Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What to do now?

So I'm back from Nathan's funeral, me and Red spent the night over there. It was a pretty big funeral, since about 100 of Nathan's once great proxy army (well what he THOUGHT was a proxy army) was there. The rest was me, Red, Phobos, Tori's group, and those Praetorians. Went by quick, 45 minutes is a fast for a funeral... I think. Most of us said are good byes and a few nice words... cept for Red, mainly because I wouldn't let him (I doubt he would have had any nice things to say anyway). After everything was done I sat down with Phobos and we had that talk I wanted.

Phobos: So, here we are. What exactly do you want to know?
Me: Everything that happened leading up to Nathan's death would be a start... I wasn't able to keep up on it.
Phobos: Nathan got.. taken over... by something. It happened to Prophet to. But, but it was worse for him. He was fine and then out of the blue he was, he was... killing them. His own family. And then as quickly as it started... he was dead. Clark killed him... sort of.
Me: Sort of?
Phobos: He's still around, just not visible, or tangible.
Me: So a ghost?
Phobos: For lack of a better word, yes.
Me: Lovely. So what do you plan to do now? Pick up where Nathan left off? Or are you going to lie low?  
Phobos: Lie low. I'm not a leader like Nathan was.
Me: That's why you disbanded the army?
Phobos: Yes.
Me: So the army's free to do whatever now?
Phobos: Yes... why?
Red: Because we want it.
Phobos: What?
Me: Red! You can be more subtle.
Red: But it's why we came here.
Me: No it's why YOU came here. So is it alright if Red takes the army?
Phobos: There in charge  of themselves now, so it's up to them.
Me: Alright. Red, go tell them they 
Red: At once.
Phobos: ... You're different
Me: How can I be different? You've never meet me till now.
Phobos: You're different from the descriptions Nathan gave of you. He said you were fragile, and not a good leader. You seem quite strong to me.
Me: Let's just say I had an awakening. Anyway back to business. Do you happen to know where Prophet is?
Phobos: Prophet?! That coward! I have no clue where he is...  Why?
Me: He may be a coward but he knows a lot about fears, a topic I don't know a lot about. In-fact I've got quite a list of people I want to talk to.
Phobos: Hmmmm I guess...

Before Phobos could finish that sentence, a loud yell came from the front yard. One of the proxies, followed by some cursing from Red. Me and Phobos looked at each, gave a little nod, and ran out. When we got out to the yard the proxies were in a big circle, with a few of them rushing in.... and then being flung out. They quickly cleared a path once they saw us, and it was reveled what they were looking at. Red and Blue at each others throats, and it was quite obvious Red was losing. I rushed in and took a swipe at Blue with my sword, it missed, but at least he got off Red.

Blue: Oh, hi Child of Ash. Been awhile.
Me: You son of a bitch, I'm in NO mood!
Blue: Temper, temper now. I'm only here to play.
Me: Oh I'll show you playing.

I rushed at him again with my sword again, aiming to gut his throat, but he was to fast and swatted me away... but I made for a nice distraction. Phobos was on him in seconds and delivered a nice shot to his jaw, which sent him for enough of a loop for Red to grab him. 

Phobos: So what are you going to do with him.
Me: Don't know. Maby torture till he talks.
Blue: That won't be necessary. I'm more then willing to discuss with you.
Red: So your awake huh?
Me: Hold him tight Red. If your willing to talk then do it.
Blue: Hehe, not here. I'd much rather it be on my own grounds. Away from the ears of others.
Phobos: Well I do't think you're going to get that.
Blue: Oh arn't I?

And before we could react Blue vanished. The bastard can Slender Walk! Red started yelling that he couldn't have gone far and to start looking. I said it was pointless at the moment, and that we'll get him another day.

Phobos: I'm sorry. We let him get away...
Me: Don't be. I know how powerful he is now, so at least I have something.   
Phobos: I guess.
Me: There is one thing you can do though. Take this. (I hold my sword out)
Phobos: You're sword? Why?
Me: I need something bigger.

So Phobos lead me to the garage were there was a wall filled with weapons. "Nathan was a collector" he said. So I put my short sword back, and took this nice big ass broadsword. A lot harder to use then my short sword, but it will pack more punch, which when thinking of Blue, will be very nice. 

Anyway, me and Red are back now, along with 100 proxies that were very willing to help out Diesis in whatever the hell it is she plans to do with them. 


  1. Hey Azax. That blade you returned to us?
    I found it's twin.

  2. Also, I just destroyed the concrete angel we put as his Tombstone. I'll explain why in person tomorrow.

  3. K, I'll send Red around 1:00ish. His teleporting is the only way to the manor with out getting lost.

  4. So that's how many people were there.... huh....

    And that's what all the noise was about...

    God I think Nate's spirit thingy is in my house. How do I know? Labyrinth randomly starts playing on the TV.... -.-"

  5. Yeah sorry about that. Next time I come over I'll be sure to leave my arch-nemesis at home.