Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Azax is Missing

Red here, no time to be formal. Azax is missing. He disappeared after the battle at Alan's. I... I had the knights searched the premise I don't know how many times... but he wasn't there. The Mut  Ernie said he saw Blue... lead him away... LEAD him away not take... Damn it, I've failed as his protector yet again... My Lady, she's so worried, I've failed her to... No I must find him. Blue, if you read this I swear, if any harm comes to Azax, I'll kill you, brother or not...  


  1. Goddamnit, I should've been watching his back... I'm so sorry Red.

  2. It's not your fault, you were unconscious. And.. it looks like he went willingly, so we may not have been able to stop him anyway. If anything turns up alert me please.