Monday, 24 October 2011

Run Ragged

Hey, it's been a bit since I actually posted in the blog, and that's because unless it's to help a friend or check out his new hellspawn pet, Red hasn't let up on training me and the Knights... me especially though. Oh well guess I need it, I don't have a lot of combat experience plus I have to get used to the new sword, which I have dubbed the Mortal Sword. Anyway when I'm not training I've been deafening myself with this beautiful piece of music at the top. Damn, is it bad that my hatred for Blue has gone up since I realized my 3DS and 360 also went up in flames along with my house and now I can't play generations? Yeah, that's horrible...

Ah well on to more pressing matters. I would just like to let you know Alan that it was a damn good thing you came over when you did. Diesis mentioned after you left that if you had left it for 1 maby 2 more dreams, well... let's just say you wouldn't be Alan any more. Also I've read whats happening with Tori and I'm worried. I hope Alan, Vic and Sky can help her through her problems. I would just... hold on. God Dammit Sebastian, No I don't want tea. Ehhh I never thought having a butler around could be annoying. Anyway.... GOD FUCKING DAMMIT why does everyone want my attention in this house. Well hell that was Red, guess it's back to training for me....  


  1. I just found something awesome. Come over (I'm in the hangar) ASAP. Bring Red.

  2. Sounds fun, I'll tell Red to prep some teleport. Be there in 5.