Saturday, 5 November 2011

Remember, Remember, I hate that Movie

Well, I'm fucking exhausted. No sleep last night. Not nightmares surprisingly. Just to anxious. Today's the day the email stated. At 5 I have to go to some run down old church here in London (we spent all of yesterday looking for it, part of the reason I'm so tired). Oh and I have to go alone. Yeah, not suspicious at all. But it's are only lead right now. The shack has turned up nothing. Except a laptop with an internet stick in it. Guess that's where the signal came from when I was there. Oh and the laptop was blank, no data at all. 

Ehhhhh, I should really get some sleep before the meeting. Ah screw it there's only on hour left. Well guess I should go get ready for it. I'll post once I'm back.... or tomorrow, if I'm still really, really tired.

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