Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blue Truth

I'm back, and ok. I talked with Blue... well more or less listened to the bastard as he talked. I learned a lot of things; about myself, about Red, about Diesis, about everything really. Prepare for a long post.  (also spelling errors as I'm not in the mood to correct them.)

It started when I was at Alan's, clearing out that hanger he found. When all of a sudden Nathan's girlfriend (which I was under the impression was dead) showed up with an ASS ton of proxies. Needless to say a fight broke out, and good to say the Mortal Sword was definitely a nice upgrade. But it wasn't long into the battle that I started hearing someone call me from the treeline, it was Blue. I stare at him and he just smirks and gives a "over here" gesture, and I follow him. As soon as I passed the trees, he grabbed me and teleported me. (I forgot he could do that to). So yeah I open my eyes to see this giant cave in front of me with Blue walking into it, again I follow. He took a seat on an elevated flat rock and are conversation began...

Me: Alright Blue enough games, why did you take me here?
Blue: Don't you remember? I wanted to talk with you, but on my grounds. And as you can see, we're here.
Me: And where is here exactly?
Blue: Don't worry we're not far at all. Maby a 10 minute hike from the manor.
Me: You've been here all along?!
Blue: You know what they say about your enemies.
Me: I want ONE! ONE good reason why I shouldn't be killing you now.
Blue: Because you want to hear what I have to say.
Me: I want to hear why you killed mt parents!
Blue: Oh my, you thought those people were your parents? My what has my brother been telling you?
Me: Not... not my parents... 
Blue: Wow, it's amazing how much knowledge you don't have. I thought you would have at least learned something form your trip to the homeland.
Me: Homeland.... England's.. not.. where I was born...
Blue: So you've never heard the story?
Me: Story?

Blue: Once upon a time 13 years ago there was a servant of the Slender Man, by the name of Edgar Bridgewright. You see he was quite fascinated Fears and dreamed to experiment with one. And you can imagine his joy when he got his hands on a living, breathing one named Feist. Sure he was just a sub-fear. It wasn't long before he got to work on his next experiment, taking young children, and seeing what the mixing of Fear blood would do to them. So, from Britain's great capital he stole 12 children away to his secret cabin, and began to put them through tortures and tests All in the name of his sick science. Some of the children were lucky and died instantly. Other lived longer only to die suffering. One set of twins was unlucky enough to learn first hand how acidic Fear blood can be. One child was special though, one child stood above the rest. You see, his reaction to the blood was nothing. No reaction at all. No matter how much was given. Edgar was ecstatic. He thought he finally had his perfect test subject.

Blue: But it was all for not, as Feist was able to free himself, and break down the accursed shack. Destroying all the work he held so dear. The only things left were the three remaining children. The special one and the twins. Oh they surely would have died out there in the elements if it weren't for a third party. An old Blind Man. He took the twins in and gave them to his daughter, who raised them like her own. Protecting their damaged faces with masks. As for the special one you might be wondering.... well, he hide him away. Gave him to some random couple thinking he would be safe there. Oh, but you see you can't hide from Him, the Slender Man. He knew of Edgar's experiments and found the boy just as interesting. It was only a matter of time until he found him. So he stalked him, watched him, as he does, trying to learn what was so special about him. After years of nothing he left it to his proxies, seeing if they could provoke him. But even that failed to work. And with no one seeming to realise what a failure this had all been. I took it upon myself to end this experiment. And here we are...

Blue: Oh and don't think think that little Lady got off free. She had feel the pain of one of those children she raised so dearly, leaving her to except His much more comforting embrace...

And with that he teleported again. I was alone in the cave, with a bombshell dropped on me. It's kind of fuzzy on what happened next, but I remember walking into the manor, expecting... I don't know. 

Me: I'm back...
Sebastian: S-sir Azax! Sir Azax you're back! Sir Red, Lady Diesis, he's back!
Red: Azax! Your ok! Where in hell did you go?
Me: I talked.. with your brother... and I learned a few things...
Red: You... you did now...
(Diesis walks in)
Me: Hello Diesis, there's a few things...
Diesis: Where were you?! 
(I'm completely taken back. Diesis never raises here voice)
Me: I--I---I was talking to Blue, a--and...
Diesis: And you didn't bother to tell Red.
Me: We--we were fighting proxies, and I..
Diesis: Didn't wait till the fight was done!? Didn't wait to form a plan, maby finally capture him. Not to mention you just left Alan there, he's worried about you to!
Me: I--I ... Just you...
(I never get to finish that sentence as Diesis suddenly hugged me.)
Me: D---Diesis.
Diesis: ...Will....
Me: Will?
Diesis: W-Will you promise to NEVER go to do something so reckless without alerting Red first...  this is your home, we worry about you here.
Me: Uhmm.. ah... I... yeah. I promise. Sorry to worry you. 

And that was that. I asked about somethings later, and Diesis confirmed it all. The people I thought were my parents, weren't. I'm was part of some freak experiment. SM apparently thinks I'm special. And I'm apparently British.... How fun.  

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