Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Butler

Well I know who fucked with the lights yesterday. It was proxies. Under orders from fucking Ella, Nathans old bitch of a girlfriend. Why do I know it was under her orders? Cuss she just left, with her tail between her legs. Let me regard you with a tale of why I love my butler.

The lights are kinda perma screwed right now with out outside help, so Red and a few of the Knights escorted Diesis into town so she can talk to one of her connections who can fix them. The rest of the Knights were either resting in the barracks or training themselves, so the only people in the manor were basically me and Sebastian the head "butler" (no real better word for what he does). I was wandering around as there was nothing to do, and I grew bored of the internet (the only working electrically powered thing). When I heard a knocking sound on the door, which I went to answer absent mindedly and found that the door was already open and no one outside.... So I close it and start walking away until...

Ella: Hello~
Me: Ugghhh fuck. You again?
Ella: Ahhh, you don't like me?
Me: I thought I made that clear when I shot a chainsaw at you.
Ella: Hehehe, well I won't be long. I just wanted to know if my little present went through. And it seems it did.
Me: You fucked up are lights?
Ella: Not me, but one of my proxies.
Me: Sigh, I thought I would have an easier time, with Blue on another continent. But you proxies seem to have some rule where you HAVE to come bug me on a regular basis.
Ella: Hehehe, and this "bugging" will continue. Until I finish what Nathan started.
Me: Listen lady, finishing what a failure started is not something to be proud of.
Ella: SHUT UP!
Me: Oooooooh looks like I hit a sore spot. Now if your going to finish what Nathan started I might as well finish what Alan started. (I reach for my sword, just to realize I left it in my room. Stupid heavy thing.)
Me: Shit.
Ella: Hehehehehe missing something? Maby I should just skip ahead in my plan, and finish it right...

And it was then Ella was cut off by three knives just missing her head and sticking into the wall behind her. It did cut her though.

Sebastian: Sir Azax. Is this woman... bothering you.
(I turn to face Sebastian, giant smile on my face.)
Me: Why yes Sebastian. She is being quite the disruption to the house hold. I would like her to be removed, permanently.
Sebastian: At once Sir. Young Lady you can make this easy if you leave now.
Ella: L-Leave? You---you think you alone can force me to...
(Again she's cut off. This time with a fork to her shoulder.)
Ella: You--you-you..
Sebastian: Yes I. (pulls out more silver ware) I who has been trained to make anything a weapon, and has done so since before you were even old enough to walk. Is asking you to leave. Now.

And so she did. She ran like the bitch she is. And it's official, Sebastian is my new hero. If you can threaten someone seriously with a SPOON, and make them run, you are no hands down, a badass. Ahhh you live up to your name sake Sebastian (or at least whats your name sake for me). Anyway Diesis and Red should be back soon, there going to love this story. Hope it doesn't screw with that plan though...         

UPDATE: Should have wrote this earlier. When I told what happened to Diesis, she was ticked. She didn't like the fact someone found a hole in her tight security. So the amount of Knights on guard duty is doubled until she can find out how the proxies made it to the manor in the first place. Also the lights and everything else is back. 

                                            (Sebastian's name sake in my eyes) 


  1. I always made that comparison, now I see it's justified...

  2. Very much so. I showed Sebastian an episode of Black Butler earlier today and I think he liked it. He's also taken to calling me "Young Master" because of it... MUST NOT GLOMP.

  3. ..... Stop reading my mind. Stop it. XD
    Sorry for the absence guys.... I'll put up that therapy post as soon as I can, along with a post about my absence....