today. About half an hour before we left I was walking around the manor listening to my Ipod. I was trying to take in my home one last time before I left, since I have to idea how long I'll be gone. Anyway, I was about to head in when I saw Him in the treeline. Slender Man. I darted after Him yanking out one of my ear phones. He stopped and turned to me once I got to the trees. And there I am, about to confront the Dark Gentlemen for the first time since He sent me to England, and my Ipod decides to troll.

   This starts to play VERY LOUDLY in the one ear phone I still have in. I already know this is going to be fun...

Me: So... you finally decide to rear your ugly mug in front of me again huh?
SM: ....
Me: What the hell are you planning this time? The proxies the dreams, what's the deal? Gonna try and keep me here so I don't find out more truths. Yeah I know a lot more now since the last time we meet. All about your sick little doctor's experiments. 
Me: Maby you want to try and traumatize me again, or have me and Blue kill each other, Huh, HUH?! WHAT IS IT?!

He just started to walk away then. I run at Him, but He vanishes before I can catch Him. He never answered me, never fucking said a word to me. He never talks to me. But He did leave me a message. Scratched into dirt was "The Time of Rebirth is Nigh". Cryptic bastard.

Heh, let's just hope everything will be fine, and that I can enjoy England. You know when I'm not hunting down my arch nemesis. Well looks like were boarding sooner then expected, I'll post once were safely in England. I'll miss everyone, don't do anything stupid till I get back.

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