Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Cabin in Nowhere

Now that things have calmed down on my end, I figured I should post something. After my last comment yesterday, I past right out and didn't wake up till around 3:00. Red was in a more talkative mood from last night. He said he found something but wanted to wait till I woke up to check it out. So I got up and he told me he explored the rest of this place. Turns out we were in a cellar of a two floor, shack, I guess would be the best word to put it. There wasn't much on the main floor, except for a table with nothing important on in, except for ALL MY STUFF. My laptop (which I'm using right now), my favourite cloths, my necklace, and even my short sword. That wasn't the creepiest part. When I booted up my laptop it opened to a word document which had "THESTARTWHEREALLANSWERSLIE" wrote just like that. So yeah, no doubt that SM was responsible for sending me out here into this cabin, which I may add is in the middle of the woods. And giving me all my valuables for reasons that probably only make sense to Him. Also still no idea where the wireless signal is coming from, there`s no modem or anything like it that I can see (not that I've searched to hard). 

Anyway after a bit of a panic attack of realizing I have no clue where I am, SM obviously  was in my house and took my stuff (don't care that it was to give it back to me), and trying figure out what the HELL that message means,  Red was able to calm me down and told me he was going to look around to try and find civilization. That was about an hour and half ago. I gave him my Iphone so he can message me on the blog if he found a town and some wifi. So yeah I've just been sitting here on the cabin deck waiting for a message or sign of him. It's damn nerve racking, but I'm trying to focus all my energy on hoping I'm not to far from home. I'll post more info once I have it. Until then, wish me luck.


  1. >Wifi from nowhere
    >Rogers mobile internet stick?

  2. Oh god I wish. Wireless everywhere would be amazing. Sadly there's no stick in my laptop. Guess it wasn't in Slendy's budget.

  3. Hey, it exists bro. How do you think I update from Antarctica?

  4. Well it's good to see that you've calmed enough to make small talk with the unneeded one. I have brought news. I have arrived in a city and am currently at one of it eateries which advocated free wifi. It will be to long of a trek to walk back and then come here again, so I will use my "faster" means of travel to come a get you Child.

  5. No way. There's no way. THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY! Update tomorrow, after I find a place to sleep. God dammit.