Friday, 11 November 2011

.... Don't Know What to Say....

Uhm, well... hello. My name is Michael, a Knight and head of the AA Sector under Red. And I'm bringing you today's update instead of Sir Azax or Sir Red because... they can't. They were taken, along with Deimos.... Ugh this isn't good.When Deimos came back, he was running, from something. Saying to seal the room.... Oh right. Azax started recording after he said that. I'll transcribe it. It'll be better then me just explaining.

Red: Barricade the room? What's going on Deimos?
Azax: Is something out there? Is it Him!?
Deimos: NO, it's....
(The door is busted down and Deimos scrambles across the room)
Azax: Holy fuck!
Deimos: That's why I said barricade.
(A six-foot creature walks in, Huge arms, giant head with bull horns, glowing red eyes and completely black)
Red: I-it can't be!
Azax: The hell is this thing Red?
Deimos: The Rake`s Sub-Fear. Feist.
Azax: F-Feist!? You mean that Feist?
Red: Yes. 
(Feist proceeds into the room, 10 proxies follow behind him and surround Azax, Red and Deimos.)
Azax: Proxies? Why the hell is a Feist working with Slim and Grim?
Feist: CAPTURE.....CHILD......
Deimos: He`s not that smart...
???: Now, now Feist that'a good for now.
(A man walks in. And older man probably in his late 40's.)
Azax: And you are?
???: Oh my. Don't you recognize me Child of Ash? After all I did for you. Well, why don't you tell him Red...
Red: (Red was breathing heavily) EDGAR!
Azax: N--no.. way... You...BASTARD!
(Azax runs at him but Feist swats him away) 
Edgar: Now, now. No need to lose your temper now. I'm just here to invite you three to my lab. 
Deimos: By invite you mean kidnap, right?
Edgar: No, No. I want you coming of your own wills, now.
Red: And if we refuse?
Edgar: Oh you won't be refusing. You value your brother life after all.
Red: Value... Blue's life. What do you mean by that.
Azax: Are you serious? Your only threat is to kill Blue? Heh, he's a traitor..
Deimos: Azax Don't! That's not what really...
Edgar: HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, yes. Blues a traitor, yes.
Red: What are you implying? Deimos, what does he mean?
Edgar. No, no. He will not spoil my surprises, no. If you want to learn more, come with me.
Deimos: Azax, Red... I hate to say it, but I think it's in are best interest to go with him...
Red: Deimos! You can't be serious...
Azax: We'll go.
Red: A-Azax!
Edgar: Excellent, excellent. Let us get going.
(Raphael, one of my fellow Knights stands up) 
Raphael: I've heard enough! We're coming to. We can't just let you take are bosses.
Edgar: NO NO NO! Normals like you are of no use to me!
Raphael: No use? (he pulls out his revolver) What use is there in letting you even take them?
Michael: Raphael! Stop this! It--It's Sir Azax's desire to go with him. We--we have no right, to stop him....
Raphael: Michael...
Azax: Thank you Michael. Here, take this.
(He throws me his Ipod.)
Azax: The password to my laptop is on there, as well as this recorded conversation. Your in-charge of the blog...  until we get back.

And then they left. A few proxies blocked the door so we couldn't give chase....Listening to this, I wonder if I made the right decision . Raphael sure doesn't think so.... I don't know about the others....This isn't good, this isn't good at all...


  1. I hope everything works out.... I still need to let my minions - i mean knights- (they actually find it funny when I call them that cause i do it in my bad English accent) tell me what they want to post about them.... I think I may do that today.

  2. Ok finally got this hunk of junk working again.... Yes we hope it will all work out to. We're more optimistic after we found a message on the ipod written by Azax saying "We Can Contact You"