Saturday, 15 October 2011


Holy crap, when Nathan gets drunk he wants to STAY drunk. It was pretty hard to convince him to sober up long enough to slenderwalk me back to at least this continent, while he was talking of adventure and exploring pyramids. Guess I shouldn't complain though, he went out of his way to do this for me and I'm grateful.  Red isn't though, and I still haven't seen him. At least he did leave me some contact in the form of a letter I found today in the hotel. It reads; "Azax, you have gone against my wishes and relied on the Prodigal liar once again. But you seem to keep faith in him, so I will withhold my disapprovement, but I will not accompany you along with him. I have my own means of returning do not worry about that. I will contact you once you are soundly home. Sincerely The Red Oni." . Red... I'll never understand your dislike of Nathan. It looks like Nathan's ready to go, I'll add to this once I get the chance.  

Ok Nathan says he's got some other things to take care of so he just took me to his own house (the one just outside of my town) gave me some truck keys and said he'd see me later. Well then, lets hope driving a truck isn't difficult. 

Alright I'm back in town. Should be coming up on my house soon. God I can't wait to see my house and parents again. Not looking forward to explaining why I've been gone, though. Nathan did say he had one of his men check up and explain to my parents. Exactly what he explained and how much of it was true is unknown to me. Maybe I should tell them the truth finally... Hmmmm that's weird, usually you can see my house from here. Weird, maybe I'm just used to going up a different street.

EDIT:   Where.... where is it? Where is my house, my parents.... Where is it all.  Why.... why is there ash everywhere..... why does it smell like fire.... and why does no one but me seem to see it.... why...why...why....why do I see my mother lying in the wreckage.... why is she not breathing...........



  1. Goddammit. Call if you need me to help you grieve or bury them. I'll also provide a proper funeral service according to your religion or family customs. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

  2. Hmmmm, It's good to see you're enjoying my "Welcome Back" Present.


  4. Well Umbra it seems you've done something useful in my eyes for once. Finding a way to aggravate the Child's greatest enemy. I shall update in a few moments explaining the current circumstances and who this enemy is.