Saturday, 29 October 2011

Damn it's Dark

So I was supposed to post yesterday, you know talk about how I talked to the cops. Why did I talk to the cops? Because I'm an idiot who just but this equation together; Burned house + Dead "Parents" + Me not in town since = I'm probably dead or a suspect. Turns out... I'm neither of that. I never existed apparently There's no record of my "parents" ever having a child. Guess that really proves what Blue said as true. Anyway, onto the reason I didn't post... The manor's power was cut. We don't know how, but Diesis is pissed, and Red's been searching with the knights but haven't found any reason why or someone who may have done it. We've been able to get the internet back, but the lights are still out, and holy crap the manor is fucking dark.

Apparently Red found something... Fuck. Yeah someone broke in and took out the lights, they left a note. Fucking cocky ass proxies. Update later.

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  1. Hey man. I'll make a post detailing the haloween party soon... I bought a certain mask just to piss you off XD.