Thursday, 20 October 2011

Written Truth. Spoken Lies.

Heh... shit just can't stay the same around here. There's always some kind of "Plot Twist" going on. Why am I saying all this, cuss Phobos was over earlier, with some news about Nathan, or should I say some TRUTHS about Nathan. I recorded the conversation, it says all that really needs to be said. So I'll transcribe it, then go think for a while...

Me: Ok the ipod's recording. So what brings you here today?
Phobos: You got my message last night right? About how I destroyed his tomb.
Me: Yes, I also saw your comment on the (Knocking at door) Come in!
Sebastian: I've brought tea, for you and your guest.
Me: Thank you Sebastian.
(Phobos does about 3 double takes)
Phobos: Was, was that one of the proxies?
Me: Knight. That's what Diesis calls them. Knights of the Eternal, or something... And no that one wasn't a proxy. She already had plenty of them. Just wanted to expand a little with the proxies I guess.
Phobos: Hehehe, yeah. Of course. Anyway, fter you left yesterday I started looking around the house, and I came across Nathan's journal... his secret journal. He must have forgot to put it away on that day.... I started reading it, out of curiosity and, and ARGH THAT BASTARD! He had us all tricked.
Me: Calm down Phobos, calm down. What exactly did it say in the journal?
Phobos: He never really stopped being a proxy, he lied about being free from Slender Man's control. Everything, everything he said, all lies. Lies to trap runners.
Me: ....
Phobos: But to tell you that is not the reason I came here. It was to tell you... to tell you about what was written in there, about you.
Me: Me? What the hell did he have to say about me that was so important?
Phobos: A lot actually. You see, Nathan was the first...
Me: The first what?
Phobos: The first proxy you ever meet. The one that gave you the name Child of Ash.
BAAM! (I slam my hands hard on the table)
Me: That bastard... THAT BASTARD! RED!
(Red comes into the room)
Red: You yelled?
Me: You knew about this didn't you?! That's why you always hated Nathan. WHY! Why the hell didn't you tell me.
Red: I... I was under orders not to.
Me: Orders? Who gave a stupid order like that?!
Diesis: I did.
(God damn that woman walk silently)
Me: Diesis... why?
Diesis: Because I was afraid you would react like this. Now if you would calm down I believe Mr. Spencer. here was still talking. Please go on.
Phobos: Uh-um thank you Miss.
Me: Sigh (I sit back down) sorry about that Phobos.
Phobos: It's alright. Like I was saying Nathan also wrote things like that he knew what you really were, what you could do. How to us you...
Me: What I really am? Use me?! The hell that's supposed to mean?
Phobos: I don't know. He was never specific. You're welcome to read through it if you want.
Me: No, I feel sick just looking at it, I can't imagine reading it.
Phobos: Well I can. In fact I've probably read that thing more then any other book in my life. Just to verify it was real, or I wasn't misreading it.
Me: Sigh, well this has been one hell of a bombshell. (I look at Diesis) Still happy with not telling me this?
Diesis: We never could have thought Mr. Umbra could have turned out to be so dangerous. We only knew of his past with you. I honestly thought he was reformed. 
Red: Maybe it's true what they say. You can never really come back once He has you.
Me: Not exactly good to say when are house is filled with proxies.
Diesis: Not proxies, Knights.
Phobos: Speaking of them I have one final question.
Me: Shot.
Phobos: Since you've got your own little army, what are your plans. You know, for dealing with Slender Man.
Me: Absolutely nothing. At the moment.
Phobos: Nothing?!
Me: At the moment! I've got personal stuff to do before I worry about old Slim and Grim.
Phobos: Like?
Me: Killing Blue, that takes priority for me.
Phobos: I see...
Me: I WILL focus on SM after that though.  
Phobos: Sounds good I guess. Well that's all I needed to say anyway so I'll take my leave.
Me: Alrighty. Red could you lead him back please.
Diesis: That won't be necessary. Thomas can take him.
Me: Thomas?
Diesis: The door man.
Me: Your using them for door men now!


  1. My Lady will show them nothing but kindness. Except for about 20 of them doing house work, and 15 under my direct control, the Knights are doing what they were doing before, preparing for battle. I've started a training regiment for them, by the end they will be more skilled then ever before.

  2. 15... Sounds like you're making your own Praetorian guard.